Wix Answers vs Zendesk Comparison: Which One Is the Best for You

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Last Updated: May 2024

Wix Answers vs Zendesk

If you’re looking for the right customer service solution for your company, choosing between these two platforms can be difficult

Well, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, let’s compare two of the most popular customer service solutions available in the market and see which one is better for your business: Zendesk or Wix Answers.

We’ll compare them overall while also focusing on their specific features to determine which one is a better fit for your company.

Live Chat (Final Winner: Zendesk)

Web Widget (Winner: Zendesk)

Give customers access to your customer support team by embedding a customized widget onto your website.

  • With Wix Answers, you can provide real-time chat support to customers who need immediate assistance using a widget. 
  • Zendesk enables you to natively embed the Help Center, Chat, or Tickets into any app, website, or standalone device.
Winner: Zendesk
Livechat Customization (Winner: Zendesk)

Customize your chat widget’s design, appearance, and messaging options to provide a personalized chat experience across platforms while also matching the look and tone of your brand.

  • Wix Answers allows you to configure various options that control the chat widget experience.
  • Zendesk provides numerous options for customizing the look and feel of the Web Widget. You can take a look at their advanced customization options here
Winner: Zendesk
Language Options (Winner: Zendesk)
  • Wix Answers allows you to create multilingual widgets. However, the available options can be limited.
  • By default, the Zendesk Web Widget embedded in your website displays text in the language of the end user’s browser.
Winner: Zendesk
Canned Responses (Winner: Zendesk)

This allows you to provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted responses.

  • Wix Answers includes several options for managing pre-written templates that can be easily added to an agent’s response
  • Zendesk even allows you to convert the ticket you’re working on into a macro (saved response) while you’re solving it.
Winner: Zendesk
Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Winner: Wix Answers)

Allow customers to rate their Live Chat experiences, so you can learn how to improve your support.

  • Wix Answers allows you to send surveys from within the chat widgets as soon as your agents or customers end a chat. You can even customize the surveys that are sent out for each of your widgets.
  • With Zendesk, your customers can rate a chat as either Good or Bad during or after the chat session
Winner: Wix Answers
Chat Contact Form (Winner: Both)

Customers can use this feature to send an offline message via the chat widget. The offline message is then saved in your chat history, with a copy sent to the agent.

  • Wix Answers lets you set up a contact form that allows customers to submit tickets through your widget.
  • Zendesk also includes the option to add a contact form to your website, allowing customers to send messages quickly. 
Winner: Both

Helpdesk Features (Final Winner: Zendesk)

Multi-Channel Inbox (Winner: Wix Answers)

To manage customer communication at scale, organize customer questions from multiple channels, in a shared inbox that your entire team can access.

  • Wix Answers’s One Inbox is a central location where your team can manage and reply to tickets from all your support channels. The separate panels for easy organization is a standout feature. 
  • Zendesk also comes with a multichannel inbox to help your agents provide a seamlessly integrated support experience.
Winner: Wix Answers
Unified Agent Workspace (Winner: Wix Answers)

With an agent workspace, your team can collaborate across multiple channels from a single ticket interface. To view and track customer issues, your agents will no longer have to switch between dashboards.

  • Wix Answers’s One-tab workspace comes with all the tools agents need in a single tab
  • Zendesk also includes an agent workspace to help your team manage conversations across all web, mobile, and social channels in a single view.
Winner:  Wix Answers
Ticketing System (Winner: Both)
  • Both Wix Answers and Zendesk include a system for managing, assigning, and prioritizing customer inquiries. This enables your agents to engage customers through various channels and easily convert queries into tickets.
Winner: Both
Email Support (Winner: Zendesk)
  • Wix Answers allows you to create mailboxes in your account to send and receive tickets via email. However, the number of emails you can receive per day is limited to 250.
  • Zendesk can also be configured to provide customized email channel support. The platform includes numerous customization options, such as triggers and automations.
Winner: Zendesk
Voice Channel (Winner: Both)
  • Wix Answers allows you to manage your entire call center from a few simple tabs
  • Zendesk also lets you manage calls, voicemails, and texts all in one place.
Winner: Both
Video Call (Winner: Zendesk)
  • Unfortunately, Wix Answers does not include this feature.
  • Zendesk provides this feature through a variety of third-party integrations.
Winner: Zendesk
IVR trees (Winner: Both)

You can set up custom IVR trees using all of your customer data to deliver support even before connecting with your agent.

  • Wix Answers allows you to create custom IVR flows that direct callers to specific queues.
  • Zendesk also lets you create multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) or phone trees to route customers to the appropriate agent or department
Winner: Both
3rd Party Integrations (Winner: Zendesk)
  • You can connect your Wix Answers platform with only a handful of third-party apps.
  • With Zendesk, you can select the best apps for your company from over 1,200 available on their Marketplace.
Winner: Zendesk

Social Media (Final Winner: Zendesk)

Facebook Integration (Winner: Zendesk)
  • Wix Answers connects to your Facebook Page(s) and converts wall posts and private messages to tickets. However, a personal Facebook profile cannot be used as a support channel.
  • Zendesk allows you to add a Facebook account so that public messages, such as Wall posts and comments, are converted into tickets (Customers of Zendesk Suite can add multiple Facebook pages.) 
Winner: Zendesk
Instagram Integration (Winner: Both)
  • Connect an Instagram business account to Wix Answers to convert direct messages to your company’s Instagram account into tickets.
  • You can add the Instagram Direct social messaging channel to Zendesk and customize it to your specifications. 
Winner:  Both
WhatsApp Integration (Winner: Zendesk)
  • When a customer messages you on WhatsApp, Wix Answers, generates a new Live Chat ticket.
  • Zendesk lets you send proactive messages and connect automation tools to WhatsApp.
Winner:  Zendesk
Twitter Integration (Winner: Zendesk)

Conveniently convert tweets and mentions into tickets. 

  • Both Wix Answers and Zendesk conveniently convert tweets and mentions into tickets. 
  • However, Zendesk even lets you edit the account’s settings to control how tweets to your account are handled.
Winner: Zendesk

Self Service (Final Winner: Zendesk)

Knowledge base (Winner: Both)

Both Wix Answers and Zendesk allows you to convert your most frequently asked support questions into a knowledge base of help articles, allowing customers to help themselves. 

Winner: Both
Customer Portal (Winner: Both)

A portal where customers can view and respond to conversations across email, chat, social messaging and SMS.

  • Wix Answers allows you to build a self-service portal where users can find answers to their questions through help articles, feature requests, and known issues.
  • Zendesk comes with a portal where customers can view and respond to conversations across email, chat, social messaging and SMS.
Winner: Both
Portal customization (Winner: Zendesk)
  • Wix Answers lets you customize your Customer Portal. However, this function is not yet available in all Wix Answers accounts.
  • Zendesk’s customer portal provides the option to customize most of the portal right from your brand logo, the portal color, themes, knowledge base, help center, and layout of the article pages.
Winner: Zendesk
Community/Forum (Winner: Zendesk)

A Community or Forum enables customers to interact and help each other by answering questions and sharing best practices.

  • Wix Answers, unfortunately, does not natively offer this feature.  
  • Zendesk-powered forums let your customers start a new discussion and request a new feature by commenting on the forum. Also, Zendesk provides admins with moderation features.
Winner: Zendesk

Automation (Final Winner: Both)

Chatbots (Winner: Zendesk)

The helpdesk allows you to deploy custom chatbots. With conversational assistants, you can collect relevant customer information, increase agent productivity, and streamline the support experience. 

  • Wix Answers, unfortunately, does not natively come with this feature. However, you can add JavaScript code to customize a Wix Answers widget.  
  • Zendesk allows you to set up an Answer Bot on a variety of support channels such as chat, messaging, email, Slack, and others.
Winner: Zendesk
Auto-assign Tickets (Winner: Zendesk)
  • With Wix Answers, set up automated ticket routing to qualified team members from all of your supported channels.
  • Zendesk, on the other hand, comes with various comprehensive features for automating ticket routing/assignment. 
Winner: Zendesk
AI-generated replies (Winner: Wix Answers)
  • Wix Answers comes with AI-powered suggestions to save time and provide accurate answers, keeping all agents aligned.
  • Zendesk, unfortunately, does not natively come with this feature. 
Winner: Wix Answers
Automated Workflows (Winner: Wix Answers)

Set up automation workflows for system actions that are automatically executed if predefined conditions are met.

  • Wix Answers’s Spotter tracks real-time events across your entire support platform, then performs specified actions. It even comes with various pre-made scenarios. 
  •  Zendesk enables you to develop multiple, automated workflows based on your requirements. 
Winner: Wix Answers
Intent Detection (Winner: Zendesk)

Automatically detect, and route bot conversations based on customer input. With this feature, you can now create automated workflows to handle specific customer intents. 

  • Wix Answers, unfortunately, does not come with this feature. 
  • Zendesk automatically detects, and routes bot conversations based on customer input. With this feature, you can now create automated workflows to handle specific customer intents. 
Winner: Zendesk
AI-powered Knowledge Management (Winner: Wix Answers)
  • Wix Answers lets you send articles right from your knowledge base and get automatic article recommendations when replying to your customers.
  • Zendesk lets your team easily add new information with integrated knowledge management and leverage that content themselves to respond to customers faster and more accurately. 
Winner: Wix Answers

Reports (Final Winner: Zendesk) 

Performance Reports (Winner: Zendesk)

These reports help businesses monitor the status of their support agents/teams.

  • With Wix Answer’s Team Performance Insights, you can identify your top-performing team members, groups, and locations.
  • Zendesk comes with a performance dashboard with 8 different metrics including: Efficiency, Agent Updates, Unsolved Tickets, etc.
Winner: Zendesk
Knowledge Base (Winner: Both)

Knowledge Base reports give you the analytics that help you monitor the views of your knowledge base or guide. It also informs you whether people found your articles useful or not.

  • Wix Answers allows you to review key Help Center article statistics such as Unique Visitors, Article Views, Searches, Self Service Success, and so on.
  • Zendesk also offers Knowledge Base insights such as Net Votes, Articles, Views, etc.
Winner: Both
Bot Reports (Winner: Zendesk)

The bot reports help you monitor the performance of the automated bots in your helpdesk. 

  • Wix Answers, unfortunately, does not come with this feature. 
  • Zendesk offers a dashboard with the following metrics: Suggestion Rate, Click-through Rate, Resolution Rate, Rejection rate, etc.
Winner: Zendesk
Custom Reports (Winner: Both)
  • Both Wix Answers and Zendesk allows you to customize and build custom reports based on your requirements with minimal effort and no coding. 
Winner: Both

Bottom Line:

So, Wix Answers and Zendesk. With the above factors compared, which tool do you think is the right one for your company?

We hope this guide cleared up some questions and made it easier to choose a platform. 

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