25 Positive Review Responses You Can Start Using Today

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Last Updated: June 2024


Responding to positive reviews is an important step in bolstering your brand reputation. The best google review responses have led to improved customer retention. Google itself recommends leaving a good response to a customer review. This increases the possibility of your brand showing up higher in a search result based on a higher customer engagement.

We have thus compiled a list of replies that are regardless of the feedback, positive review response examples.

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25 Positive Review Response Examples

A generic response that is automated does not bode well for your brand. Responding to positive reviews with a personal touch is equally important as it is in the case of addressing negative feedback.

Following are 25 ways or scenarios and responding to positive reviews examples that will help you manage responses like a pro:

1. The product/service was great, high-quality

Thank you (customer name) for taking a moment to share your experience.

We are immensely pleased to hear that you found our product/service to your liking. We look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

2. Positive review from a guest who visits for a special occasion

We’re so delighted to hear that you chose to celebrate your (occasion) with us! It’s an honor to be a part of this important day, and we hope your experience with us made it extra special.

3. Positive review from a local influencer


Thank you for the review! It’s our great pleasure to be recognized as one of the area’s best (business type). We hope you’ll come back soon and consider giving our (additional product/service) a try.

4. Responses to reviews that mention an employee

Thank you for your great review. At (business name), we work hard to offer high-quality service to every guest. We made sure to share this feedback with (employee name) to give them the recognition

that they deserve. They were delighted to hear your feedback.

5. Positive review that mentions your location

Thank you so much for sharing this positive review. We appreciate our ambiance here (location) just as much as you do. We hope you’ll stop by again soon when you’re in the neighborhood.

6. Service was fast and efficient

Thank you for posting your review. At (business_name), we value your time and always strive to provide fast and efficient service. We are pleased to hear that our (product/service) was provided

in a timely manner. We look forward to seeing you back soon.

7. How to respond to positive reviews from a first-time customer

With so many great places to choose from, it’s our pleasure that you decided to give ours a try! We are delighted to know that your first visit was worth your while. Please visit us again!

8. Positive review from a long-time customer

Thank you for visiting us again and sharing this valuable feedback. We appreciate your loyalty and continued trust in our (product/service). Our entire team here at (business_name) works hard to

deserve your loyalty.

9. General positive review

Thank you so much for your five-star review. We are delighted to hear that you had a positive experience with us at (business_name). We thought you might be interested to learn that we also

offer (additional products/services). We hope you’ll visit us again soon.

10. Great customer service

Thank you for sharing a review of your recent experience. Our team here at (business_name) is committed to providing high-quality customer service, and we’re thrilled to hear that we made a good

impression on you. Do visit us again!

11. Building/physical space was very clean, well kept

Thank you for the feedback on your recent experience at (business_name). We take pride in providing a clean and comfortable space for all of our (guests/customers/patients), so our team

appreciates that you took notice. We eagerly look forward to seeing you again soon.

12. Promoting a discount or offer

It is great to hear from you (customer name). You will be more delighted to know that we have other great offers to avail! (discount/offer details). Feel free to visit us again or explore our website for more details.

13. When a customer mentions their friends/family 

Thank you so much for your feedback (customer name)! We are glad that your (family/friend) had a great time/experience. It would be great if you could keep spreading the good word and let more people know about us!

14. Let them know you value their feedback/review


We take pride in the fact that you spared your precious time to write to us. This helps us strive for the best experience for our esteemed customers like yourself.

15. Highlight the importance of collaboration

Thank you so much (customer name) for your positive feedback. Without your input and reviews, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver a great experience.

16. Ask them if they need anything else

We thank you for your review and are equally glad that you had such a great experience. For more information, you can connect with us (contact details) and write to us if you need help with anything else.

17. Use their name to establish a personal connect

Dear (customer name), we thank you for your encouraging words and positive feedback. It is great to know that our (product/service) exceeded your expectations. We hope to see you again soon (customer name).

18. Mention your team in the response 

(team member name) is delighted to hear about your pleasant review. Positive remarks like yours enable us to strive for a better experience each time. Hope to see you again soon!

19. Ask for more questions 

It is our pleasure to know that you liked our (product/service). Our team is hard at work and would really love to answer any of your questions. You can connect with us at (contact details).

20. Urge them to share their experience 

We are immensely thrilled to hear about your positive experience with us at (business name). It would further delight us if you could spread the good word!

21. Mirror the details they shared 

We are thrilled that you loved the feather-cut (team member name) gave you! Sometimes, it can be a bit scary to go for a different look, but you trusted our (salon name), and we are grateful for that.

22. Share some inside knowledge or short story 

That recipe you loved is an old family favorite of our chef. We also have our article/blog published in (magazine/website), just in case you ever want to give it a try yourself at home.

23. Avoid overstuffing the response with keywords

Thank you (customer name) for your precious review. We at (business name) strive to deliver the best experience possible. We hope you visit again soon!

24. How to respond to a good review of the specifics mentioned by the customer

We are quite thrilled to know that you liked our (new product/service). Your feedback is encouraging and helps us to keep delivering quality (product/service).

25. Be authentic and mention your business scale

We’d just like to thank you for taking the time to write this review about our (product/service). We’re a small, family-run local business here at (business name), and every bit of feedback like this goes a long way to help us out!

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