ParcelLab vs. AfterShip

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Last Updated: May 2024

ParcelLab vs. AfterShip

One way to maintain your brand’s reputation and attract more customers to you is by delivering your packages in an error-free manner. So, choosing the right shipment tracking platform is very important in every business. Today we compare two shipment platforms — AfterShip and ParcelLab — to help you make the best choice.

AfterShip and ParcelLab both are considered top in the market. But for business owners like you, it is a contemplating situation where you have to choose one application, AfterShip or ParcelLab that best suits your needs.

Well, to help you, we are going to compare the features of AfterShip vs. ParcelLab in this article. Review it and pick the best software for your company. 

AfterShip Vs ParcelLab Feature Comparison

Shipment Features (Final Winner: Both) AfterShip Rating ⭐4/5, ParcelLab Rating ⭐4.5/5

Carrier support

Depending upon your business needs, you have to choose the carriers to fulfill your customers’ needs.

AfterShip – Aftership has partnerships with over 950+ global and regional carriers including some major ones like UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

ParcelLab – ParcelLab has a tie-up with over 200+ carriers including UPS, DHL, and FedEx. If you have specific shipping conditions for your customers to be fulfilled by specific carriers then ParcelLab is a good option for you.

Ease of use

AfterShip – With Aftership, you can simply track your packages with just signup. Aftership does not require any coding or technical skills to set up.

ParcelLab – ParcelLab requires coding or technical knowledge for the initial setup. If you do not have knowledge of shipping terminology, then ParcelLab is a little complex for you.

Branded content

Both AfterShip and ParcelLab offer the Branded content feature. The feature enables you to display customized shipping information on your website. It helps your customers get information about their package at every stage.

Order lookup widget

This feature enables you to display the tracking details widget to your customers.

AfterShip – This enables your customers to easily track their package details. The widget is fully customizable.

ParcelLab – It does not have an order lookup widget feature. (feature for customers to track their packages)

Supported platforms (Final Winner: Both) AfterShip Rating ⭐4.5/5, ParcelLab Rating 4.5/5


Both platforms offer SMS services. With these apps, you can schedule SMS notifications based on the buyer’s timezone and track the delivery status of SMSes.


Both apps allow you to send auto-alert to your customers once order status changes with automated email delivery updates workflows, and have a multilingual email notifications feature.

Shipment Visibility (Final Winner:ParcelLab) AfterShip Rating ⭐4.2/5, ParcelLab Rating 4.6/5

Package tracking

This feature allows your customers to track their packages at every stage.

AfterShip – has an automatic tracking feature for their customers.

Analyze important tracking data, e.g. expected delivery date, signature, and delivery time. Filter shipments easily by delivery status, carrier, customer email, and other parameters.

ParcelLab – Displays your customers expected delivery dates, signatures, and shipment current location with date and time. Helps you to bulk import shipments and sort them by delivery status or customer details.

Post-purchase notifications

AfterShip – Schedule SMS based on the buyer timezone, and track the delivery status of SMSes. Notify customers immediately if delivery goes wrong. Auto-alert customers once order status changes with an automated email.

ParcelLab – Create personalized delivery updates.  Deliver where your customers want – email, SMS, chatbot, Messenger, or app push. Create personalized, relevant returns communication. Get more reviews and enhance your ratings.

Forecasting delivery dates

AfterShip – Estimated delivery date (EDD) prediction based on carrier’s real-time delivery conditions, EDD prediction based on most favorable in-transit routes, Develop your carrier strategy to continuously improve your delivery rate.

ParcelLab – Auto-detect location, Constantly updates estimated package delivery time based on real-world trending and patterns across brands and carriers. Set and update attributes like holidays, warehouse operational hours, and packing or courier pickup times.

Returns Management

AfterShip – has an engaging & self-service return experience, Gives proactive updates of returns status to your customers. Set up smart routing rules to ensure items are sent back to the right place.

ParcelLab – Customize return rules and reduce invalid and uneconomical returns, Promote exchange or store credit instead of return and refund, and Recommend sizes or replacement products based on return reasons.

Customer support and Analytics (Final Winner: ParcelLab) AfterShip Rating ⭐4.6/5, ParcelLab Rating 4.5/5

Customer Support

Both AfterShip and ParcelLab offer great customer support.

Both apps offer chat, email, and SMS support. AfterShip has a robust help center with articles and video tutorials, while ParcelLab has webinar tutorials.

Performance and Analytics

AfterShip – allows you to reevaluate your operational workflows, Harness the power of SKU-level returns analytics to identify key return reasons, including color, quality, and size. Measure the return burden and place your strategy according to it.

ParcelLab – See exceptions by type, country, and track trends over time. Measure how carriers perform against a benchmark average across a variety of metrics like misrouted and recalled packages. Measure carrier performance across benchmarks and break down runtime performance from order to door and every step in between.


ParcelLab and AfterShip both platforms offer a variety of pricing plans for all sizes of businesses.

AfterShip – Premium plan at $199/month with unlimited orders and 4800 returns.

ParcelLab – Scale plan costs €199/month with an unlimited number of parcels.

Wrapping Up :

AfterShip and ParcelLab both are great shipping platforms and have excellent returns management features. Through this article, we tried to enlighten you with the platforms, their features, services, and pricing details so that you can choose which one better suits you according to your business size.

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