Tidio vs Chatra: Which One Is The Best?

Chatra s Tidio

Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know that 90% of chatbot users view chatbots as acceptable or extremely helpful? This can be because of the quick and insightful responses provided by the chatbot that the customers like. 

Entrepreneurs are usually confused between Tidio and Chatra, as they both are feature loaded and provide almost similar services. Although, if you are too confused between the two, then we are here to help you. 

In this post, we have curated a comparison between the two apps that will help you decide with whom to integrate.

So, let’s dive in and check out the difference between both apps. 

Visitor Intelligence (Final Winner: Chatra) 5/5⭐ Rating

Basic Visitors Information

This information allows you to provide personalized service to your customers as it gathers customer likes names, email, dates of birth, etc. 

  • Chatra provides customer details like their name and email. This allows you to send personalized emails for better brand reach. 
  • Tidio provides customer names and their last complaint with your company. 

Winner: Chatra

Detailed Visitor Information

This information usually includes customers’ geographical location, order history, and many more. 

  • Chatra provides detailed customer information including their IP address, geographical location, what page they are on during the conversation, browser, and OS details.
  • Tidio provides customers’ geographical location, the last page visited, the browser, and the operating system they use. 

Winner: Chatra

Shopping Cart Content

You get a detailed view of all the items your customers have added to their cart vehicle when interacting with you. This allows you to reduce cart abandonment in your store. 

  • Chatra provides you with your customers’ shopping cart content whereas Tidio does not have any such feature.

Winner: Chatra

Real-Time Visitor List

A real-time visitor list consists of all the active users on your website.

  • Both Chatra and Tidio provide you with a real-time visitor list that allows you to track their activity. 

Winner: Both

Chat Functions (Final Winner: Chatra)

Customers’ History

A list comprised of all the previous complaints made by your customers. This allows you to get an overview of their problems and provide them with some extra benefits if necessary. 

  • Both Chatra and Tidio provide a customer history list that gives you an overview of their previous problems. 

Winner: Both

Chat Transcripts

You will get a detailed overview of all the chats taken care of by your agents or bot, You can get the report via email. 

  • Chatra provides chat transcripts with information like conversation transcripts, chats missed, and so on.
  • Tidio does not provide any such information. 

Winner: Chatra

Group Chat

Several agents can interact with your customers at once and provide more insightful resolutions. 

  • Chatra has a group chat feature that allows your agents to work as a team and solve customer queries. 
  • Tidio does not have a group chat feature. 

Winner: Chatra

Multichannel Reply Through Single Dashboard

Your agents can manage multichannel conversations through a single dashboard that allows you to provide quick customer support. 

  • Chatra does not have a shared-inbox feature whereas Tidio provides you with this feature. 

Winner: Tidio

Median Screen Sharing

This feature allows you to view your customers’ screens and gain insight into what they are doing on your website. 

  • Chatra provides a screen-sharing feature whereas Tidio does not have any such feature available at the moment. 

Winner: Chatra

Typing Insights

Through this feature, you will get to know what your users are typing before they have actually sent their messages. 

  • Both Chatra and Tidio allow you to see what your customers are typing and help you provide a quick resolution to their queries. 

Winner: Both

Analytics (Final Winner: Tidio) 5/5⭐ Rating

Chatbot Performance

Chatbot analytics allows you to view how effective the chatbot has been on your website. 

  • Chatra does not have any chatbot performance analytics.
  • Tidio, on the other hand, provides you with this analysis which helps you know how valuable the bot is. 

Winner: Tidio

Chat Report

This report allows you to view how effective your agents are while interacting with your customers. 

  • Chatra provides chat reports like the number of chats, agents’ responses, and overall customer satisfaction. 
  • Tidio also provides information like missed conversations, hourly customer interactions, first response time, time to close a conversation, and many more. Tidio provides more chat reports as compared to Chatra. 

Winner: Tidio

Channel Performance

You will get a detailed overview of how effective your omnichannel appearance has been.

  • Chatra does not provide any such information whereas Tidio provides channel performance reports. 

Winner: Tidio

Lead/Sales Report

This report provides you with information on how many leads or what amount of sales have been generated by the software. 

  • Chatra does not provide you with any such reports, whereas Tidio provides you with sales data and the leads generated by them.

Winner: Tidio

AI Bot Features (Final Winner: Tidio) 5/5⭐ Rating

Message Segmentation

The AI bot segments your customers’ questions into different columns so that you can check them later on. 

  • Chatra does not segment your customer messages. 
  • Tidio allows you to segment your customers into 27 different topics. 

Winner: Tidio

Self-help Mechanism

The bot will automatically detect and answer all the common questions, reducing your agents’ workload. 

  • Both Chatra and Tidio can answer simpler FAQs. 

Winner: Both

Routing to Operator

When a customer’s query is too complex to handle the bot automatically routes the problem to the customer support agent, this helps in providing insightful resolution to your customers. 

  • Both Chatra and Tidio can route complaints to the agents when they can’t handle the query. 

Winner: Both

Integrations (Final Winner: Tidio) 3.5/5⭐ Rating

Social Media Integration

This assists you in providing seamless customer support through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

  • Both Chatra and Tidio can be integrated with Instagram and Facebook Messenger. 

Winner: Both

E-commerce Integration

With e-commerce integration, you can provide customer support on platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and many more. 

  • Chatra provides e-commerce integration with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and BigCommerce. 
  • Tidio has more e-commerce integrations as compared to Chatra. Some of the platforms Tidio can integrate with are Wix, Magneto, Shopware, and many more. 

Winner: Tidio

Analytic Tools

You can integrate with third-party analytics tools to get more insightful data for your store. 

  • Chatra can not be integrated with any third-party analytical tool.
  • Tidio can be integrated with Google Analytics. 

Winner: Tidio


In the end, the score of Chatra vs Tidio is 2-3; thus, we can clearly say that Tidio has emerged as the winner. Tidio even has better customer support as compared to Chatra. You can get in touch with their agents through email, phone, live chat, and many more. 

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So what are you waiting for? 

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