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Constant Contact review

Last Updated: May 2024

Are you looking for Constant Contact reviews to make an informed decision about your email marketing needs? You’ve come to the right place. 

In this comprehensive Constant Contact review, we’ll dive into the pricing, features, and overall performance of this popular email marketing platform. 

Whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or nonprofit organization, understanding what Constant Contact offers can be crucial in optimizing your email campaigns. Join us as we explore Constant Contact to help you harness the power of email marketing for your success.

Constant Contact Reviews: Pros and Cons



Easy-to-navigate and visually appealing user interface.

Pricing can become a concern as your contact list grows. 

A wide range of integration possibilities with numerous third-party tools and services.

Lacks advanced automation features.

High email deliverability rates, ensuring that your emails reach the intended recipients’ inboxes.

Spam testing capabilities might not be as extensive as some competitors.

Constant Contact is suitable if you’re a beginner and don’t have extensive technical knowledge.

You might find the email templates to be less flexible and may require additional customization.

A diverse library of email templates.

Options for creating sign-up forms and landing pages may be limited compared to specialized tools.

The platform allows for efficient audience segmentation, helping tailor messages to specific groups.

You may find customer support to be less responsive.

Constant Contact provides robust analytics tools, enabling users to track the performance of their email campaigns.


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Constant Contact Reviews on Pricing and Features

1) Pricing

    • Lite ($12/month): The Lite plan is designed for beginners and offers essential email marketing tools and basic automation.
    • Standard ($35/month): It is suitable for businesses looking to segment their audience, automate marketing, and gain more advanced reporting features.
    • Premium($80/month): Ideal for growth-focused businesses, the Premium plan offers advanced features such as dynamic content, advanced reporting, custom automation, and comprehensive SEO recommendations.

User review

Managing contacts is super simple and the pricing structure is helpful.”

Rebecca H.

constant contact pricing
Source: Constant Contact

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2) Ease of Use

Constant Contact boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible and manageable, even for newcomers. The platform’s simplicity and clarity facilitate smooth navigation, and you’ll also find valuable tips integrated into the interface to seamlessly guide you through Constant Contact’s capabilities

User review

I also really like how easy it is to build an email template – it’s very familiar and not complicated.”

Nicole P.

constant contact review
Source: Constant Contact

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3) Templates

Constant Contact has an extensive collection of over 100+ email templates, catering to diverse purposes such as promotions, newsletters, anniversaries, and surveys. 

These templates are fully customizable and optimized for mobile devices, a feature not offered by all email marketing software. However, it’s worth noting that despite the quantity, some templates are of subpar quality, a point echoed in user reviews.

Nonetheless, a notable feature is that each template includes unique placeholders that can spark creativity for your email content, making it a time-saving asset. 

User review

There are many nice, professional templates to choose from which are easy to adapt to fit my particular business needs.

Verified User in Retail.

Source: Constant Contact

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4) Email Editing Interface

It has a swift and responsive tool enriched with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities. You can effortlessly incorporate diverse elements such as buttons, images, polls, data tables, and RSVPs for events into your emails.

Furthermore, a multitude of pre-designed layouts is at your disposal, simplifying the formatting process, which can be particularly advantageous for beginners. 

Regarding personalization, you can include basic greetings (e.g., Hello, First name) and contact or account details. However, it’s worth noting that these personalization options lack advanced if/then/else logic.

User review

The editing tools are easy and intuitive and the program allows me to schedule things without having to actively be in the office to do so.

Marcy D.

Source: Constant Contact

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5) Audience Segmentation

Importing and enhancing your email list in Constant Contact is a straightforward process, whether you choose manual or automatic methods. The platform excels in audience segmentation, providing users with versatile options. 

Source: Constant Contact

You can create segments based on list membership, contact interactions, contact details, tags, or eCommerce activity. It’s as simple as applying one or more filters to categorize your contacts.

Constant Contact Review
Source: Constant Contact

Additionally, Constant Contact offers the convenience of pre-built audience segments, automatically sorting your contacts into four categories:

    • Highly engaged
    • Moderately engaged
    • Less engaged
    • All other contacts
Constant Contact review
Source: Constant Contact

This time-saving feature empowers you to optimize their marketing efforts, eliminating guesswork and facilitating effortless segmentation of their entire contact base.

User review

Allows me to segment my target audiences, but also combine them when needed.

Bob D.

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6) Reporting and Analytics

Constant Contact provides valuable insights into contact growth, email open rates, and social media channel performance. Delving deeper into campaign analysis within the Reporting tab, you’ll find a comprehensive set of essential email marketing metrics for each campaign.

Constant Contact review
Source: Constant Contact

Furthermore, the platform offers valuable tools such as heat maps to visualize click behavior, as well as summary reports covering open and click trends, email opens by device, and the effectiveness of subject lines.

Source: Constant Contact

While these metrics fulfill the needs of most users, a platform doesn’t give more advanced insights, such as a geographical breakdown of engaged regions and data on the timing of email opens by subscribers.

User review

There is excellent reporting and being a numbers guy, I appreciated that.”

Tom W.

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7) Email Delivery Performance

Another noteworthy aspect of Constant Contact is its commendable email delivery performance. The software consistently achieves excellent delivery rates to most major email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Constant Contact also provides the option to authenticate your email address or domain (DKIM authentication) through the advanced settings tab in your account, thereby enhancing your delivery success over time.

Source: Constant Contact

Additionally, Constant Contact maintains a rigorous spam policy. If more than 0.1% of your emails are marked as spam, your account undergoes a review. This underscores their commitment to preventing spam and maintaining high deliverability standards.

User review

I’m able to deliver a mass broadcast message to all my segmented lists. I can see results of clicks within minutes.

Selinda D.

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8) Integration Capabilities

Constant Contact has an extensive array of integrations with over 300+ integrations available. You have the flexibility to seamlessly connect the software with your preferred applications, simplifying and enhancing your workflow.

Of particular note is the abundance of social media integrations, reflecting the software’s versatility in connecting with various platforms.

constant contact review
Source: Constant Contact

User review

It has seamless integration with our website and social media channels so that I can make everything from a social media post to an email blast all in one place.”

Mike F.

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In Summary

As we reach the end of our Constant Contact review, the platform proves to be a versatile and user-friendly email marketing solution. Its intuitive interface, extensive template library, and robust email editor simplify the email creation process.

However, some advanced features, such as automation and in-depth reporting, may be limited in the lower-tier plans. Despite these limitations, Constant Contact is a solid choice to enhance your email marketing efforts.

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