With more than 500000 Shopify stores online you must be having a lot of competitors, right?

Well, to stand out from the competition, personalization can help. In fact, 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.

If you sell on Shopify, one way to stand out from the rest of the businesses is to provide customized products for your customers.

 This is where Product Customizer apps for Shopify kick in.

But there are a ton of product customizer apps on the Shopify app store, making it difficult to choose the best one.

That’s why, in this post, we will help you know:

Six Things to look for in a good Product customizer app in Shopify:


  1. User-friendly experience – The app you use should be user-friendly not only for your business but also for buyers so that they can easily navigate through pages, customize their products, and place orders with your business with ease.
  2. Should not demand high-end coding expertise – Not all sellers on Shopify may be coders, nor may they have an expert technical team. So it would be better if the product customizer app you choose by default had a team that carries on with the coding matters.
  3. Provides customization of a wide product range – The app you choose should help you in the customization of a wide range of products including clothing, accessories, jewelry, home furnishing, mobile cases, etc.
  4. Unlimited customization options – The app should be rich in customization options like color, font, text styles, image options, etc.
  5. Live preview of customization – Even though the customers go for customization of their products, they will always have the curiosity to see what the final product will look like. To avoid such confusion and reduce the possible return orders, it would be better if the app comes with the feature of live preview.
  6. Integration with other apps – Your store may be using several apps on Shopify App Store. For the smooth running of your store, all these apps must function in complete agreement. So, the product customizer app you opt for should integrate well with other apps your store uses.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 10 Shopify product customizer apps:

shopify-app-1 1. Infinite Options

  • Rating4.9/5 (3354 reviews)
  • Pricing – Provide a free trial of 14 days. After that  $9.99/month
  • Key features:
    • Helps you to apply unlimited combinations of product customization so that your customers can select the personalized product options while purchasing with the help of dropdown menus, image swatches, text, number inputs, checkboxes, calendars, radio buttons, etc.
    • Their product bundling functionality helps in adding additional charges for services or add-ons offered along with your products.
    • If you club this app with their own workflow app, Mesa, you can personalize Infinite Options by creating no-code workflows along with popular automation templates.
    • Integrates well with Searchanise, Order Printer, Uploader, Spently, Orderly Emails.
  • Customer Support – This Shopify Product Customizer app has an award-winning customer support team that helps with the installation and configuration of your Shopify store. They also provide email and live chat support.
  • Infinite Options is good for: Infinite options app is best if you are looking for an unlimited number of product options for your items, so you’re not restricted by Shopify’s limit of 3 options and 100 variants. It is also the best option if you are looking for a no coder workflow app.

customily_logo 2. Customily Product Personalizer

  • Rating – 4.4/5 (53 reviews)
  • Pricing: Free trial for 9 days. After that $49 monthly + usage fee (not sales commissions!)
  • Key Features:
    • Live and realistic preview, under parameters predefined by you so you can assure a fun shopping experience for your users.
    • Unlimited personalization options to create simple or complex products. Add texts, images, fonts, monograms, textures, and more!
    • Features to design amazing and trending products: map personalizer, portrait cartoonizer, and free clipart collections!
    • Ready-to-print files in different formats with the order’s designs ready for fulfillment.
    • Connect with POD suppliers such as Printify and Printful to automate the work.
    • Integrates with ANY e-commerce! Expand your business of personalized products to other platforms such as Etsy and Walmart DSV.
  • Customer support: They provide first-level support through ticketing system, email, or live chat during business hours to assist you with anything you need. Support is available both in English and Vietnamese language.
  • Customily is good for: Adding personalization to your products, on any platform. With Customily, not only you can have unlimited options to create the most sophisticated products, but you can also offer your clients the best shopping experience and receive the production files for fulfillment ready to print, engrave, or laser-cut.

shopify-app-2 3. Inkybay – Product Customizer

  • Rating 4.9 / 148 reviews
  • Pricing – Provides a 21-day free trial. After that, pricing starts from $19.99/month.
  • Key features:
    • Comes with the features of web applications to make personalized product selling business easy. It helps in customizing a wide range of products including T-shirts, Business cards, Awards, Mask Personalizer, Signs, Stickers, and many more.
    • Customizations are available under the options of  1. Product Configurator & Designer 2. Product Tiered Pricing 3. Advanced Product Options
    • The software is compatible with any printing methods – Screen Print, DTG, Sublimation, Embroidery, etc. with full integration to your shop.
    • Integrates well with Zapier (add-on).
  • Customer Support provides your business with steady and uninterrupted technical support, interactive training, and product assistance using live chat and ticket systems.
  • Inkybay – Product Customizer is good for: Product options and & tiered pricing- you don’t have to depend on 3rd party apps for product options and quantity discount features. This app is also best if you wish to have orders, quotes, and production-ready vector files such as PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG.

shopify-app-3 4. LimeSpot Personalizer

  • Rating4.8 / 1516 reviews
  • Pricing – Provides a 15-day free trial. After that, pricing starts from $15/month.
  • Key features:
    • This is an AI-powered personalization platform that your business can utilize for delivering 1:1 seamless customized shopping experiences across the web, mobile, emails, & ads.
    • After using this product customizer app on Shopify, you can see the results in conversion rates, AOV, transaction size, & customer engagement through product recommendations, upsell, cross-sell, bundling, and content personalization.
    • Comes with the features of Intelligent Product Recommendations, Email Personalization, Real-time Audience Segmentation, Personalized Custom Storefronts, and much more.
    • Integrates well with Spently, Global Apps, Yotpo, Loox, LoyaltyLion, and many more. 
  • LimeSpot Personalizer is good for: AI-powered personalization and Real-time audience segmentation.

shopify-app-4 5. Product Options and Customizer

  • Rating4.8 / 997 reviews
  • Pricing – Provides a 14-day free trial. After that, a free plan is also available.
  • Key features:
    • This product customizer comes to the rescue if you are not happy with the product variants available to market your products.
    • The options they provide for your product customization in Shopify are Image and Color Swatches, Drop down menu, Google font picker, Per option upcharge pricing, Radio buttons, Text inputs, etc.
    • Provides bulk actions to manage large volumes of products with less time. This app also helps in searching and filtering of products by type or tag to quickly update product variations.
    • Using Conditional logic, you will be able to display only the products you want to showcase.
    • Integrates well with ReCharge, In Cart Upsell, PreOrder Now, Zapiet, PageFly, Trackify X.
  • Customer Support: Provides 24×7 Tech Support.
  • Product Options and Customizer is good for: This app helps in adding unlimited variations to each product without the need for developer resources. It is also a great option to overcome Shopify’s limit of 3 options and 100 variants.

shopify-app-5 6. Zepto Product Personalizer

  • Rating4.8/5 (620 reviews)
  • Pricing – Provide a 15-day free trial. After that, pricing starts at $9.99/month.
  • Key features:
    • The feature that distinguishes this app from other product customizer apps on Shopify is that customers can view a live preview of the personalization they have opted for. In addition to that, if you use this app, you can add an unlimited number of product customizations, so that customers can visualize their customization.
    • The various product options available are Regular text, Coloring text, Monogram, Product builder, Image swatch, Option list, Checkbox, etc.
    • This app provides the facility of translating text elements to your own language. You can also set the price per option and charge extra from customers.
  • Zepto Product Personalizer is good for: This app’s main quality is the live preview feature. It is also best if you want to add custom CSS to match the theme.

shopify-app-6 7. Hulk Product Options

  • Rating4.7/5 (1284 reviews)
  • Pricing – Provide a 14-day free trial. After that, pricing starts from $8.90/month.
  • Key features:
    • Customers can go for any personalizations on Shopify store that fit their aesthetic, and thus your business can facilitate a personalized customer experience.
    • Helps the customers to select unlimited customization and options from the product page itself. Moreover, customers can directly edit the options from the cart page.
    • Comes with a custom in-built Product Options app which is flexible to perform as a product filter, product customizer, and bundle product to create upsell opportunities.
  • Hulk Product Options is best for: This app is best if you want to assign a price to any product quantity or a custom category & manage price hassle-free.

shopify-app-7 8. Variant Option Product Options


  • Ratings – 4.7/5 (754 reviews)
  • Pricing – Provides a 14-day free trial. After that, you can opt for either a free plan or a premium plan starting from $8.99 are available.
  • Key features :
    • Comes with 100+ variants options of color options, Best Fit – Size charts, bulk variant swatch, gift wrap, and many more.
    • Includes Price Add-ons that lets your customers easily add prices for all their product options.
    • By using their Conditional Logic feature, your store will be able to display options only when they need them.
    • This Shopify product customizer app is compatible with Online Store 2.0 themes.
    • Integrates well with Best custom app, Uploadkit upload kit, Best product options, Shogun Landing Page, Page Fly Gempages.
  • Variant Option Product Options is good for: This app is best for its Price Add-ons and to set up global options settings for all your products.

shopify-app-8 9. Customify ‑ Product Customizer

  • Ratings4.7/5 (217 reviews)
  • Pricing – Provides a 14-day free trial. After that, you can choose either the free plan or a premium plan starting from $10/month are available.
  • Key features:
    • This product customizer app in Shopify is a simple, yet powerful app that provides customers with the freedom of designing and customizing the products. Their live preview feature helps the customer to get the visualization before placing the order.
    • If you are a seller with zero coding knowledge, this app provides free installation assistance and will provide you with the same even after setting up the whole store.
    •  With the help of the Customify translator tool, customers can easily translate text elements into their own language.
    • Customify stands out from other  Shopify product customizer apps by offering customers the option to save the progress in the customization they’ve made, and later on, add further customization or place the order.
  • Customify Product Customizer is good for: This app is efficient in handling high-traffic sites. It is also best for real-time visualization of the customized product.

shopify-app-10 10. SPOD ‑ Print‑on‑Demand

  • Rating4.1/5 (645 reviews)
  • Pricing – This app is free to install.
  • Key features :
    • 48-Hour Print-on-Demand is the amazing feature provided by this app. Customers can avail their unique products within 48 hours of placing the order. This app is so far the Fastest Print-On-Demand Dropshipping in US & EU with 50% of orders shipping in under 24 hours.
    • Customers can upload their own designs or choose from SPOD’s library of 50K+ free designs and select from over 200 products. This means the app is filled with options and customizations to choose from.
    • Integrates well with WooCommerce, Order Desk, Magento, SPOD API, and Squarespace.
  • SPOD ‑ Print‑on‑Demand is good for:

 Its Design tool is one of the best as it lets customers upload their own designs or explore SPOD’s design library.


Product customization is one of the key factors that attract buyers to your Shopify store. There are a total of 2626 Product customizer apps available on the Shopify App Store as of now. Many of these are far back in matters like user-friendly nature, updating, integration, and techniques used. We have given the top 10 product customizer apps on Shopify that excel in these matters. You can choose the apps according to your store’s requirements and specifications. So, take time, choose wisely and make a difference in your business!

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