Higher Conversions, More Sales: 7 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

Last Updated: December 2023

The all-in-one eCommerce platform powers millions of businesses globally. To make your Shopify store profitable, you need to boost conversion. Hence, optimizing your store constantly to ensure steady business growth is a must. Whether it is the layout of your website, brand color palette, product images, or the checkout process, all of these factors greatly impact the conversion of your visitors into buyers. In this blog, we’ll walk you through 7 tips to increase your conversion rate for Shopify. Let’s start!

What Is the Shopify Conversion Rate?

Shopify conversion rate is the total number of purchases made by customers or the total number of sessions. Of course, several buyers will take more than one session to purchase products, but this is how you calculate the conversion rate: Conversion rate = [Conversions / total visitors] x 100%

What Is a Good Conversion Rate for Shopify?

To get a better understanding of Shopify conversion rates, you must know about the best, worst, and average Shopify conversion rates. Take a look at these Littledata.io statistics.
  • A Shopify business’s conversion rate of more than 3.3% means it is among the best 20% of Shopify stores. Again, a more than 4.8% conversion rate indicates that the store is among the best 10%.
  • On the other hand, a Shopify conversion rate below 0.3% means that the store is among the worst 20% of businesses.
  • As of July 2022, the average Shopify conversion rate is 1.4%.

Importance of Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is a technique to increase the percentage of website traffic that make purchases from the business. It is a great tool for businesses. CRO helps you to;
  • Improve your conversion rates;
  • Reduce the bounce rate; and
  • Make your website navigation easy and seamless.
How can I convert a visitor into a customer? How can I make people buy the products? These are some questions that bug most Shopify store owners. Well, the answer isn’t simple. There are certain ways to increase the conversion rate for Shopify.  Find out more about them below!

7 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

1. Improve the User Experience

How to improve the conversion rate? The answer is simple, by improving the user experience. Online shopping is mostly about user experience. So, the way you showcase your products, navigation, layout, speed, payment gateway, etc., matter a lot. Consider these to improve the user experience on your website.
  • Layout and colors: Decide a color scheme in line with your brand image and use it across the website. It is best to include 1-2 eye-catching colors and use them to highlight important information. Keep the layout simple & easy to navigate, and ensure that the product images are of good quality and details are easily visible.
  • Page speed: Ensuring your webpage loads as fast as possible will significantly improve the user experience and Google rankings. Say it takes 3 seconds for your website to load, and that of your competitor’s in 6 seconds, Google will rank your content first.
  • Navigation: Your website navigation must be easy and hassle-free. It must enable your visitors to find their products without getting frustrated. Easy navigation also enhances SEO performance.
  • Customer service: Easy returns, exchanges, smooth delivery, and quick problem-solving are vital for a perfect customer experience. For queries, ensure that you have an active customer support service like Helplama, which can respond instantly.

2. Simplify the Check-Out Process

According to research, 26% of shoppers abandon their carts due to a lengthy or complicated checkout process. Even a minor inconvenience during the checkout can cost you a customer. So, ensure that the process is simple, quick, and user-friendly. Here are a few things about the checkout process that you must review:
  • Minimum required fields for customers to fill in the information
  • Clarity of information (taxes, shipping, price, discounts, etc.)
  • Checkout or pay button placements (top-of-the-page and bottom-of-the-page buttons work well)

3. Highlight Product Benefits

To increase the Shopify conversion rate for your store, ensure that your website highlights the features and benefits of each product. Along with attractive Shopify templates, you also need to communicate the product benefits. Use high-quality product images from different angles to clarify all customer queries even before they ask.

4. Collect & Showcase Customer Reviews

According to Oberlo, 9/10 of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Hence, it is crucial to showcase product reviews on your site is crucial to increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate. You can ask for reviews via email and embed the review link to make it easier for the customers to leave a review. You can also incentivize customers for reviews or referrals. For instance, you can offer free shipping for the next order if customers publish a review on your Shopify store.

5. Offer Shipping Flexibility

Free shipping works quite well for eCommerce. Customers are most likely to drop their purchase decision upon seeing additional shipping charges. So, try including the shipping charges in your cost price. Say, if the shipping charge is $10 and the product costs $20, changing the product price to $30 will increase your Shopify conversion rates. Also, try covering as many areas as possible for shipping services. If you target other countries, international shipping is a must. So, find a shipping service that has a large network.

6. Leverage Personalization

Personalization holds the power to boost conversion rates and retain customers. So, make the most out of personalization. Send personalized emails to your customers to stand out from the crowd by including product recommendations based on buyers’ interest, clicks, page visits, purchase history, etc.

7. Use Email Marketing for Cart Abandonment Reminders

The average cart abandonment rate is just below 70% (69.5%) according to research, which means that (approximately) 7 out of every 10 shoppers do not complete their transactions. To reduce cart abandonment, build a follow-up email system that sends automated emails to people who abandon their Shopify shopping carts. Remind them to complete their purchase and (if need be) send exclusive offers on the cart products.

To Conclude

A successful strategy to increase your Shopify conversion rate requires consistent effort. Even if you are not seeing instant results, it is important that you keep working towards making the customer experience as smooth as possible. This will help in capturing new customers eventually while retaining your existing customers. Hope these tips will come in handy as you work towards improving your eCommerce store and converting visitors into customers. Reach out to Helplama to solve all your customer support problems and increase repeat business. Also read: 14 Hacks To Optimize Conversion Rate of Shopify Store


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