Top 5 Shopify Address Validation Apps in 2023 [Tried & Tested]

Last Updated: February 2024

If you are running an eCommerce business, you should integrate a Shopify address validator to improve the performance of your delivery services.

In order to retain customers, it is vital to deliver the products on time. If delivery is delayed, the customers will get frustrated and may switch to another e-commerce store. To avoid this, you need to validate the addresses provided by customers. 

Just read this article about the Shopify address validation apps to understand the reason to use the address validators and pick the most suitable one for your store from the top 5 Shopify address verification apps.

Why You Should Integrate Address Verification Apps

As per the Fixing Failed Deliveries, Stamping Out Faulty Fulfillment report by Loqate –

  • 99% of e-commerce organizations say that some deliveries go wrong. 
  • 24% of them admit that more than 1 in 10 orders are not delivered on the first attempt.
  • In the US, 8% of first-time deliveries fail. They cost on average $17.20 per order, i.e. $197,730 per year.
  • 47% of the businesses state that the accuracy of physical address is critical for successful deliveries yet 74% of them say that incorrect address data is the reason for a quarter of their delivery failures.
  • When provided addresses are inaccurate or incomplete, 49% of deliveries are delayed and 39% of them fail.

After looking at these statistics, we can clearly say that validating addresses is critical, especially for eCommerce stores.

However, a business owner is always busy and won’t have time to research address validators in the Shopify store. Therefore, we took the liberty of examing the apps and picked the top 5 apps for your eCommerce store. Let’s dive to review their pros, cons, and pricing details.

5 Best Shopify Address Validators

  1. Shipping Address Validator (⭐4.7/5, 166 reviews)
  2. Shipping Rates & Delivery Date (⭐5/5, 121 reviews)
  3. Zipcode Check & Validate (⭐5/5, 77 reviews)
  4. Smart Zipcode Validator (⭐4.4/5, 13 reviews)
  5. Relocate Address Editor (⭐5/5, 11 reviews)

#1 Shipping Address Validator (⭐4.7/5, 166 reviews)

When you are in an online business, there may be cases where customers may mistype their shipping address. If it is not checked and the shipping process continues, it will lead to a delay in delivery or simply a failure.

The Shipping address validator reduces the frequency of failed deliveries by informing the customers about the inaccurate addresses.


  1. When an issue with the shipping address is detected, it prompts the users either with suggestions or asks for an alternate address.
  2. You can customize the prompts and emails that a customer receives to match your brand’s looks.
  3. Whenever an undelivered order is detected, it informs the user to add a new address.
  4. It automatically adds tags to incorrect addresses so you can easily identify them and stop the delivery process.
  5. To ensure a seamless customer experience, it is optimized for mobile devices and desktops.
  6. The app processes address in 20+ countries.


  1. After correcting the wrong address, the app does not change the incorrect tag attached to the address.
  2. Apparently, the app does not verify the addresses until the order is placed.
  3. The shipping address validator app overcharges its users.

Pricing of Shipping Address Validator

The app is free to install and does not cost any money for the first 100 orders. After that, it charges $0.04 per order.

#2 Shipping Rates & Delivery Date (⭐5/5, 120 reviews)

It is one of the best address validator Shopify app. Along with verification it also offers various shipping-related services.

The app performs percentage base calculations of shipping costs based on cart total, quantity, weight, products, zip code, and surcharge. Additionally, you can restrict certain products to be available in specific zip codes only.


  1. You can input zip codes for validation in 3 ways.
    • Separated by a comma (12345, 25413), 
    • Mention by range (i.e. 2200=2541) and 
    • Indicate the starting code (like AB3*)
  2. You can add distance-based delivery charges using google maps API.
  3. It displays the shipping rate or zip code validator on the product page.
  4. Enables users to choose the date & time of pickup or local delivery and modifies rates as per the selected options.
  5. You can also do scheduled deliveries with this app. 


  1. You cannot export or import zip code files.
  2. Compare to other zip code validator apps, it is expensive.

Pricing of Shipping Rates & Delivery Date

  • Free trial – 30 days.
  • Shipping – $9.99/ month
  • Delivery date – $14.99/ month
  • Shipping with date – $19.99/ month

#3 Zipcode Check & Validate (⭐5/5, 77 reviews)

If you are providing delivery service in a limited area, then Zipcode Check & Validate app is the perfect one for your store.

This Shopify zip code validator enables retailers to add zip code/ pin code/ postal code verification as a popup or as a widget either in the homepage section or on other pages like the product description page. 

It asks the customers to enter their zip code and validates it to see if the delivery is available in their area.

Image Source –


  1. Offers customization options to match your store look and feel.
  2. You can display validator on different pages that give you the flexibility to verify users’ addresses whenever you feel it is required to do so.
  3. It claims to work with the zip code format of any country.
  4. Also, it provides live validators for merchants.
  5. It has the ability to configure cookie expiration.


  1. The popups appear on the screen and it does not have the option to make them appear at the top of the screen, i.e. at the address bar.

Pricing of Zipcode Check & Validate

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Essential plan – $4.99/ month
  • Basic plan – $7.99/ month
  • Professional plan – $9.99/ month

#4 Smart Zipcode Validator (⭐4.4/5, 13 reviews)

The Smart Zipcode Validator is an app that is designed to show the availability of products or services based on zip code.

When a customer enters their area code, the app checks and informs whether a product is available at their location or not.


  1. It lets you add a widget to your store that checks the product availability as per the zip code.
  2. You can customize the widget appearance as per your choice.
  3. It is easy to set up and offers one-click integration.


  1. There are some cases where the app randomly stopped working.

Pricing of Smart Zipcode Validator

  • Free trial – 10 days
  • Premium plan – $6.99/ month

#5 Relocate Address Editor (⭐5/5, 11 reviews)

One of the main causes of delivery failure and delay is the incorrect address. There are various reasons for an inaccurate address like typos, selecting the wrong auto-fill, forgetting an apartment number or moving before an order is fulfilled, and so on.

For all these issues, the solution is Relocate Address Editor. It allows a customer to update their shipping address for unfulfilled orders by saving time and money.


  1. You can enable/ disable Relocate as per your need to give you control as to when users can edit their addresses.
  2. Customers can edit the delivery address at convenience in any of the following locations.
    • Order confirmation page after checkout (default one).
    • Order confirmation email.
    • Order details page.


  1. It requires a little bit of coding to complete the setup.
  2. You cannot add popups.
  3. When you send a payment request, it doesn’t allow the users to update the address.

Pricing of Relocate Address Editor

  • Free trial – 7 days
  • Pro plan – $9.99/ month


As per the Razorpay blog, 20-30% of pin codes or zip codes in provided addresses are incorrect. And, EmergingWorld’s evaluation says that the top industries in India indicate wrong addresses cost $10 – 14 billion annually.

No matter which country you are from if you are running an eCommerce business you should use Shopify address verification or zipcode validation apps.

Whether you have a local delivery business or an international business having the best Shopify address validation apps can save time and money. 

Review the pros, cons, and prices from this article to choose the most suitable and affordable Shopify address verification app for your eCommerce store.

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