Using Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Management To Scale Your Customer Support

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Last Updated: May 2024

You and I know that the knowledge base is generally found as a FAQ page or Help page on your site which serves as an encyclopedia of your company. And it helps your customers with answers to questions related to your products or services.

But this particular section of customer support was underrated for a very long time until now. With the power of artificial intelligence incorporated into the knowledge base, the requirement and usage of the knowledge base shoot up many possibilities.

70% of customers use the company’s knowledge base to get answers before contacting the support center.

Time to discuss it all in detail here.

Intelligence and Knowledge

The knowledge base is developed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. They are designed to pull out the relevant answers or topics based on the keywords you use.

As said earlier, artificial intelligence in knowledge management added so many possibilities to uplift your overall customer satisfaction rate and drive more conversions. Let’s see how.

Search Tab

Add a simple ‘search’ tab to your knowledge base page to make it more easy and accessible. Thus your agents and customers will be able to get the right answers by simply typing in the required question. This search tab comes in quite handy for both the internal knowledge base and the external knowledge base of your company.

Internal knowledge base – useful for company staff or your agents to lookout for prompt resolutions to customer queries. It is most helpful for your agents at the time assisting your customers. They can easily identify the right solution in less time and increase their productivity by assisting more customers.

External knowledge base – These are frequently asked questions (FAQs) or help pages where your customers can find answers to their questions by themselves. Placing the search box here is very crucial and all keyword algorithms should be built in for easy navigation. Without the search option, your customers will find it very difficult to get the answers and it will reflect in their buying decisions.

The Knowledge AI in Chatbots

Using AI tools, you can incorporate knowledge base articles into the chatbots to provide engaging and meaningful conversations to your customers. Your customers need not call your support center or wait for long hours for an email reply. They can get instant resolutions over chatbots driving your fast resolution rate and customer satisfaction rate.

The Forrester resources say that about 47% of US online customers quit their purchase decision on a site if they don’t find immediate answers to their questions.

Auto-request Feedback

With the knowledge management AI, you can automatically collect customer feedback in your help section. Adding easy buttons like ‘Helpful’ or ‘Not helpful’ would do the trick. Such feedback will help you further in tuning or updating the articles later.

You can make it look even more attractive by adding smiley icons, thumbs-ups, or something creative. Furthermore, if you provide a text box for customers to enter any personal suggestions will give you deeper insight into customer needs.

Knowledge base for SEO

Optimizing your knowledge base to show up on search engines by using SEO practices will help your customers find answers even outside of your website. Include popular keywords and hyperlinks that are relevant to your topics.

Adding images and videos with SEO-friendly meta descriptions adds more probability to your knowledge base visibility on search engines. This is quite necessary as,

On the map SEO survey statistics found that 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

The Knowledge Management AI Tools

A good knowledge management tool should allow you to update, integrate, and customize easily. You can integrate with any eligible third-party software to build and maintain your AI knowledge base.

Artificial intelligence in knowledge management gives you the following knowledge base page results or useful reports for you to optimize your knowledge management process from time to time.

  • Most searched articles
  • Most helpful answers
  • Irrelevant topics
  • Number of not useful articles
  • Most searched keywords
  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • If your knowledge base is combined with search engine platforms, then it can give you the stats of most keywords/hyperlinks that drove traffic to your site or knowledge base.
  • Total traffic received to your knowledge base on a daily basis, etc.

Additionally, it can help you with knowledge base operational statistics reports like

  • Total number of articles published
  • Number of articles pending
  • Deleted articles
  • Articles drafted and saved, etc.

Constant updation of the knowledge base is also very vital when your company grows in terms of products and services. The updated knowledge base will serve your customers with the right information in line with the latest developments of your company.

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That was all about using artificial intelligence knowledge management for your customer support. Here, we talked about what are all the required AI knowledge management tools and how they can be effectively used to enhance your customer support.

We would also like to introduce you to Saufter, an efficient helpdesk software that lets you easily create an upscale brilliant AI-enabled Knowledge Base. Using this, you can create a fully customizable branded knowledge base that seamlessly integrates with live chat, help center, and self-help portal.

And most importantly, all of these are possible with just a few clicks using their pre-built automation workflows. You don’t require technical knowledge or complicated setups. Please try it yourself.



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