Reamaze vs Helpscout – Comparison of Their Features

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Last Updated: June 2024

Reamaze vs Helpscout

If you are looking for the best Helpdesk solution among the Help Scout and Reamaze, make sure you read the article till the end.

Choosing the right customer service software is the very first step in every business. The helpdesk not only prioritizes and solves customer issues but also helps your employees to do so. 

So, today we compare two customer service solutions — Reamaze and Helpscout — to help you make the best choice.

Reamaze and Helpscout both are considered top in the market for smaller businesses. But for business owners like you, it is a contemplating situation where you have to choose one application, Reamaze or Helpscout that best suits your needs.

Well, to help you we are going to compare the features of Reamaze vs Helpscout in this article. Review it and pick the best software for your company. 

Reamaze Vs Helpscout Feature Comparison

Helpdesk Features (Final Winner: Both) Reamaze Rating ⭐4.6/5, Helpscout Rating ⭐4.5/5

Ticket Management

It refers to managing and handling customer requests and resolving them to enhance user experience.

Reamaze – Allows you to respond to customer queries by picking keywords. Automatically assign tickets, and add relative tags to them based on the intent of the query.

Helpscout – Automatically responds to the tickets and can even assign tickets. But does not integrates with more apps for further automation.

Winner: Reamaze

Team Collaboration

Both Reamaze and Helpscout have a feature to collaborate with teammates using assignments, notes, and shared views.

Winner: Both

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a brochure telling information about your products and services. It is the most basic feature that every helpdesk often offers.

Reamaze – Reamaze has variants of internal and external knowledge base systems. Can publish knowledge base articles with enriched FAQs.

Helpscout – Create articles, edit them, and can add text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and videos to articles. Customizes FAQs and provides outreach options in Docs.

Winner: Helpscout

Supported platforms (Final Winner: Both) Reamaze Rating ⭐4.5/5, Helpscout Rating ⭐4.6/5

Live chat

The live chat feature helps visitors/customers to interact with the systems and resolve their queries instantly.

Reamaze – Message customers automatically with pre-built and custom chatbots. Supports some amazing features like a customizable chat experience and native in-chat video calls. Supports large file attachments, chat transcripts, and typing and view/read indicators.

Helpscout – Automatically recommends articles based on the page a customer is viewing. In case, if live chat isn’t available, it directs customers’ support requests to the Help Scout email queue. But the Helpscout live-chat widget with only 3 different view modes 

Winner: Reamaze


Both Reamaze and Helpscout offer a Mailbox feature. The feature helps you create a searchable library of answers and tag customer conversations to automate workflows.


Reamaze – Offers you to promote new features or updates with an automated messaging service.

Helpscout – Helps you promote new initiatives, update customers on key happenings, and proactively support those who need it by sending text messages.

Winner: Helpscout

Shared Inbox

It refers to the feature that allows your team members to work on the same platform without using Slack. Provides multiple channels such as email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and even SMS/MMS text messages.

Both Helpscout and Reamaze support the shared inbox feature. With it, your agents can get their individual logins and can mention other members using tags. Can share details without using Slack.

Winner: Both

Some of the Integrations (Final Winner: Reamaze) Reamaze Rating ⭐4.7/5, Helpscout Rating ⭐4.4/5


Slack is a messaging app that connects teams and allows you to share information amongst teams. With the help of slacks, you can easily reach out to your colleagues, invite them for meetings, and share important data with your team in a simplified manner.

Both Reamaze and Helpscout offer Slack integration feature that helps to establish a connection among the teams to share important information and take necessary actions whenever required.


The platform supports some features that are necessary to establish your eCommerce business like managing customer orders, processing refunds, creating draft orders, and updating stock details.

Both Helpscout and Reamaze support Shopify integration and deliver a professional eCommerce experience.


The feature helps you to add helpdesk embeddable widgets to your WordPress website easily.

Both Reamaze, as well as Helpscout, integrates seamlessly with WordPress to provide your users with an enhanced web experience.

Number of Integrations

It becomes complicated for the company to add each built-in feature to the helpdesk. So, most of them prefer to take the integrations route for it.

Reamaze – Integrates with most of the popular tools like MailChimp, Facebook, Shopify, Slack, Instagram, Amazon, WooCommerce, WordPress, Ship station, Jira, and many more.

Helpscout – Integrates with tools like WordPress, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Jira, Slack Mailchimp, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more. While integrating with some of the apps, it integrates through Zapier. Integrates with limited apps if compared to others.

Winner: Reamaze

Automation (Final Winner: Both) Reamaze Rating ⭐4.5/5, Helpscout Rating ⭐4.5/5


Helps you to establish a smooth customer experience by auto-replying to some common responses.

Reamaze – Has Pre-built and custom chatbots so do not require coding. It also provides the ability to disable chatbots while you’re in the office. It automatically escalates customers who stop responding

Helpscout – It suggests relevant help content, offers live chat and gives customers instant access to their support history, recommends articles based on the page customers are viewing.

Winner: Both


Workflows help you automate repetitive tasks and keep customer response times low.

Reamaze – Enables you to automate common workflows with custom triggers on incoming conversations.

Helpscout – Automates tedious but critical tasks. Helps in filtering and routing to complex process wizardry.

Winner: Both

Reporting and Pricing (Final Winner:Helpscout) Reamaze Rating ⭐4.4/5, Helpscout Rating ⭐4.7/5

Helpdesk Reports

Reamaze – Stays on top of your conversation volume and response times with built-in reporting features.

Helpscout – Reports include a summary of conversations, chats, emails, phone conversations, and the performance of your articles. Has advanced built-in filters for quick access later.

Winner: Helpscout


Reamaze – Has 3 plans :

The basic plan at $25/month

Pro plan at $49/month

Plus plan at $69/month

Helpscout – Also, provides 3 plans : 

Standard plan at $20/month

Plus plan at $40/month

Pro plan at $65/month

Winner: Helpscout

Wrapping Up :

Reamaze is a simple and intuitive customer service software that offers live chat, message, email, chatbot, and many more help desk solutions. It is ideally designed for smaller businesses. Whereas Help Scout is a dedicated customer support platform built for growing businesses to deliver best-in-class helpdesk services like customer support, knowledge base, customization, and email integration for smaller stores.

We hope that the Reamaze vs Helpscout feature comparison could help you to decide on the best solution for your business.

In case you are still doubtful about which one to choose, then you can pick Saufter. It is an all-around service desk software designed for every business. The software offers automation, marketing, basic customer support tools, and even agent-related services at reasonable prices.

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