Target Messaging 101: Everything You Must Know

Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know, 45% of clients would prefer a brand if they receive an SMS through them? This shows the power of target marketing, if you use other platforms like email, social media, etc. you can see new customers coming in. 

In this guide, we have added some fresh information about target messaging that you should know. 

So, let’s go through the content in this article:

Benefits Of Target Marketing

Let’s look at the 3 benefits of target messaging.

  • Improves Customer Experience

Target messages are personalized messages that make your customers feel valued. You can add the customer’s name and include things that the customer prefers. This technique will help you increase customer engagement and assist you in scaling up your business. 

  • High Open Rate

Target messaging would have lines that will target your customers to open them. Lines like “Hi Carl! Here is something that you would like” will trigger the reader and they will be eager to open the message and check what’s inside. 

  • Creates Brand Identity

You can send messages to your customers including a brand logo and tagline. This will make them aware of your brand and create a brand identity. You can even communicate your brand values and gain their attention. 

Two Steps Of Target Marketing

There are two crucial steps that you should follow to have a great target messaging campaign.

Customer Segmentation

If you segment your customers based on their preferences then it would be easier for you to target them and send a CTA. Here are certain factors that you can use to target your customer:

  • Demographic factor: You can segment your customers on the basis of their age, gender, income level, etc. and then send personalized messages. For example, if your customers are teenagers then you can segment them on the basis of their age and recommend products accordingly. 
  • Customer behavior: Keep an eye on what your customers prefer and search for. Then send them the products related to their search. For example, if they search for “pants” you can recommend them with different colors of pants, cargo, denim, and more. 
  • Geographical factor: Geo-targeting is segmenting your customers based on location. This will help you recommend customers based on the weather, if it’s raining in a particular area you can recommend them with raincoats, if the weather is cold you can recommend them with winter wear, and so on. 

Craft A Personalized Message

Once you have segmented your customers, the next step is to craft a message that your customers will click on. You can use phrases like crafted especially for you, free return/refund if you don’t like, what do you have to lose?, and many more. 

Include high-quality product images with a proper description to avoid confusion between your customers and the product. 

Platforms Where You Can Perform Target Messaging


  • In-App Messaging

You can send target messages on the mobile/desktop. This allows you to easily get past information on customers and target them accordingly. You can even add a CTA button on the messages so that it’s easier for your customers to locate the product. 

Make sure to not spam them and have an easy exit option so that they don’t close your app. 

  • Website Messaging

When a customer is cruising through your website you can send them hyper-targeted messages. Use analytics to know when the traffic on your store is high and then suggest products accordingly. You can also use product images, emojis, videos, etc. to make your message more engaging. 

  • Email/SMS Message Targeting

Email and SMS are the best platforms to send target messages as they have a good open rate irrespective of the industry. But make sure you properly segment your customers and then send them messages, otherwise your target messages would turn into cold messages. 

How To Measure Targeted Message Campaign Success? 

There are 4 different ways by which you can check the effectiveness of your target messaging campaigns. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Open Rate Metrics

This metric provides you with the percentage of customers that have opened your message. You will get a good overview of how your campaign has been so far. To calculate this follow this formula:

Number of emails read/ Number of emails sent X 100

  • Click Through Rate

Click through rate allows you to know the percentage of the customers that have opened the message and have actually clicked on the provided link. This metric allows you to know how effective your targeted message content has been. 

To calculate click through rate, use this formula:

Total clicks on the link/Total number of messages opened X 100

  • Reply Rate Metrics

As the name suggests, this metric provides you with the percentage of people that have replied to your email. It can be a query, order, and so on. Use the below-written formula to get your reply rate:

Total number of replies/Total number of messages opened X 100

  • Unsubscribed Rate Metrics

This is a very helpful metric, as it tells you about the customers that are not interested in your business. It allows you to save energy by concentrating on those customers that are actually interested in your products.  Use the below-written formula to get the unsubscribed rate for your campaign:

Total number of unsubscribers/Total number of emails sent X 100 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article we were able to deliver some fresh knowledge to you on target messaging. In this guide, we have curated some fresh information like the metrics you can use to measure your target messaging campaigns, benefits, and more. 

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