The Complete Guide to Managing an Internal Helpdesk

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Last Updated: December 2023

According to a survey, 86% of the employees stated that an internal helpdesk increased their productivity. With increased productivity, you can automatically expect your revenue to grow.

The internal helpdesk is an internal program of a company that holds all the information of the company and even allows your employees to raise a ticket.

This ensures that your employees’ queries are solved quickly as not only customers but employees are essential for a company’s growth.

In this post, we have mentioned all the essential steps to manage an internal helpdesk ticketing system.

Importance of Internal Helpdesk

An internal helpdesk can improve the success rate and productivity of employees. Using software can help you easily manage and attend to requests through different portals such as email, website, SMS, Social Media, Slack, and many more.

Some other benefits of the Internal helpdesk are-

  • Improves employee engagement- An internal helpdesk ticketing system allows your employees to easily convey their ordeals. This results in a more satisfied employee.
  • Scale HR operations- The human resource team is not only responsible for onboarding new employees but to create a happy environment in the office. The internal helpdesk allows HR to solve employee queries and maintain a happy environment.
  • Easy onboarding- An Internal helpdesk contains a knowledge base that has all the required information regarding a company. When a new employee joins you can share it with them to reduce your onboarding time.

Steps to Manage an Internal Helpdesk

Create a strategy 

Internal helpdesk strategy

Before building an internal helpdesk you should create a plan on what to include in it. With the help of a service catalog, you can ensure all the required information is embedded. Some of the points which you can include in your catalog are-

  • Catalog item name
  • Categorize your helpdesk (IT, HR, Support, etc)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost of installing
  • Tracking process and who will look after the complaints.
  • Point of contact for queries

Offer a Knowledge Base

Knowledge base for internal helpdesk

A knowledge base is one of the quickest ways to solve a query. It reduces the no of ticket generation and creates a transparent environment in the company. Employees should be given easy access to the internal knowledge base. Appointing an employee to regularly update the knowledge base is also mandatory.  The internal knowledge base also makes employee onboarding quite easy. 

Automate to Reduce Manual Involvement

Automate your internal knowledge base

Applying pre-set rules to your internal helpdesk software can ensure that it works automatically. You can apply workflows and Bots to ensure quick resolution is given and your employees get back on their project as soon as possible. In this way, your team can concentrate on other tasks rather than resolving similar issues again and again. 

Create an Employee Community

Employee community for Internal knowledge base management

A community is an online place where employees can share videos, articles, knowledge, etc against a problem they have faced. Employees can even chat and resolve their queries with the help of experienced staff. This also reduces ticket generation.

Keep an Eye on Analytics and Insights

Analytics and Insights can prove to be a lot helpful for you to understand your team’s performance. Helpdesk software provides analytics to your team responsible for maintaining the internal helpdesk. It also provides information about the frequently asked questions which can be used to add a new FAQ to your knowledge base.

Schedule Meetings

Letting your employees know of the internal helpdesk is important as it’s been installed for them. To make them aware of how to use it and the advantages it holds you should schedule a meeting. Even when a new update is made try to inform your employees about it.


The internal helpdesk is an integral part of any uprising business. It’s important to listen to your employees’ complaints and problems that they might be facing in your organization. The internal help desk enables you to listen to your employees and solve their queries. 

If you are planning to install or already have an internal helpdesk, then we have listed all the necessary steps of how to manage an internal helpdesk.

However, if you are confused about what software to use then Helplama Helpdesk could suit your business well. It helps you create an internal helpdesk and even set up a knowledge base. You can even use it to train your new agents. It’s an all-rounder software that can automate your helpdesk.

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