7 Best Coupon Generator Apps for Shopify in 2023

Everyone loves discounts and coupons. A customer feels valued when they are provided with options and codes to redeem with every purchase they make. Ignoring coupons can be a mistake in the current day and age of offers and festive discounts. Coupons are the most lucrative tools for gaining returning customers. Coupons give customers the flexibility to refer their friends, share products on social media, and add value to your brand. If Shopify is your choice of e-commerce store then you are in luck. There are a number of promo code generator apps to make things easier for you. Also Read: The Power of Visual Communication in Brand Building

7 Best Promo Code Generator Apps Handpicked by Helplama

Shopify store is filled to the brim with discount code generator apps. This led us to compile a list of our own for your convenience. Following are 7 of the best Shopify discount code generator apps:

1. Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

Price: $14.92/month, 7-day free trial Original Wheelio spin pop-ups app is ideal if you want to implement interactive Shopify coupons. Instead of normal pop-ups, this app uses gamified alternatives like spinning wheels, slot machines, and scratch cards to disseminate coupon codes. This increases user interaction and is likely to increase lead generation. Thus not only does it make your brand stand out but also leads customers to share with others.

2. AVADA Discount Code Generator

Price: Free AVADA discount code generator allows admins to have multiple codes for the same discount. In Shopify, one admin can only create a discount with a single code. Using AVADA they can tackle this problem and deliver unique codes to different customers. You will have the power to see the discount code pool summary. This includes the title of the code set, pattern format explanation, pattern examples, and a preview of your entered pattern. This discount generator app being a free tool also adds to the advantage of using coupons for your products.

3. Bulk Discount Code Generator

Price: Free Bulk discount code generator as the name suggests enables you to import a large number of codes at once. The app also gives the flexibility to choose your own codes if you wish to. The app comes with a profanity filter that keeps undesirable words out of the codes. A standout feature is the live chat support provided by their team during business hours.

4. KartDiscount ‑ Coupon on Cart

Price: $4.90/month KartDiscount is aimed at leading customers to checkout from the add-to-cart page. Cart abandonment rate is one of the prime factors that affect the overall sales of online brands. With this app, the coupon codes are available right on the add-to-cart page thereby giving the customers much-needed encouragement to buy the product with a lucrative incentive. You can also stack multiple discounts on a single order. For instance, 5% off on shoes, and 10% off on a watch if a customer has both the products in the cart. Also Read: Save Time and Money by Automating Your Customer Support

5. Last Second Coupon ‑ Exit Pop

Price: $9.99/ month, 7-day free trial Last second coupon code generator is an excellent tool to remind the customers one last time to sign up for coupons before they leave your page. This app has an advanced targeting feature using which you can offer customized or unique discount codes based on country, pages, cart values, and device. Last second coupon tool has curated holiday themes that will help you capitalize on the holiday mood to increase conversions and boost your brand value.

6. RewardReach: Social Coupon

Price: Free plan & $9.97/ month RewardReach is a coupon generator cum micro-influencer marketing tool. You can make your customers your brand ambassadors. You can as a result not only increase customer retention but tap into their social network by offering them incentives to promote your brand. You have the ability to change the text colors and fonts as per your aesthetic tastes. The app also has a variety of stats to measure your return on investment.

7. Exclusive Discounts

Price: $19.99/month, 14-day free trial Exclusive Discounts can help you focus on identity groups like Military, Responders, Teachers, Medical Workers, Senior Citizens, Students, Non-Profits, and more. The verification is fast and it doesn’t require customers to enter sensitive data. This tool has 1300+ partners which makes 54% of your customers already verified. Customers would simply need to sign in and receive their discount code. Also Read: 10 Effective eCommerce Referral Marketing Strategies in 2022

Helplama – Streamlining Customer Support System

Indecisiveness and ambiguities while shopping on your page can drive away customers. In such instances, coupons and other incentives won’t be able to keep them loyal to your brand. A dedicated and planned customer support system will pave the way for customer retention and brand reputation. Apart from having incentives like coupons, customers appreciate prompt customer support service. You can level up your customer support arm with Helplama. Helplama has trained US-based live chat answering service experts to spearhead your store’s online support. Helplama can collaborate with you in aspects of live chat answering, e-mail answering, and phone answering. You can explore the Helplama website and peruse it at your convenience.

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