7 Best Accounting Software For Shopify in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

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Last Updated: April 2024

Discover seamless financial management for your Shopify business with the best accounting software for Shopify in 2024, ensuring precision and efficiency in your financial operations.

We understand how tedious it is to find suitable accounting software for your business needs. Especially, searching through 7440 available Shopify apps and narrowing down on one sounds tiresome and time-consuming.

Hence, we have made it easy for you here by bringing you the latest and updated 7 best accounting software apps for Shopify stores.


Best Accounting Software for Shopify

  1. QuickBooks Connector
  2. Xero Bridge by Parex
  3. QuickBooks or Xero Sync by A2X
  4. Profit Calc
  5. Finaloop
  6. TaxRex – US Sales Tax Reports
  7. Accountify: Profit and Expense

1. QuickBooks Connector (Overall Rating 4.9/5⭐, 2065 reviews)

Track income and expenses and maximize tax deductions for your Shopify business with accounting by QuickBooks Online. Save time and stay ahead of your bookkeeping when you integrate Shopify with QuickBooks Connector.


    • You can connect all of your Shopify storefronts to QuickBooks Online accounting
    • Automate entering invoices, customers, and products when an order is made in Shopify
    • Synchronize your inventory and accounting data
    • Calculate sales on your invoices automatically


    • Bundled goods inventory sync feature not available
    • Issues with multiple currencies via Shopify payments
    • Undo synchronization option not available
    • Limited Customization options

Pricing Info

    • Free to install
    • QBO Essentials: $30/month
    • QBO Plus: $55/month
    • QBO Advanced: $85/month

2. Xero Bridge by Parex (Overall Rating 5/5⭐, 218 reviews)

With Xero Bridge, integrate your sales data directly from Shopify admin to your Xero account with ease.


    • Tax lines & Shipping line items are auto-synced to your Xero Account
    • Auto-sync all your Orders, Products & Customer data from Shopify/Amazon/eBay into Xero
    • You can choose the manual option too if preferred
    • Integrates with Xero, accounting, QuickBooks, and finance
    • Any order-related payments, cancellations, or refunds are auto-synced appropriately
    • An inventory sync add-on feature is also available
    • Customizations can be availed by contacting the support
    • Customers marked the customer support as knowledgeable and exemplary!
    • Live Chat support is available


    • Constant review request pop-ups
    • The initial set-up of the app is slightly complex and consumes time

Pricing Info

    • 7-day Free trial
    • Silver Plan: $10/month includes 100 orders per month
    • Gold Plan: $20/month includes 800 orders per months
    • Platinum Plan: $30/month including 2500 orders per month

3. QuickBooks or Xero Sync by A2X (Overall Rating 4.9/5⭐, 224 reviews)

A2X automates accounting for Shopify stores worldwide using Xero, QuickBooks & Sage, and is trusted by hundreds of leading e-commerce accounting firms.


    • Reconciles your payouts and fees automatically for accurate accounting
    • Saves hours of manual accounting time
    • A2X connects Xero, QuickBooks, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Sage to your sales channels
    • Customizable mapping of Shopify transaction types to your preferred ledger accounts
    • Generates up to a year’s financial history
    • Multi-channel support available


    • Individual payout reconciliation option not available
    • There is no category tracking feature
    • Compatible with only Shopify payments portal for match and fee imports

Pricing Info

    • 30-day free trial
    • Mini Plan: $19/month up to 200 orders
    • Basic Plan: $39/month up to 500 orders
    • Professional Plan: $69/month up to 2000 orders
    • Advanced Plan: $99/month up to 5000

4. Profit Calc: Profit Calculator (Overall Rating 5/5⭐, 60 reviews)

Skip the spreadsheets and get automatic calculations with detailed profit analysis on dashboards, analytics, & insights.


    • Get detailed reports of your store’s financials, profit metrics, CLTV calculations, and product analytics
    • Secure integration with major ad accounts like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and Bing Ads
    • CJ Dropshipping Integration automatically syncs your COGS data
    • Integrates with Shopify payments, Paypal, Klarna, iDeal, Mollie, and Stripe
    • View multiple stores in the same dashboard with chart visuals
    • Country-wise customized shipping expenditure that is convenient for accounting for your international shipping
    • Configured for accurate VAT calculations, EU tax laws compliant
    • Sync unlimited orders without penal charges
    • Excellent customer support that is quite responsive to custom requirements

Pricing Info

    • 15-day free trial
    • Basic: $29/month
    • Advanced: $39/month
    • Pro: $79/month
    • Unlimited Plan: $99/month – for unlimited orders and full features

5. Finaloop (Overall Rating 5/5⭐, 26 reviews)

Finaloop‘s dedicated accounting experts will get your books and taxes right from scratch or smoothly import your existing books. They say that you will never be required to pay for accounting software, a bookkeeper/accountant, or third-party integrations.


    • Finaloop provides full bookkeeping and accounting services for DTC retailers from the beginning of the year
    • Organizes all of your data and accounting reports in a single, easy-to-manage dashboard
    • The experts at Finaloop are available for 1:1 onboarding support
    • Seamless unlimited accounting integrations with Quickbooks, Amazon, Stripe, Paypal, Gusto, and Etsy
    • All your financial data can be synced at any time to a Quickbooks account
    • First ever offering of real-time integration with both Shopify and Amazon, with no 2-week delay
    • Multichannel sales support and 24/7 expert support


    • Moving old books consumes some extra time

Pricing Info

    • 30-day Free trial
    • Starter Plan: $65/month for brands with less than $100K in annual sales
    • Emerging Plan: $155/month for brands with $100K-$500K in annual sales
    • Growth Plan: $245/month for brands with $500K-$3M in annual sales
    • Business Plan: $395/month for brands with more than $3M annual sales

6. TaxRex – US Sales Tax Reports, (Overall Rating 5/5⭐, 26 reviews)

TaxRex automatically generates accurate US State sales tax return reports for your USA Based eCommerce stores.  It is your reliable partner for your sales tax compliance for any state in the USA.


    • Tax Rex generates accurate Sales Tax reports in a very user-friendly, ready-to-file format
    • Simplified tax reports & filing across multiple Shopify stores
    • Automatic Nexus report generated based on jurisdictions
    • You can custom create and custom generate reports with the help of their support team
    • Auto-generates your Shopify store’s sales tax reports
    • Automatic report generated daily


    • If you are in Massachusetts, you require customer support help for report generation
    • County or Locale not included in the output report

Pricing info

    • 15-day free trial
    • Startup Plan: $5/month for stores that have about 200 orders per month
    • Growth Plan: $10/month for stores that have about 1000 orders per month
    • Advanced Plan: $20/month for stores that have about 5000 orders per month

Please note: Nexus analysis report is available on demand for all the plans.

7. Accountify: Profit and Expense, (Overall Rating 3.7/5⭐, 43 reviews)

Accountify allows you to quickly & accurately analyze your store’s profitability in real-time with one easy-to-use dashboard automatically.


    • Accountify records product cost, shipping cost, and transaction fees incurred when a sale is made
    • Integrates with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Printful, Shipstation, Snapchat ads, and TikTok ads
    • Automatically pulls in all your ad spends from integrated platforms
    • You can import your subscription expenses for Shopify easily with a few clicks
    • You can easily analyze the profit made on each order and each product


    • Not possible to bulk edit the cost of the products
    • Not possible to change the currency

Pricing Info

    • 15-day free trial
    • Start-up Plan: Free to install or $11.90/month for more than 50 orders
    • Growth Plan: $11.90/month or $24.90/month for more than 50 orders with full features and priority support


Final Words

In short, a good accounting software application for Shopify should provide you with precise book-keeping tools, sales tax reports, tracking of your expenditure, inventory management tools, etc.

And we have searched thoroughly keeping these key points in mind and presented you with these 7 Shopify accounting software apps that will make your business finance management seamlessly easy.

Yet again, you should choose the right one depending on the size of your business, products, services, etc.

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