12 Best Dropshipping AliExpress Shopify Apps in 2023

Best Dropshipping AliExpress Shopify Apps

Last Updated: February 2024

Do you want to connect AliExpress to Shopify and start your online business? If yes, then you will definitely need dropshipping AliExpress Shopify apps. As they help you to manage your supply chain efficiently along with delivering products to your buyers. 

However, when using Shopify with AliExpress, finding the right dropshipping app could be difficult. Because the Shopify app store has over 3,200 applications. It is time-consuming to research and find a suitable app, especially for a business owner. 

That is why we have shortlisted the best Shopify dropshipping apps for AliExpress below.


12 Top Shopify Dropshipping AliExpress Apps

  1. DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping (Rating ⭐5/5, 11,276 Reviews)
  2. Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 3,064 Reviews)
  3. Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 974 Reviews)
  4. Dropshipman‑Dropshipping Agent (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 872 Reviews)
  5. Automizely Dropshipping App (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 846 Reviews)
  6. Aliexpress Dropshipping & More (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 714 Reviews)
  7. Modalyst: Dropshipping & POD (Rating ⭐3.9/5, 654 Reviews)
  8. Multichannel Importer (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 550 Reviews)
  9. AutoDS All‑In‑One Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 499 Reviews)
  10. Importify ‑ Easy Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 335 Reviews)
  11. BestDealer Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 310 Reviews)
  12. Expressfy Aliexpress Affiliate (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 119 Reviews)


1) DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping (Rating ⭐5/5, 11,276 Reviews)

DSers is a top-rated and most popular AliExpress dropshipping solution in the Shopify app store. Even though it is launched in 2018, it has unbelievable 5-star ratings with 11,000+ reviews. 


  1. Optimize your suppliers – Find better and cheaper suppliers selling the same products.
  2. Bulk order – Processes hundreds of orders at once.
  3. Product management – Import products from different sources. Plus, find and edit products. 
  4. Automation – Track package & order status and update your stock & prices automatically.
  5. Stores – Manage your multiple stores from one account.


  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • Basic – Free
  • Advanced – $19.90/month
  • Pro – $49.90/month
  • Enterprise – $499/month


2) Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 3,064 Reviews)

Even though the app’s name includes only US and EU, you can discover dropshipping suppliers from other countries and continents as well. Also, since Spocket is the official partner of AliExpress, it will be easier to manage your services.


  1. Dropshipping – Find fast shipping products from suppliers in the countries such as Brazil and Australia.
  2. Reverse image search – Using this, you can search for products from any website.
  3. Discounts – Get discounts and wholesale prices without a minimum order limit.
  4. AliExpress dropshipping – Fully automate AliExpress dropshipping. Also, perform product import and order fulfillment through API. 


  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • Free with limited features
  • Starter – $29.99/month
  • Pro – $49.99/month
  • Empire – $99.99/month


3) Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 974 Reviews)

Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship
Image source – apps.shopify.com

The developer of Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship is FireApps. Now, with this Shopify app, you can find sellers and import products to fulfill your orders


  1. Finding products – Discover trends and best-selling products from trusted sellers.
  2. Import and push – With the in-built product info editor, import products with one click. After that push the imported products to your store.
  3. Fulfill orders – Automatically set pricing rules and place hundreds of orders without much effort.
  4. Migration – Easily migrate from DSers and Oberlo.


  • Free to use.


4) Dropshipman‑Dropshipping Agent (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 872 Reviews)

Dropshipman Shopify app provides sourcing, shipping services, and order fulfillment. It is a professional dropshipping platform that works with 40+ logistics providers like Yunexpress, and 4PX.


  1. Sourcing – Discover many high-quality and low-cost good sources through product images, links, and titles.
  2. Import – Edit and bulk import products from AliExpress.
  3. Order fulfillment – Place bulk orders and Dropshipman will do the rest. Additionally, they provide strict quality inspection services.
  4. Shipping – Supports shipping to over 100 countries. Also, offers branded packaging and personal storage facilities.


  • Free Trial – 180 days
  • Basic – Free 
  • Advanced – $19.90/month


5) Automizely Dropshipping App (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 846 Reviews)

Automizely Dropshipping App
Image source – apps.shopify.com

Automizely & AfterShip has developed this Shopify dropshipping app. It allows you to sell quality products with trackable shipping to many countries including the US. 


  1. Dropshipping – Choose from thousands of dropshipping products and import them to your store.
  2. Shipping – Provides trackable shipping through UPS, YunExpress, etc.
  3. Automation – Manage price listing (based on rules), purchase, and tracking updates automatically.
  4. Bulk product editor – Edit bulk product images, descriptions, and price listings.


  • Free to install but there are additional charges based on the usage.


6) Aliexpress Dropshipping & More (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 714 Reviews)

Aliexpress Dropshipping & More
Image source – apps.shopify.com

Aliexpress Dropshipping & More by Tuecus lets you earn profits by selling low-priced items. The app is compatible with supplier sites like AliExpress, Amazon, and Appfreaker supply.


  1. Dropshipping – Drop ship products with your own branding and fast shipping. Also, allows you to use different types of coordinated filters.
  2. Import – Easily import products from supplier sites.
  3. Sync Inventory – Automatically updates your inventory and stock information on your store.
  4. Pricing – Update item prices automatically based on your pricing rules.


  • Free Trial – 7 days
  • Free with limited features
  • Basic Plan – $5/month
  • Standard Plan – $10/month
  • Professional Plan – $20/month


7) Modalyst: Dropshipping & POD (Rating ⭐3.9/5, 654 Reviews)

If you want to deliver print-on-demand products and use dropshipping services, then Modalyst is the right app for you. It helps you to create your own branded products. 


  1. Print on demand – Provides tools to customize your line of products.
  2. Dropshipping – Streamlines order fulfillment, warehousing products, and selling them to your buyers from the US and other countries.


  • Hobby – $0/ month
  • Startup – $35/ month
  • Pro – $90/ month


8) Multichannel Importer (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 550 Reviews)

Developed by CedCommerce, Multichannel Importer enables you to import products and orders in bulk from marketplaces to your store.


  1. Import products, inventories, and orders from marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. Also, perform Etsy product reviews import.
  2. Data management – Do synchronization and data management from a single dashboard.
  3. Order fulfillment – Timely fulfill your orders and deliveries via the FBA order management feature.
  4. CSV compatible – Perform order mapping and upload product process through CSV.
  5. Data customization – Edit product details like title and SKU.


  • Free Trial – 3 days
  • Free up to 10 product imports
  • Lite – $11/month for 50 product imports
  • Basic – $18/month for 100 product imports
  • Standard – $36/month for 200 product imports


9) AutoDS All‑In‑One Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 499 Reviews)

AutoDS All‑In‑One Dropshipping app has more than 25 suppliers (e.g. AliExpress, Amazon, and Walmart) from whom you can import products and fulfill orders. Also, it provides 24/7 dropshipping automations.


  1. Automation – Import hundreds of products, fulfill orders, set pricing, and sync stocks automatically.
  2. Smart product optimization – It includes images, titles, descriptions, and prices.
  3. Business overview – See a full overview of your best sellers, sales, revenue, and more.


  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • Import 200 – $12.90/month
  • Starter 400 – $23.90/month
  • Advanced 800 – $43.90/month


10) Importify ‑ Easy Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 335 Reviews)

Go for the Importify app if you are looking for suppliers from the EU, US, and China. You can discover, import, and sell products from over 30 marketplaces. For example, Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, and so on.


  1. Discover products – Spy on your competitors and find winning products to sell in your store.
  2. Built-in editor for product descriptions, variants, categories, shipping, and pricing.
  3. With semi-automatic order fulfillment, you can easily fulfill your orders.
  4. Override – Use it to change your supplier or migrate from other apps.


  • Free Trial – 1 day
  • Basic – $14.95/month
  • Premium – $27.95/month
  • Gold – $37.95/month


11) BestDealer Dropshipping (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 310 Reviews)

You can build your online business with BestDealer Dropshipping Shopify app. It offers product sourcing, custom branding, quality control, order fulfillment, and shipping services.


  1. Flash Sourcing – Provides quotations in seconds.
  2. Order fulfillment – Delivers stable order fulfillment with automations.
  3. Custom Branding – With customized packing and branding methods, you may strengthen your brand.


  • Free Trial – 7 days
  • Jump Start – Free
  • Pro – $19/month
  • Accelerate – $99/month
  • Scale – $499/month


12) Expressfy Aliexpress Affiliate (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 119 Reviews)

Expressfy Aliexpress Affiliate app is developed by Importify for business owners who want to drop ship products from AliExpress or earn commissions by using the Admitad affiliate program.


  1. AliExpress – Discover and import best-selling products to your store.
  2. Affiliate Program – Refer visitors to finish their purchases on AliExpress and earn affiliate commissions.


  • Free Trial – 1 day
  • Basic – $14.95/month
  • Premium – $24.95/month


Wrapping Up!

All the above-mentioned apps integrate with AliExpress. Therefore, you can use any one of them for dropping services. However, we cannot say which one will fit right for your business.

For that, you need to review the dropshipping AliExpress Shopify apps’ features. Next, we suggest you use a free trial or free versions to test out their functionalities.

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