Importance of Customer Perception & How to Track It

Last Updated: December 2023

In the customer-centric era, every feedback and review can make or break your brand’s reputation. That is why small businesses need to invest time in actively understanding customer behavior and make effective strategies for improving their brand’s perception, acquisition, and retention.

If you are not putting customers first, you are putting your business at risk. And you can only effectively put your customers first when you study them inside-out. Whether you are growing your brand or exploring new techniques to enhance sales, this guide will help you understand customer perception and how you can improve it to serve your customers better.

Why Customer Perception Matters to Businesses?


No matter how authentic your product is, the verdict lies in the hands of the public. Their feelings, experiences, and positive associations, can increase the value of your brand infinitely. People’s perception indicates that understanding your customer’s thought process can help you grow.

In simple terms, customer perception is all about what your customers think about your product, service, and the company. From the on-point marketing efforts to after-sales support, customer perception is a multi-faceted concept that requires attention to detail.

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How Can You Measure Customer Perception?

Most small businesses face difficulty keeping track of what drives user behavior and how to measure their perception of the brand. Thankfully, data analytics tools, metrics, and your marketing efforts can provide valuable insights. Let’s explore the top hacks through which you can measure customer perception effectively:

1. Analyze Your Website Performance

Your website performance can unlock many secrets about what your customers perceive about your brand. Digitalization has changed the way customers shop and search for a brand. With 63,000 estimated search queries happening every second, you need to constantly gauge your website performance to craft engaging digital experiences for the users.

You can track how many people visit your website daily, where they are struggling, how much time they spend on a particular page, and where they clicked the most. By analyzing these trends, you will have an idea of what they perceive about your brand.

Google Analytics provides one of the best website performance insights in the market. And best of all, it is entirely free.

2. Look at Online Reviews 

Online reviews are the staple for modern shoppers. Hence, it is a critical avenue for businesses to know how their customers feel about their products or services.

You can go through online portals and your Google listings to check all the reviews. Simultaneously, you set up Google alerts to notify you every time a customer posts a review.

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3. Check Out Your Social Feed

Social media can be a boon or a bane for your brand’s reputation. A recent survey states that 44.8% of global internet users use social media to search for brands (Hootsuite). By checking out the likes, comments, and discussions happening, you can get a feel of what your customers expect from your brand.

How Can You Improve Customer Perception?


Every company wants to deliver the best product and provide delightful experiences for customer success. For this to happen, customers must believe in your brand promise and develop positive associations. Hence, it is crucial to take swift actions and improve them. Here are the top ways you can optimize various elements of customer perception to help you increase brand loyalty.

Five Smart Ways You Can Enhance Customer Perception for Your Brand!

While many factors that influence customer perception may appear beyond your control, the truth is that all perceptions are influenced by how you treat customers and how the business operates. Here are five strategies to make sure your consumers see you in the best light imaginable:

1.Provide Personalized & Prompt Customer Service

Research states that 70% of unhappy customers are willing to transact with a business again if their queries are resolved (Qminder). This means that providing your customers with complete support can be a huge differentiating factor in the competitive business landscape. When your customers feel that they are getting your attention, it can strengthen their perception of your brand. Providing fast and reliable customer service is one of the ways to build brand loyalty.

2. Be Open to Customer Feedback

Customer success is always a mystery to companies. But in reality, it can be as simple as giving an ear to your customers. By being open to receiving customer criticism, you can make better business decisions. There are multiple ways you can collect customer feedback and make the necessary improvements. For instance, you can send out surveys, polls, directly call users, monitor social media discussions, and more.

3. Create User-Centric Content

A user-centric content strategy is the one that puts customers in the main focus and generates content that is relevant and engaging to them.

Here are Three Ways You Can Create User-Centric Content:

  • Website Content: you can design visually engaging landing pages and structure them with concise and relevant information to help the visitors find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently.
  • Social Media Content: by leveraging the power of social media channels, you can show your customers the benefits of using your product in full effect while giving valuable education and suggestions surrounding your product circle. You can also showcase your ambassadors on social media to enhance customer awareness.
  • Email Marketing: personalized email templates tailored to your subscriber’s tastes and needs can help create an emotional connection and generate qualified leads.

4. Be Consistent 

Whether updating your social media campaigns, blog posts or doing the usual follow-ups, it is crucial to maintain consistency. Sending inconsistent or contradictory messages can confuse and impact your brand image negatively. Being consistent in all elements of customer interaction can help you establish trust. From the first impression to after-sales support, be consistent across all touchpoints, offer clear guidelines, and follow an integrated marketing strategy.

5. Use Behavioral Psychology to Attract Attention

In branding, color psychology and strategic pricing can affect the customer buying behavior. Extensive research has found that 90% of customer snap judgments about products are based on color alone (Help Scout).

While the perception of colors may seem subjective, leading companies use color effects that have universal meaning. For instance, Pepsi Co. uses a color scheme of blue, red, and white. The blue and white colors evoke trust and calm. But, on the other hand, the color red portrays spontaneity and excitement.

By using the correct color scheme and strategically pricing your products, your customers too will associate that color with your products, thereby strengthening your relationship.

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Parting Thoughts

Customer expectations from brands are increasing. A sure shot way to enhance brand loyalty is by understanding customer pain points and knowing what they want. Putting emphasis on customer perception and turning the wheels in the right direction can help you enhance your marketing efforts and drive your business growth.
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