Zendesk vs Gorgias – Which helpdesk is best for you?

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Last Updated: June 2024

Zendesk and Gorgias are two of the most popular cloud-based helpdesk software that you can use to streamline your business.

But which one is the best for your business? Is there a clear winner between Gorgias and Zendesk?

Let’s find out.

Customer Portal (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Checking status of support requests (Winner: Zendesk)

In the customer portal, customers can check the status of support requests and search through previous interactions or tickets that they have been CC’d on.

The customer portal of both Zendesk and Gorgias gives your customers the option to track their support requests and orders from a single place.

However, on Gorgias, the owner of the account needs to avail Automation Add-on to set up this feature.

Winner: Zendesk

Portal customization (Winner: Zendesk)

Portal customization is yet another important feature that you should look for, as it helps you come up with logos and custom themes that best match the look and feel of your brand.

Zendesk’s customer portal provides the option to customize most of the portal right from your brand logo, the portal color, themes, knowledge base, help center, and layout of the article pages.

On Gorgias, you can use the portal customization features only after you avail Automation Add-on.

Winner: Zendesk

Knowledge base (Winner: Zendesk)

knowledge base is a self-service feature that provides customers with answers to basic and frequently asked questions. This can help redirect a significant proportion of tickets and reduce the workload on your customer service team.

For Gorgias, this feature is not native and requires a 3rd party integration.

However, Zendesk gives you the option to build and customize your own knowledge base.

Winner: Zendesk

Community/Forum (Winner: Zendesk)

A Community or Forum is a customer portal feature that provides businesses with an opportunity to build communities with their users. It enables customers to interact and help each other by answering questions and sharing best practices.

Gorgias, unfortunately, does not provide a community or forum at the moment.

However, on Zendesk-powered forums, a customer can start a new discussion and request a new feature by commenting on the forum. Also, Zendesk provides admins with moderation features.

Winner: Zendesk

Submit a new support request/ Ticket submission (Winner: Zendesk)

This feature allows customers to do various things ranging from submitting support requests, managing their tickets, accessing their ticket history, and tracking the progress of a ticket.

Zendesk’s customer portal gives your customers the option to submit a new request along with attachments.

Gorgias, on the other hand, only offers this feature after you avail Automation Add-on.

Winner: Zendesk

Live Chat (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Live chat interface (Winner: Both)

The live chat interface of a helpdesk enables users to perform various actions ranging from communicating with each other, requesting detailed information, and sharing interesting product experiences or events.

Both Zendesk and Gorgias offer an efficient and smooth live chat interface that helps customers contact the right agent concerning their queries.

Winner: Both

Live chat to ticketing (Winner: Both)

This feature helps convert the customer’s message requests to tickets which can be then viewed by the agent without having to switch tabs.

Both Zendesk and Gorgias offer a smooth live chat to ticketing feature. However, the creation of automatic tickets can sometimes lead to an unwarranted amount of spam as well.

Winner: Both

Live chat analytics (Winner: Zendesk)

Live chat analytics offers the agents important live chat reports that help in improving agent productivity and engagement.

Zendesk offers the following live chat analytics: Satisfaction ratings, Chat timings, Agents report, etc

On the other hand, Gorgias only gives you the following live chat reports:Tickets created per channel per day and Tickets created per channel.

Winner: Zendesk

Canned responses (Winner: Both)

Canned responses, another common feature of live chat support, help you set predefined messages for basic and repetitive customer queries.

Both Zendesk and Gorgias offer a similar canned response feature in the form of a chat shortcut (Zendesk) and quick reply (Gorgias) that helps your customer find a solution to basic queries.

Winner: Both

Triggered message/Auto response/Advanced automation (Winner: Zendesk)

A triggered message is a type of outreach (e.g. live chat, email) sent in direct response to an action taken by the message recipient.

Zendesk lets you set custom triggers by defining various conditions and their subsequent actions.

Gorgias, on the other hand, also offers you a wide range of triggers that can be installed from the rule library. However, this is limited to a certain number of tickets per month.

Winner: Zendesk

Live chat campaign (Winner: Gorgias)

The live chat campaign feature helps engage your customers and leads by sending proactive contextual messages.

Zendesk does not offer a live chat campaign feature.

On the other hand, Gorgias offers a chat campaign feature in which you can add a title, and message, and choose the type of audience for your campaign.

Winner: Gorgias

Offline experience (Winner: Zendesk)

The offline experience is an important live chat feature that helps proactively convey to customers that you are currently away.

Both Zendesk and Gorgias offer a smooth offline experience that helps alert the customers when you’re away.

However, Zendesk gives your customers the option to leave a message on channels like Messenger and Twitter.

Winner: Zendesk

CSAT (Winner: Zendesk)

Customer Satisfaction or CSAT, another common live chat feature, helps you measure the satisfaction levels of your customer. It is one of the best ways to find out what the customer thinks about the service provided to them.

Both Zendesk and Gorgias offer the CSAT feature.

However, on Zendesk, a customer can like/dislike to show their response on the live chat.

Winner: Zendesk

Appearance setting (Winner: Both)

The appearance setting provides you with the option to customize the theme and color of your live chat channel. With it, you can customize your live chat to a setting that best suits the look and feel of your brand.

Both Zendesk and Gorgias offer enough options to customize your live chat channel.

Winner: Both

Banned users (Winner: Zendesk)

Live chat provides the option to ban users who post abusive or spam content. This ensures that spam does not disturb or hinder your team and get in the way of your overall productivity.

Gorgias, unfortunately, does not offer an option to ban users.

However, Zendesk does offer it, and also it asks for a reason for the ban. Through it, we can easily rectify why a particular IP was banned.

Winner: Zendesk

Chat routing (Winner: Zendesk)

Chat routing in live chat, helps you set up rules and conditions to prioritize and route incoming chats to the right operator.

For chat routing, Zendesk offers a broadcast and auto-assign feature.

On the other hand, Gorgias offers a chat routing feature in the form of a default “auto tag” rule that can be customized according to your requirements.

Winner: Zendesk

Voice support (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐4/5

Voice support (Winner: Zendesk)

Zendesk offers various voice support features like a basic IVR menu, voice to ticket, group routing, call queue, real-time analytics, call history, and call transferring.

Gorgias also provides voice integration, but allows only 1 number for the basic pricing plan.

Winner: Zendesk

Social Media (Final Winner: Both)

Zendesk Rating ⭐4/5 Gorgias Rating⭐5/5

Twitter ticketing (Winner: Both)

Both Zendesk and Gorgias conveniently convert tweets and mentions into tickets. Also, an agent can easily interact with the users through either Twitter or the helpdesk.

Winner: Both

Facebook Messenger (Winner: Both)

Both Zendesk and Gorgias convert the messages received on your Facebook Messenger to tickets. The agent can easily view and reply to the messages through the portal without switching tabs.

Winner: Both 

Facebook comments (Winner: Both)

Both Zendesk and Gorgias smoothly convert the comments under your Facebook posts to tickets. The agents can view all the converted comments as tickets and reply to them at the helpdesk.

Winner: Both

Automation (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Trigger on ticket creation (Winner: Zendesk)

The trigger on ticket creation feature of automation helps modify ticket properties at a specified time after a ticket is updated.

Zendesk offers all the ticket trigger options from a single place. It helps you create multiple automation using conditions and their subsequent actions.

Gorgias, on the other hand, also offers you a wide range of triggers that can be installed from the rule library (e.g. social comments, business hours, shipping status).

Winner: Zendesk

Time trigger (Winner: Zendesk)

This feature helps automatically run certain conditions with subsequent actions whenever a ticket hits specified time conditions.

Zendesk offers efficient and smooth time trigger options that successfully help close a solved ticket.

In Gorgias, the rules in the rule library only offer a certain number of tickets per month after which you need to opt for an add-on pack.

Winner: Zendesk

Time escalation (Winner: Zendesk)

This feature automatically escalates a higher-priority ticket to tend to it first. It helps you distinguish a high-priority ticket from a low-priority ticket.

Zendesk offers a convenient time escalation feature that helps high-priority tickets reach the right agents quickly.

In Gorgias, the rules in the rule library only offer a certain number of tickets per month, after which you need to opt for an add-on pack.

Winner: Zendesk

Bot article recommendation (Winner: Zendesk)

The bot article recommendations feature automatically recommends relevant help center articles to customers. It helps the customers answer their own basic queries that end up saving time for both them and you.

Gorgias, at the moment, does not have a bot article recommendation feature.

Zendesk, on the other hand, offers customers recommended articles that might help them with their queries.

Winner: Zendesk

Reports (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Live chat (Winner: Zendesk)

Live chat reports give agents the option to analyze their productivity and improve upon it accordingly to provide a better customer experience.

Zendesk offers the following live chat analytics: Satisfaction ratings, Chat timings, Agents report, etc.

Gorgias, on the other hand, gives you the following live chat reports: Tickets created per channel per day, and Tickets created per channel.

Winner: Zendesk

Support (Winner: Gorgias)

The support report analytics helps businesses monitor the status of their support requests. By analyzing these reports, they can improve their performance by working on their first response time.

Zendesk offers the following reports: Efficiency, Agent Updates, Unsolved Tickets, etc.

Gorgias offers the following reports: Performance Overview, Resolution Time (percentiles), First Response Time (percentiles), etc.

Winner: Gorgias

Voice (Winner: Zendesk)

By analyzing the voice reports, your agents can work on areas where they fall short and provide an overall better customer experience.

Zendesk offers the following voice reports: Calls, Efficiency, Agent Activity, Quality, etc.

Winner: Zendesk

Customer portal (Winner: Zendesk)

The customer portal reports give you the analytics that helps you monitor the views of your knowledge base or guide. It also informs you whether people found your articles useful or not.

Gorgias does not provide customer portal reports.

Zendesk, however, offers 2 customer portal reports: Knowledge base, and Search.

Winner: Zendesk

Bot (Winner: Zendesk)

The bot reports help you monitor the performance of the automated bots in your helpdesk. By analyzing the bot reports, you can make certain improvements in the automation conditions and actions of these bots to provide better results.

Zendesk offers the following bot reports: Suggestion Rate, Click-through Rate, Resolution Rate, Rejection rate, etc.

Winner: Zendesk

Revenue (Winner: Gorgias)

Revenue reports provide you with an estimate of the number of sales acquired by your sales/support team.

Zendesk, unfortunately, does not offer revenue reports at the moment.

However, Gorgias provides you with the option to track the number of sales that your support team has driven to your store.

Winner: Gorgias

Zendesk vs Gorgias: Is there a clear winner?

After this in-depth comparison between Zendesk and Gorgias, we have undoubtedly got a clear winner – Zendesk because of the variety of features it provides. However, if you’re just starting out, Gorgias can be a better option for you. On the other hand, Zendesk best suits medium and large-sized businesses.

If you are still confused, check out the Helplama Helpdesk. It can help you manage and automate your customer service workflows, increasing your team’s productivity by reducing the workload.



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