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Last Updated: June 2024

So you’re looking for all-in-one customer service software to improve your workflows and customer experience. Crisp is without a doubt one of the most popular customer service platforms available. However, the market is flooded with Helpdesk platforms, each of which is designed for different business requirements, complicating your decision.

We also understand how time-consuming it can be to go through Crisp’s feature lists, pricing options, and fully grasp what the platform has to offer.

So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will give you an in-depth, Crisp review to help you make the best decision for your company.

Crisp Pros and Cons

  • Ease of integration with other apps and programs.
  • Campaign and marketing features are very customizable.
  • Real-time assistance with co browsing feature
  • Triggers are simple to use and highly effective.
  • Additional features, such as popup banners or guided tours, can be added to improve conversions.
  • Users have complained that there is no way to have separate conversations with the same customer.

Crisp Reviews, Pricing, and Features

Pricing and Plans (Rating ⭐4.83/5, 6 reviews)

Crisp provides three different packages based on the number of agents/ seats allowed.  They also offer a 14-day free trial with full access to all features.

Here are the different plans for the agent-based pricing model : Basic, Pro, Unlimited.

  • Basic: Free (2 seats included) – Includes Livechat, Team Inbox, Mobile Apps, Contact Form.
  • Pro: $25 Month / Per Workspace (4 seats included) – Includes Triggers, Canned Responses, Customization, Email, CRM, Unlimited History, etc. 
  • Unlimited: $95 Month / Per Workspace (20 seats included) – Includes Knowledge Base, Routing/ Assign, Chatbot, Analytics, Video Chat, User Ratings, SMS, etc. 

I like the way they design the tool.. the customization is too good… this platform really knows the customer puls. Crisp allows a lot of integration.. very simple in understanding but very powerful.. It has tons of internal plugins like addons… they have a mobile app too and it was too good…compare to other platforms, it’s much intuitive to use.. Especially crisp is a good platform for its price and service because pricing is the one thing pulls towards to use their platform..

⭐5/5, Raghu V

Their pricing plan is very attractive even to small businesses. Crisp will provide you with notifications when clients visit your site helping you plan on how to communicate with them

⭐4/5, Samuel H

Compared to most other helpdesks, Crisp might look appealing and on the inexpensive side, especially since it comes with a free plan. However, if you’re looking for the absolute lowest price with a wide range of tools, your options are limited to Saufter, Freshdesk or Zohodesk. Overall, as far as this range of help desks goes, Crisp even though looks very inexpensive, the features might be limited to cover most business needs.

Interface and Customization (Ratings ⭐4.75/5, 12 reviews)

The “all in one software” tag is accurate because the best part about Crisp is that it allows your company to manage multiple processes from a single centralized platform. Crisp’s all-in-one setup enables you to centralize a wide range of channels in a single inbox: These include WhatsApp, Messenger, emails, live chat, and phone calls, among others.

This allows various teams to congregate around the inbox to improve collaboration and streamline workflows for faster resolution of each conversation. Crisp, without a doubt, has a fantastic user interface for personalizing each interaction on every channel to ensure a better customer/agent experience.

API is better than event the best in the category. It is much cleaner and easier to integrate with than Intercom, Drift, or any of the big systems because it seems to be the 3rd Generation of chat that learned from the mistakes of the leaders. It’s not perfect, but way ahead. The interfaces are clean and simple not overcomplicated like the competitors. We like the unified inbox model very much and wouldn’t really consider a chat solution that does not offer it.

⭐5/5, Tim M

The best part is that our customers love it and all our documentation is easily available. The interface is cool, great UI/UX, magic viewer is great. We get to see the visitors to our website and what they are doing. Good improvements in analytics and reports section as well. A great software, our team reviewed many alternatives before zeroing in on Crisp !

⭐5/5, Vinodh R

Their co-browsing software, which provides real-time assistance through shared browsing and live chat, is undoubtedly a standout feature. This feature enables you to instantly take control of a user’s screen and provide an effective customer experience. How does this work? Your agents can simply point, scroll, and click in real time inside your customers’ browser tabs without the need of a plugin.

Ticket Management (Ratings ⭐4.57/5, 7 reviews)

Crisp’s ticketing system is definitely worth investigating because it can assist teams in tracking customer support requests in one central shared inbox while utilizing all of the other features available. Their system is based on: No more switching between tools, missing follow-ups, or delaying responses. 

  • Sync Information: Integrate and sync your database’s leads, contacts, and accounts.
  • Ticket tracking: Keep track of the status of your open tickets.
  • Private space for ticket creation: Allow your customers to create tickets as needed.
  • Automatically assign tickets: Make use of automated routing rules.
  • Quality control: Use CSAT monitoring to bring in more qualitative work. 
  • Automate ticketing: Take advantage of bots to build a ticketing experience. 

It’s difficult for a small business to answer phone calls on the fly to deal with customer problems. Chat helps to triage and organize support tickets. Multiple customers can be helped at the same time. We have found that Crisp allows us to better track the issues coming in to allow us to better follow up with customers.

⭐5/5, Heather B

And yes, Crisp comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android to directly view and act on tickets. As we mentioned earlier, you can also see all customer data in a single shared inbox interface, allowing your team to respond to support tickets with the appropriate context. 

Crisp offers so many great tools for supporting members of a community (such as programs, forums, etc), such as response shortcuts, their own version of a help desk that you can utilize within the app, and the ability to leave notes on tickets. They also offer a mobile app, so you can take Crisp basically anywhere.

⭐5/5, User in Computer Software

Reporting and Dashboard (Ratings ⭐ 4.8/5, 5 reviews)

Crisp Analytics, like most other customer service platforms, provides a comprehensive view of how your customer support is performing. Over a set period of time, you can quickly learn what you’re doing well and where you can improve. This tool, in our opinion, is well-made, simple to use, and even lets you drill deeper into your ticket properties. 

Here are some use cases: 

  • Get a quick snapshot of how your customer service performed in general last week versus the previous week.
  • This calendar view shows you when you are running low on customer support availability
  • View the number of conversations assigned to all operators or a specific operator for each time period over time.
  • The leaderboard view displays the number of conversations assigned to your operators.

I am actually even looking to perhaps change a solution, as reporting makes no sense. I cannot get a good reporting with Crisp, There is no actual way to measure success and work of customer support – which is crucial.

⭐3.5/5, Ena M

A few things will need improving over time: Statistics/Reporting and the mobile app. but that part is even great at Crisp, they are constantly working on the next best / big thing…

⭐4.5/5, Emmanuel L

Crisp Live Chat (Ratings ⭐ 5/5, 15 reviews)

Despite the increased demand for businesses to provide support via social media, live chat remains the preferred support channel for organizations to interact with customers. Crisp, like most other helpdesks on the market, allows you to set up a live chat widget if you require cross-channel customer support, sales resources, or new marketing strategies. It is however much more than a typical chat widget for your website, as stated on their website.

Among the key features are:

  • Integrated knowledge base: Users can access help articles and resolve issues directly from the Live Chat interface.
  • Chatbot scenarios: Create advanced chatbot scenarios with ease to automate your customer onboarding.
  • GIFs + Video Preview: Use GIFs and videos to create personalized conversational experiences.
  • Sharing files: Directly share files, images, and documents from the chat widget.
  • Connect the Live Chat tool to social media platforms such as Messenger or Instagram.
  • Crispy Bird (our personal favorite): Set up a fun game to keep your visitors engaged while you are unavailable.

What’s not to love about Crisp? It’s used by our sales, marketing, and support teams. From a marketing standpoint, the Crisp MagicMap lets us get a real-time look at where our users are currently located and what pages they’re actively using, while our support teams can easily start a screen-share support session directly from the live chat.

⭐5/5, Robert J

Crisp has a free plan or a trial for the premium plan which is loaded with innovative and useful features. It’s the best live chat software I have used to date and will likely hold on to that title for many years ahead.

⭐5/5, Alexander D

Yes, this tool includes a live chat customization plugin. You can easily customize your live chat to match the design of your website. This customization plugin allows you to change things like the chat welcome message, chat colors, chat position, and so on.

While Crisp can handle basic marketing tasks through live chat, it is unlikely to meet most marketing needs. If you’re looking for advanced marketing automation features, unfortunately, Crisp is not the platform for you.  We recommend looking into customer interaction/automated marketing software such as Saufter.

Crisp Chatbot Features (Ratings ⭐4.66/5, 6 reviews)

No Crisp platform review would be complete without mentioning the chatbot feature. Their chatbot function is regarded as one of the most user-friendly on the market. Crisp is a comprehensive automation tool for creating chatbots and automating omnichannel campaigns. Their chatbot builder includes a code-free editor, allowing you to easily create workflows. Simply create, deploy, and watch as your new chatbot handles automated customer support.

What are some of the use cases? 

  • Lead qualification without forms: Automate your lead generation.
  • Meetings are automatically scheduled: Place them neatly on your sales calendar.
  • Route conversations with ease: To reach the appropriate support agent, use routing rules.
  • Response from your knowledge base: Use knowledge base articles to assist your customers.
  • Run the bot continuously: Virtual assistants provide useful information 247. 
  • Conversations are automatically tagged: Easily record and map conversation

Crisp is an awesome chat bot. One of the best thing is automated email campaign and email triggers. I like the way we can chat with our website visitors and potential customers via Crisp chat. I highly recommend to check out Crisp. You’ll like it.

⭐4/5, Rishi K

Crisp also offers 5 different chatbot APIs, allowing you to create the chatbot of your dreams. This is based on modular API architecture to let you build the best interactions on top of the Crisp platform. You can easily connect your chatbot to advanced NLP solutions like DialogFlow, BotPress or Watson to build natural and rich conversational experiences.

Bottom Line

Crisp is clearly a great choice to opt for, especially considering the platform’s wide array of features, making it an excellent choice for most businesses. However, the higher tier plans’ pricing is only justified if you want to handle customer service with a chatbot across multiple channels.

We hope this article compared to other Crisp reviews cleared up some questions and made it easier to make a decision. 

Also, if you’re just getting started with helpdesk systems and want to make it easier for your support reps to provide the best service possible, Saufter could be the platform for you. It is a multichannel customer service help desk designed for small businesses and enterprise teams. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, easy to set up, and most agents can get started on Saufter with little to no training.

So, what are you waiting for?

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