22 Best Whatfix Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Last Updated: July 2024

In your quest for top-notch employee onboarding and training, exploring effective Whatfix alternatives becomes crucial. Your employees serve as the public face of your company, making onboarding and training pivotal aspects.

In fact, companies that invest in employee training profit by 24% more.

For the same reason, many businesses use a “Digital Adoption Platform” to accomplish this.

Whatfix is one such platform, that allows businesses to onboard, train, and support employees on enterprise applications. It is also employed to enhance their overall customer experience.

However, as with any platform, it is not tailored to the specific requirements of each brand.

That is why we are providing you with some Whatfix alternatives that you can use in your business.

Let’s dive into the details:

Whatfix Alternatives: A Cost Comparison

Alternatives Pricing Starts At Pricing Limitation
Walkme Basic plan( Custom Pricing) Advanced plan (Custom Fixed Pricing)
  • Walk-throughs (on-screen guidance solutions) are capped at 3.
Userlane  Custom pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Apty Custom plan
  • No fixed pricing plans.
ChurnZero Custom Pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
AppLearn Custom Pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Pendo Custom Pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Inline Manual Plans start at $158/month
  • Need to contact the company for the number of team members info.
Appcues Free plan; Subscriptions start at $249/month
  • Integrations are limited.
SAP Enable Now Custom Pricing
  • The minimum number of users required is 50.
Userpilot Starting at $249/month
  • Only 10 team members are allowed in the basic Starter plan.
Lemon Learning Custom Pricing
  • No free trial.
Gainsight Custom Pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
UserGuiding A free plan; Pricing plans start at $89/month
  • No dedicated customer success manager
EdCast MyGuide Custom Pricing
  • No free trial.
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Oracle Guided Learning Custom Pricing
  • No free trial.
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Stonly Custom Pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Intercom A 14-day free trial and a demo are available. Pricing starts at $39/month
  • Highly-priced
  • Production Adoption feature is available for an additional cost.
ClickLearn 14-day free trial plus a demo; Custom pricing plans
  • No fixed pricing plans.
Heap A demo and a trial are available; Custom pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
  • Free trial period not disclosed
Product Fruits Free trial; Pricing plans start at $69/month
  • Knowledge Base is public and limited integrations on the Core plan
HelpHero 14-day free trial; MAU-based plans from $55/month
  • Analytics integrations are limited
IntroJS AGPL licensed free open source; Commercial licenses start from $9.99/lifetime 
  • Free plan is only for personal and non-commercial sites

1) Walkme (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 353 reviews)

whatfix alternatives

Walkme is one of the top alternatives to Whatfix. They aim to help their users achieve exponential growth through technology. This platform is AI-powered and provides a complete solution for your employee training.

Their pricing plans are categorized as follows:

    • Basic Plan – Custom pricing
    • Custom Plan – Custom pricing


    • Product Tours: Customizable product tours that blend seamlessly with your platform.
    • Operational Streamlining: Helps to create internal/operational efficiencies.
    • Employee Training: Offers contextual training for your employees.


    • Analytics: Compared to Whatfix, the quality of analytics is a bit lower.
    • Bugs: Walkme editor sometimes gets hindered by visual bugs.
    • Content Generation: Does not generate content in multiple formats and languages automatically.

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2) Userlane (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 81 reviews)

whatfix competitors

This Whatfix alternative is designed to support your software users, enhance the user experience, and optimize business processes. This platform’s main aim is to provide its users with fast and easy learning.

The pricing structure is personalized to suit your business size and needs.


    • API: Provides API.
    • Coding: Coding experience is not required.
    • Mobile Responsiveness: Responsive design.


    • Free Trial: Does not provide a free trial.
    • Ticketing Integration: Integration with the ticketing system is not provided.

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3) Apty (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 125 reviews)

apty - competitors of whatfix

Among WhatFix’s keysoftware competitors, this software does more than walk-throughs and focuses on business processes, their outcomes, and employee productivity. They offer services that are unique to your brand.

The pricing options are categorized into two as follows:

    • Evaluation – Free plan
    • Custom Plan – Custom pricing


    • Accessible Data Insights: Provides an easy understanding of insights and data.
    • Customization: Lets you customize the onboarding flow for each user type.
    • Customer Support: Excellent customer support.


    • Deployment & Integration: The deployment and integration take some time for certain users.
    • Free Trial: A free trial is not available.

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4) ChurnZero (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 1174 reviews)

churnzero - direct competitor of whatfix

This Whatfix alternative helps in reducing your customer churn by enabling your team to understand your customers better. This platform helps you with onboarding, product adoption, and customer insights. They provide custom pricing plans according to your business needs.


    • Churn Rate Reduction: This especially focuses on customer churn reduction.
    • User-Friendly Design: A consistent theme for the whole product makes it user-friendly.
    • Administration: Easier to administer.


    • UI Complexities: Some users report the UI is clunky at times.
    • Setup Complication: Setup is a bit tricky for some users.
    • Widget Settings: Rigid settings for widgets.

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5) AppLearn (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 54 reviews)

applearn - whatfix alternatives and competitors

This software which is a Whatfix alternative is intended to provide your customers with a better support experience by providing effective apps and workflows. This platform provides custom pricing tailored to your business needs.


    • User-Friendly Design: Users rate this app as being more user-friendly.
    • Data Analysis: Provides better data analysis.
    • Tooltips Duplication: There is a functionality to duplicate tooltips.


    • Customizations: Customization options are limited.
    • UI/UX: Some users report the UI/UX to be a bit outdated.

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6) Pendo (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 1364 reviews)

userlane competitors

Pendo helps you deliver better product experiences for more productive users. This platform provides a free plan. You can also opt for their pricing, which is categorized into 4 tiers as follows:

    • Free Plan 
    • Growth – Custom Pricing
    • Portfolio – Custom Pricing
    • Session Replay – Custom Pricing


    • Administration: Easier to administer.
    • Tracking: Simple to track pages and events.
    • Integrations: Better integrations.


    • Integration Limitations: Does not directly integrate with your LMS.
    • ROI Achievements: Slower to reach ROI.
    • Costing: More expensive.

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7) Inline Manual (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 22 reviews)

whatfix competition

This digital adoption platform helps you to create interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, surveys, and support articles. 

This software provides a free trial after which you can get personalized packages starting from $158/month.


    • Requirement Fulfillment: Better at meeting requirements.
    • Administration: Easier to administer.
    • Walkthroughs: Excellent audio-visual walkthroughs.


    • Analytics Customization: Cannot customize user-data analytics.
    • Back-End Process: Some users report the back end being slow.

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8) Appcues (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 288 reviews)

fixstream competitors

This direct competitor of Whatfix helps boost product adoption with onboard workflows that require no coding. 

There is a free trial that allows you to test the features of this software. After that, the pricing schemes are categorized into 3 plans as follows:

    • Essential – $249/month
    • Growth – $879/month
    • Enterprise – Custom pricing


    • Insights: Provides unlimited insights from the basic plan.
    • Tooltips: Tooltips and in-app surveys are available.
    • Customization: Excellent customization via unlimited themes.


    • Multi-Account Support: Multi-account support is tailored only for the Enterprise plan.
    • Checklists Localization: Some users report that it is not easy to localize checklists.
    • Workflows: Many users say they want a better visualization of all of their flows.

Recommend read: Appcues Pricing: Which Plan Is Best For Your Business?

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9) SAP Enable Now (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 4 reviews)

sap - userlane competitors

An alternative to the Whatfix digital adoption platform, SAP Enable Now is designed to reduce the learning curve for your team with contextual and relevant content. It was formerly known as “SAP Workforce Performance Builder”. The plan is priced at $192 for a minimum user count of 50.


    • Single Source Concept: Provides flexible, multimodal content production with a true single-source concept.
    • User Interface: Easy to use.
    • Content Management: Comes with content lifecycle management with automated localization.


    • Trial: A free version or free trial is not provided.
    • Configuration Miss: Missing configuration of saml in the on-premise version.
    • License Cost: The cost of the licenses is quite high.

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10) Userpilot (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 232 reviews)

whatfix pricing

This software helps product teams deliver personalized in-app experiences to increase growth metrics at every stage of the user journey. The onboarding process is handled quickly, and that too, without writing code.

This Whatfix alternative offers a demo and a free trial. Post that, you can choose any of their pricing plans as mentioned below:

    • Starter – $249/month
    • Growth – $499/month
    • Enterprise – Custom pricing


    • Installation: Easy to set up.
    • UX: The UX is constantly being updated.
    • Support: Great support team.


    • Integration Complexities: Some users think the integration with WordPress is not smooth.
    • Software Lag: More load leads to the lag of this software.
    • Pricing: Pricing is high for small businesses.

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11) Lemon Learning (Overall ratings: 4.8/5⭐, 18 reviews)

lemon - whatfix competitors

Lemon Learning emerges as a formidable alternative among Whatfix competitors, offering seamless integration and user-friendly guidance. Its emphasis on personalized learning experiences sets it apart, catering precisely to user needs while simplifying complex processes.

Request a demo on their website to get familiar with the software features and further get personalized plans tailored to suit your business needs.


    • Seamless Integration: Lemon Learning effortlessly integrates into your existing systems without requiring any codes, ensuring a hassle-free onboarding experience for users.
    • Step-by-Step Guidance: Users benefit from straightforward, step-by-step instructions, simplifying complex processes effectively.
    • Personalized Learning: Lemon Learning tailors interactive guidance to individual preferences, enhancing the overall learning experience for each user.


    • Trial: No free trial is available with Lemon Learning.
    • Feature Instability: Certain features within the solution might occasionally cause instability.

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12) Gainsight (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 203 reviews)

gainsight - whatfix competitors comparison

When exploring alternatives to Whatfix, Gainsight PX is a noteworthy competitor, offering a unique approach to enhancing your product experience.

Unlike Whatfix, Gainsight PX excels in providing in-depth user analytics, enabling you to gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences and optimize your product’s performance and user engagement in unique ways.

Check the demo and free trial to familiarize yourself with the tool and for plan pricing, contact their team.


    • Advanced Product Analytics: Gainsight PX offers in-depth analytics, allowing you to delve into user behavior and product usage patterns, providing actionable insights for informed decisions.
    • Omni Channel Engagement: Engage users seamlessly across app and email channels, ensuring a consistent and cohesive experience.
    • Closed-loop Feedback: Gainsight PX creates a feedback loop to collect and analyze user input promptly, improving the product continuously.


    • Unclear Guidance: As per user reviews, the guidance provided lacks precision and clarity, and lacks a well-defined process.
    • Translation Tool Complexity: Managing translations with third-party tools for multiple languages per engagement in Gainsight proves laborious and challenging.

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13) UserGuiding (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 167 reviews)

userguiding - whatfix keysoftware competitors

Consider UserGuiding while checking out competitors of Whatfix. It offers user-friendly solutions for onboarding and guidance, simplifying the creation of interactive guides and walkthroughs without needing advanced technical skills.

UserGuiding gives you a free trial and money-back guarantee on the following plans:

    • Basic Plan – $89/month
    • Professional Plan – $389/month
    • Corporate plan – $689+/month


    • Product Tours: Create interactive product tours, guiding users through your offerings step-by-step, enhancing their understanding and engagement.
    • Onboarding Checklists: Design personalized onboarding checklists, ensuring a smooth and customized introduction for users to your platform or product.
    • Resource Centers: Build resource centers, consolidating essential information in one place for easy access and reference, facilitating user self-service and support.


    • Lack of Guide Locking Feature: You might face issues with UserGuiding as it lacks the ability to lock guides, potentially leading to accidental edits by other users on your account.
    • Missing Click Metrics: There are no insights into click numbers for CTAs or buttons linked to external URLs, hindering your ability to track essential metrics.

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14) EdCast MyGuide (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 19 reviews)

whatfix vs competitors

Looking for Whatfix alternatives and competitors? Consider EdCast MyGuide.

EdCast MyGuide stands out by prioritizing real-time support, providing interactive walkthroughs and in-app tooltips, and positioning itself as a robust competitor among alternatives to Whatfix.

Aiding users within the application interface strengthens its position among Whatfix’s competition.

For pricing info, contact the EdCast MyGuide team by filling out an online form. Plus, you get a demo on this booking.


    • Tours: Allows you to smoothly onboard new users or introduce new processes/features with ease through interactive tours.
    • Chat: Utilize in-app chat for convenient self-serve support, ensuring users can accomplish tasks more efficiently.
    • Guides: EdCast MyGuide aids in completing tasks and workflows efficiently, enhancing overall productivity and ease of use.


    • User Interface: The learning curve might be more than you anticipated.

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15) Oracle Guided Learning (Overall ratings: 4/5⭐, 4 reviews)

oracle - whatfix vs walkme

Seeking powerful options in the realm of digital guidance?

Oracle Guided Learning is your go-to option vs competitors. This platform specializes in providing comprehensive guidance within your applications, ensuring seamless user experiences and effective onboarding processes.

Oracle Guided Learning’s emphasis on user-centric guidance sets it apart from Whatfix alternatives and competitors, catering to diverse organizational needs.

Customers using Oracle Guided Learning accelerated their cloud adoption by 52%, as revealed by a recent IDC study, showcasing significant value in their adoption and change initiatives. Contact their sales team to discuss your business digital adoption requirements and the respective plan charges.


    • Unified Console: Manage business changes effortlessly across roles, regions, applications, and processes using a single console, simplifying enterprise-wide implementations.
    • Up to 15 Deployable Assets: Deploy a range of in-application assets, including messages, smart tips, and process guides, adapting to various business processes with up to 15 assets at your disposal.
    • Free Learning Materials: Access free online training, webinars, and resources, empowering you to learn the ins and outs of Oracle Guided Learning, enabling asset customization and effective management.


    • Unexpected Charges: Users have reported encountering payment requests after certain sessions, which might come as a surprise or inconvenience during usage.

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16) Stonly (Overall ratings: 4.8/5⭐, 118 reviews)

stonly - whatfix reviews

Considering an alternative to the Whatfix digital adoption platform? Stonly provides a code-free onboarding solution, making it easy to create various interactive guides like tours, checklists, and announcements. It simplifies the process, allowing you to enhance user experiences effortlessly.

Sign up on their website for a free trial and a demo. Stonly gives you two different plans catering to small and enterprise businesses, for custom pricing.


    • Efficient User Guidance: Build adaptive checklists to effectively guide users through tasks while tracking their progress, ensuring a streamlined user experience.
    • Interactive UI Elements: Place hotspots, tooltips, and interactive product guides within your UI to acquaint users with valuable features, enhancing their understanding and utilization.
    • Customizable Branding: Easily customize Stonly to match your brand’s aesthetics, ensuring it seamlessly blends into your UX, providing a cohesive user experience.


    • Navigation Complexity: Users reported a slight complexity in navigating Stonly, citing multiple clicks and a learning curve to master the tool’s interface.
    • Duplication Risk in Guide Creation: Another user complained about the difficulty in Stonly’s design, risking accidental duplication of information instead of linking relevant steps, potentially causing conflicting data and a poor user experience.

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17) Intercom (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 2930 reviews)

intercom - fixstream competitors

Looking for Userlane competitors like Whatfix? Meet Intercom—a digital adoption platform that takes proactive support to the next level.

It helps onboard, educate, and inform customers through automated messages, reducing support queries during setup. With no-code tools and templates, it simplifies onboarding and outage notifications for a seamless customer experience.

Start with a demo and a 14-day free trial. Intercom’s Proactive Support product is included in all three plans mentioned below. Nevertheless, there is an additional option of upgrading to Proactive Support Plus for $499/month.

    • Essential – $39/month
    • Advanced – $99/month
    • Expert – $139/month


    • Contextual Checklists: Deliver tailored and contextual task lists via messenger, ensuring users receive personalized guidance for successful setup and operations.
    • Mobile Carousels: Utilize simple-to-create, fully customizable screens to showcase the key features of your mobile app, enhancing user understanding and engagement.
    • In-Context Tooltips: Employ tooltips to guide users and offer in-context assistance, ensuring a smoother user experience and minimizing potential roadblocks.


    • Pricing Concerns: Users have reported that the Intercom can be relatively pricey, raising concerns about the investment required.
    • Navigational Challenges: Some users find Intercom’s extensive features can lead to difficulties in locating relevant documentation, requiring additional time or support assistance.

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18) ClickLearn (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 35 reviews)

clicklearn - whatfix competition

Seeking a direct competitor of Whatfix in the realm of digital adoption? ClickLearn emerges as a robust platform for digital adoption and user training.

ClickLearn automates the creation and updating of training content and documentation across 7 formats and 45 languages with just a few clicks.

Having aided over 800 companies since 2009, ClickLearn stands as a powerful alternative in the digital adoption landscape.

You get a 14-day free trial and an on-demand demo to learn about the ClickLearn features by yourself. ClickLearn pricing structure is divided into the following five tiered plans to meet different types of businesses’ needs.

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Custom pricing
    • IFS, SAP, & Oracle – Custom pricing
    • Acumatica, Salesforce, and all other platforms – Custom pricing
    • ClickLearn for Software Vendors – Custom pricing
    • Custom-built Integrations – Custom pricing


    • Real-Time Support: Enjoy context-sensitive assistance within software interfaces, minimizing the learning curve and enhancing user experience.
    • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Access hands-on learning through step-by-step guides, facilitating practical understanding and efficient employee training.
    • Performance Support: Benefit from prompt solutions to challenges, ensuring high user productivity through timely support.


    • Template Stylization Constraints: Some find the templates for creating work instructions in ClickLearn lacking in stylization flexibility, wishing for more customization options.
    • Device Compatibility: ClickLearn might restrict editing trainings created on one device when updating on another, leading to recreation instead of smooth adjustments.

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19) Heap (Overall ratings: 4.1/5⭐, 385 reviews)

heap - whatfix competitors

In search of Whatfix alternatives and competitors? Heap stands out as a powerful digital adoption platform.

Heap excels in rapidly identifying behaviors crucial for long-term value, using data to guide users toward these key actions. It simplifies activation, smoothing the path to user engagement.

Freshworks experienced a significant 20% increase in feature adoption leveraging Heap, highlighting its prowess in enhancing user engagement and value.

On the Heap platform, you get to check out a demo and also try the software. Post the trial, there are four plans for you to choose from:

    • Free plan
    • Growth – Custom pricing
    • Pro – Custom pricing
    • Premier – Custom pricing


    • Predictive Behavior Tracking: Heap allows you to track user behaviors correlated with long-term retention, enabling you to design your website or app to guide users swiftly toward these vital actions.
    • Predict Long-Term Value: Utilize user data to isolate behaviors that predict long-term value, empowering you to focus on actions crucial for adoption and retention.
    • Granular Activation Analysis: Analyze activation with meticulous detail, exploring behaviors, user segments, and profitable channels, allowing you to chart a strategic roadmap centered around activation.


    • Lacks Customization: Heap might lack robust custom property filters, limiting data analysis customization.
    • Missing Integrations: A few industry-standard tools might be absent in Heap’s integrations, impacting data flow between platforms.

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20) Product Fruits (Overall ratings: 4.8/5⭐, 45 reviews)

productfruits - whatfix digital adoption platform

Are you seeking keysoftware competitors akin to Whatfix? Dive into Product Fruits—a user onboarding platform that delivers results.

It boasts higher product activation rates, increased conversions, reduced churn, improved NPS, and fewer support tickets.

Trusted by a spectrum of clients, from startups to enterprises, Product Fruits stands as a trusted choice for enhancing user onboarding experiences and driving favorable outcomes.

Book a demo or try it for free for a beforehand experience to make an informed decision on purchasing any of these plans:

    • Core – $69/month onwards
    • Boost – $129/month onwards
    • Enterprise – Custom pricing


    • In-App Communication: Enhance user understanding of your product by highlighting new features, providing tooltips, contextual help, and sharing release notes within your app or website.
    • User Feedback Mechanism: Stay informed about user experiences and problems through easy bug reporting with videos and screenshots. Utilize the adoption meter to understand user preferences and dislikes.
    • Self-Service Support: Reduce support costs while maintaining quality by offering an always-available help center. Empower users to resolve issues independently without the need for direct support contact.


    • CSS Selection Complexity: You might find selecting CSS for hints a bit tricky at times within Product Fruits.
    • Reporting Limitations: Users highlight limitations in Product Fruits’ reporting capabilities, impacting the variety and functionality of available reporting tools.

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21) HelpHero (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 18 reviews)

helphero - whatfix alternatives and competitors

Looking for comparisons between Whatfix and competitors? HelpHero is here—a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the creation of interactive product tours. These tours make it easier for users to adopt new features swiftly.

HelpHero offers advanced features, analytics, and integrations available across all plans. Customers love its speed and simplicity, making it a compelling competitor in the Whatfix vs competitors landscape.

Easy sign up using your email, Gmail, or Microsoft account to try HelpHero free for 14 days. Want to check the product demo? It is readily available on their website.

HelpHero’s pricing plans are based on MAUs (Monthly Active Users) as follows:

    • Up to 1000 MAU – $55/month
    • Up to 2500 MAU – $115/month
    • Up to 5000 MAU – $179/month
    • Up to 10,000 MAU – $249/month
    • Up to 20,000 MAU – $299/month

Apart from these, they also provide tailored services to startups and enterprises for custom pricing.


    • Easy Editing & Customization: Embed videos, images, and surveys effortlessly. Enjoy complete freedom to alter text, colors, and layout to match your app’s needs.
    • Checklist Feature: Display task lists for users, streamlining onboarding and engagement, ensuring a simpler and quicker user adoption process.
    • Interactive Hotspots: HelpHero’s hotspots offer contextual hints on demand. Use them for tooltips, feature announcements, or prompts, enhancing user guidance within your app.


    • Price Hike: HelpHero has increased its fees significantly, impacting its cost-effectiveness.
    • Limited Analytics Integration: Customers express a desire for analytics integration within HelpHero to extract more comprehensive value from a single platform.

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22) IntroJS (Overall ratings: 5/5⭐, 1 review)

direct competitor of whatfix

In search of alternatives to the Whatfix digital adoption platform? Meet IntroJS—a lightweight JavaScript library tailored for crafting effective step-by-step customer onboarding tours.

Trusted by over 5000 teams worldwide, Intro.js stands out for its simple yet advanced API, enabling the development of sophisticated product onboarding experiences.

Notably, it’s lightweight at 10kB and operates without external dependencies, offering a free and open-source platform licensed under AGPL.

Even then, you can get commercial licenses for the following lifetime prices:

    • Starter – $9.99
    • Business – $49.99
    • Premium – $299.99


    • Easy Installation: Installing Intro.js is quick and straightforward. With just a few steps, you can integrate the JavaScript and CSS files to render elements seamlessly.
    • Customizable Onboarding: Enjoy diverse configuration options with Intro.js, allowing you to personalize and customize each step of your product onboarding tour.
    • Commercial License Availability: Intro.js offers commercial licenses, supporting your team in effectively integrating and utilizing the platform for seamless onboarding experiences.


    • Complexity Limitations: IntroJS might have limitations in handling highly intricate or complex onboarding scenarios, impacting its effectiveness in certain advanced use cases.

To Sum It Up:

You can make your onboarding process and product support easier and less time-consuming by utilizing a digital adoption platform. The Whatfix alternatives listed above are some good alternatives to consider. Before selecting one, consider your company’s needs and make an informed decision.

If you are looking for an easy option to automate your agent recruitment, you can go to Saufter.io. In addition to recruitment, this platform can also help in automating your agent training based on your previous chats or tickets. What’s more, they also come with customized pricing plans.

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