15 Must-know Gorgias Integrations to make the best use of the platform!

Last Updated: December 2023

Do you want to make the best use of Gorgias help desk?

There are many Gorgias integrations that can help you achieve that.

Gorgias is the e-commerce helpdesk that helps you achieve your ultimate CX goals of enhanced customer-customer care interactions through its impeccable line of support products.

Gorgias integration brings all the customer-related information on one single screen to provide faster and hassle-free customer support solutions at every stage of E-commerce transactions as in marketing, visibility, distribution of UGC on social media platforms, email, chat and phone support, Payments, and Billing, Quality Assurance, Returns, Refunds, Shipments, Reviews, etc.

Further, the automated Gorgias widgets can take care of menial tasks like emails and acknowledgments efficiently, so that your agents can concentrate on their actual call of duty.

  1. Shopify
  2. Postscript
  3. Klaviyo
  4. Recharge
  5. Aircall
  6. Yotpo
  7. Instagram
  8. Facebook
  9. ChannelReply
  10. Alloy
  11. Stella Connect
  12. Loop
  13. Okendo
  14. Recart
  15. ShipBob

1. Shopify

Gorgias is the Helpdesk for this super-efficient e-commerce giant where you can instantly connect with the Shopify merchants well under a minute, provide meticulous support and turn your contact center into a profit center.

Moreover, Gorgias is the 1st ever customer support App to receive Shopify Plus Certification.

  • Used nearly 10k Shopify merchants
  • Centralize all your customer communication as in social media, emails, phones, SMS, etc in one place
  • You can avoid asking the customer for information repeatedly, and get it all in a minute
  • Automated personalization of customer interaction by inserting the required customer data like Name, address, etc. provided by Shopify, cutting down your valuable time unnecessarily spent on toggling, cutting, and pasting data 
  • Create or update any Shopify-related orders right from the Gorgias helpdesk
  • Now automate 20% of your common customer support tasks using Macros and Rules and send out quick automated responses 
  • Gorgias uses advanced AI technology to detect the intent of the customers’ messages and auto-prioritizes them for you
  • Also track agents’ performance metrics like ticket volume, response time, and average resolution time and fine-tune the strategies

2. Postscript

Enables your support agents to directly answer customer support-related questions via text message.

By integrating with Gorgias, you can

  • Create and respond to SMS tickets from the Gorgias interface
  • Send out answers to the same number from which the initial message received
  • The ticket history is removed only when the open ticket is closed on the resolution

3. Klaviyo

With Gorgias integration,

  • Your agent can reply to all conversations over different channels from a single place with Shopify data
  • They can respond promptly to every question from any channel
  • You will also get access to all the customer data transferred from Gorgias to Klaviyo, so that in case of any unhappy customer interaction reported earlier can be attended to on time and resolved, thereby boosting the conversion rate
  • Gorgias integrated Klaviyo guarantees a Fast Response Rate, assuring an increase in customer satisfaction levels which in turn increases customer retention and revenue

4. Recharge

Now you can manage subscriptions and customer service from one place without the complication of opening multiple tabs, by integrating Gorgias with Recharge.

  • This integration tool opens the Recharge widget for every ticket alongside the customer sidebar which gives a complete insight into that customer’s subscription queries
  • Allows you to do multiple tasks like cancel, refund, and re-activate subscriptions right from the same window, so no toggling or juggling hassle
  • You can also automate personalized responses and basic subscription requests using tools like Macros and Rules

5. Aircall

Aircall allows you to receive and place phone calls. This integration of Gorgias + Aircall allows you to: 

  • Sync call logs to Gorgias
  • Automatically assign calls to agents
  • See a customer’s Shopify and BigCommerce information when receiving a call

6. Yotpo

Yotpo in integration with Gorgias gives you the advantage of winning your customer loyalty and retaining them, by responding to every review they post, on any channel, without leaving your helpdesk window. 

  • Collects and provides your agent the required multi-channel customer loyalty data as an additional context during every customer interaction, enabling the agent be well-informed and able to assist them better
  • Agents can now efficiently, manage their Average Handle Time  and at the same time win back the customer loyalty 
  • This data helps your agent identify any unhappy customer based on the past review interactions and handle him/her promptly and close a successful conversion
  • Collects and updates every time a new review is posted, thus enabling your agent to reply to that review publicly or privately according to the emotion in the review
  • These reviews help attract and influence new buyers based on their browsing behavior

7. Instagram

Integrate your Instagram account(s) with Gorgias to reply to mentions, messages, comments, and ad comments right from your helpdesk.

  • Know your customer entirely through posts, comments, past orders, history of previous interactions
  • Improve enhanced customer engagement by replying to all those aptly, right from your helpdesk
  • Increase the quantitative response efficiency by setting common automated social-media responses for some posts or reviews using tools like Macros and Rules

8. Facebook

Gorgias makes it easy to engage with messages, comments, mentions, or Ad comments directly from your helpdesk, with detailed eCommerce information and powerful automation tools.

When you integrate your Facebook page with Gorgias, you’ll be able to: 

  • Automatically create tickets based on page comments, ad comments, mentions, and Messenger notifications.
  • Reply to all Facebook tickets with a public comment or private message.
  • React to Facebook comments.
  • Answer questions quickly, thanks to contextual customer information next to every ticket.
  • Automate answers to common questions with Gorgias’ powerful automation tools.

9. ChannelReply

ChannelReply is for all sizes of sellers, whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Walmart, or even on all sites at once. So you must be definitely tired of going through a number of screens and files and folders go and forth while assisting your customers’ orders. 

Now you can free yourself out of this clutter with Gorgias integrated ChannelReply, a very efficient tool that brings all the customer-related data from multiple channels into one single point.

  • Never dig for old messages again, all your Amazon, eBay, Back Market, and Walmart tickets are properly threaded
  • Answer tickets faster with marketplace data in Gorgias macro variables
  • Let agents support your popular e-marketplace customers without giving them access to your seller accounts

10. Alloy

Alloy provides an Automated no-code platform that helps you in automating multiple workflows efficiently and saves time.

Top brands use Alloy’s integrated tool to automate customized workflows from the available pre-built 100+ models of the platform’s library. You can seamlessly perform the following operations effortlessly,

  • When a customer is created in Gorgias, update it in Netsuite
  • Send a slack message to your team when a ticket is created in Gorgias
  • Insert daily shipment tracking data from your 3PL into Gorgias
  • Upload files from customers directly to Google Drive
  • Add Typeform survey data into customer profiles
  • Upload customers’ return request details as a ticket
  • Auto-create tickets for poor reviews from Stamped, Yotpo, Reviews.io, LoyaltyLion, & more

11. Stella Connect

Stella Connect by Medallia is the customer feedback, quality management, and coaching platform built specifically for customer support teams.

This platform helps you greatly in acquiring agent-level customer feedback and delivers high-impact coaching and QA programs that would help tune your agents’ performances, driving agent engagement, and customer satisfaction.

  • With Stella Connect + Gorgias integration, you will get real-time customer feedback immediately after a conversation ends in Gorgias
  • When a customer leaves negative feedback, it is flagged within Stella Connect and Gorgias, sent to the team leads to recover poor interactions, measure the sentiment, and re-serve the customer rightly
  • This Gorgias Omnichannel tool retrieves all the customer feedback data automatically and assigns QA reviews customized as per the category of questions and scorings
  • You can also train your agents over a dedicated management space in Stella Connect, using the past reviews, scoring, and vital metrics for a better customer service rendition

12. Loop

With the Gorgias and Loop integration, you can access all the return and refund process data on a single screen by placing them on Gorgias Admin. 

  • Stay focused and close tickets faster by viewing refund status, shipping status, return reasons, and more in the same window you use to talk to customers
  • You can also navigate directly to your Loop return portal directly from Gorgias for faster processing
  • Give customers a self-service returns experience

13. Okendo

As a customer marketing platform and an Official Google Reviews partner, Okendo helps brands capture and showcase high-impact social proof such as product ratings & reviews, customer photos & videos, and Q&A messageboards. With this integrated tool, 

  • You can launch request review emails at the right time
  • Use its broad range of high-speed optimized widgets to showcase customers’ UGC, like photos and videos at strategic locations to influence buyer’s journey
  • Market the UGC reviews on Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Access email performance analytics, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and review performance dashboards that provide you with the required insights
  • Also, get access to the Okendo suite of APIs by buying an advanced plan and unlock more high-end features

14. Recart

Recart automates Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing to drive hundreds of millions of dollars for eCommerce brands all over the world.

  • Integrate Recart with Gorgias and execute automated messenger marketing efficiently
  • You will find AI-integrated search bots tools that will help you find all the required customers’ data from all the social media platforms combined in one place
  • Drive customer buying behavior productively on social media platforms using this integrated tool

15. ShipBob

ShipBob, a global logistics platform aims to provide your brand with successful best-in-class fulfillment of eCommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands, fast and affordable.

You can provide a great delivery experience to your customers using this advanced connected technology, to communicate with the network of warehouses and accelerate the shipment time. 

With this integration, you can: 

  • Sync customer and order information associated with a specific ShipBob account into a corresponding Gorgias account and navigate through anywhere in a click
  • You can pull up to 1 month of historical data from ShipBob and view them in the customer Sidebar
  • Connect multiple ShipBob accounts to a single Gorgias account

Sum Up:

So, we have carefully filtered and listed the most popular Gorgias integration Apps that would perfectly fit in each category of the different stages of your customer service with your brand.

You can try to integrate these automated AI tools into your customer service model and reap the profits along with an increase in steadfast customer numbers, and your brand reputation intact.


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