Almost 9 out of 10 customers said they would likely buy from a business that always replies. That’s why it’s essential to listen and respond to your customer queries especially on social media as that creates your brand image. 

If you are in the market looking for different ways by which you can respond to your customers on Twitter, then we have got you all covered. This post has curated the 8 best examples of brands providing effective Twitter customer service. 

So come let’s dive in and have a look. 

8 Brand Examples



Amazon prioritizes customer support on Twitter by providing a separate customer support account named as @AmazonHelp. There are tons of queries on this account in different languages and Amazon makes sure that one of them is left unheard. This technique increases the loyalty of customers towards Amazon. 

Let’s have a look at how Amazon handles its queries. 

This query is raised by a user of Amazon who states that he is facing difficulties in signing in to an Amazon account to which Amazon has replied with actionable advice so that their query gets resolved without the help of a customer support agent. 

Domino’s Pizza

In many cases, retail brands might need your personal details like phone number, address, name, etc. which is not safe to share on a social platform. Thus Domino’s encourages their customers to DM their queries with details so that they can help them further. 

Baskin Robin

Being just an ice cream brand, Baskin Robin does not receive many user complaints. Thus, they reply to goofy tweets to keep the page’s engagement high. 

This technique also increases the loyalty of the customers towards Baskin Robin. 

But when there is a customer complaint, Baskin Robin swiftly asks the customer to interact in the DM, which does not hamper the company’s brand image. 


It could be that you receive queries that are too frequently asked by your customers on Twitter just like google gets. Now what Google does is that they provide customers with the link to an article from their knowledge base that can solve their query. 

Applying this strategy they provide swift and insightful resolutions to the customers. This also reduces ticket generation and your agents can focus on more complex queries. 


Ikea has a large international customer base and they have queries coming all day long. So to tackle this they have made separate accounts for the countries that they deliver to. Ikea also provides different services in different regions of the world and thus this strategy helps them.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has a tone of fun, creativity, and empathy while replying to their customers. This creates a brand voice and encourages customers to engage with them more often.


For example, in this post, a lady tagged Southwest Airlines for a beautiful journey she had with them. To this, they replied by adding a SWAsome photo remark which translates to Southwest Airlines. 

LaCroix Water

Just like Basking Robin, LaCroix also does not receive too many complaints on Twitter. Thus they engage with customers by sharing memes or Gifs. But whenever there is a complaint they swiftly respond to it by sharing a link to a form that collects all the data of the customer and then agents handle their complaint from there on. 

Peet’s Coffee 

Peet’s Coffee responds to every kind of Tweet that is related to them. They usually try to solve the query through Tweets. Peet also takes feedback from their customers and usually informs them about the status of their feedback. 


We hope that through this article you would be able to create your Twitter customer service strategy. However, through this article we have learned the following things which you should consider while responding to your customers:

  • Try to respond to every client to increase page engagement. 
  • If you require personal details like phone no, customer id, name, etc. then you should ask that in DM to secure your customers’ information. 
  • Try and use your knowledge base articles to provide quick and insightful information.

Although, if you are looking to automate your omnichannel customer support, then you should try Helplama Helpdesk. Its AI chatbot attends to your customers in real-time and solves their queries using canned responses or knowledge-base articles. 

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