How To Improve Amazon Search Results In 21 Ways?

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improve amazon search results

Last Updated: April 2024

Are you aiming to improve Amazon search results? You’re in the right place!

You will be startled to know that a staggering 70% of Amazon shoppers never click past the first page of search results.

Fear not, as we’ve got 21 ace strategies up our sleeve to elevate your Amazon game and claim that coveted top spot. From keywords to killer content, hang tight as we unravel the secrets to dominating Amazon’s search rankings.

Let’s dive in!

Improve Amazon Search Results – Benefits

i) Enhanced Visibility

Boosting your Amazon search results means one thing: more eyeballs on your products. With improved visibility, your items land in front of eager shoppers, increasing the chances of clicks and conversions. Higher visibility equals more sales opportunities!

ii) Competitive Edge

Climbing those search result ranks sets you apart from the competition. Securing a top spot positions your products as go-to choices for shoppers browsing Amazon. Stand out as the top choice, not merely an alternative!

iii) Increased Sales Potential

Better search results equate to more sales. When your products appear prominently, they attract more attention, driving higher click-through rates and ultimately leading to increased sales. Maximize your sales potential with top-notch visibility!

iv) Trust and Credibility

Scoring higher in Amazon’s search results signals trust and reliability to potential buyers. Shoppers often perceive top-ranking items as more trustworthy, establishing credibility for your brand and products. Strengthen your brand’s reputation with a prime search position!

If you want your products to stand out on Amazon, grasping the mechanics of Amazon’s search algorithm, known as A9, is crucial. Understanding how this algorithm functions is key for sellers aiming to rank higher in searches. We will cover it all in the further sections of this article.

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What is A9?

When you search for a product, Amazon’s product search algorithm follows a two-step process: it gathers relevant results from its vast catalog and then arranges them based on their relevance to your search.

Amazon constantly refines its algorithms, aiming to boost revenue per customer, employing human judgments, programmatic analysis, and key business metrics to fine-tune performance.

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Key Foundations of the A9 Algorithm

Before getting to know the 21 ways of the A9 Amazon search algorithm, you need to know its pivotal basics.

I. Relevance is King

    • Product Title & Description: A9 values products that closely match a customer’s search. Crafting concise, keyword-rich titles and informative, detailed descriptions is crucial. Match what you offer to what customers seek.
    • Keywords Matter: Strategic use of relevant keywords throughout your listing increases the chances of appearing in searches. Use them naturally and effectively to signal your product’s relevance.

II. Performance Is Paramount

    • Sales Velocity: A9 considers how quickly your products sell. High-demand items with steady sales velocity tend to rank higher.
    • Customer Engagement: Positive customer interactions, like reviews and click-through rates, signal a quality product.
    • Factors for Customer Retention: Amazon seller feedback and the Order Defect Rate (ODR) contribute significantly to retaining customers. Maintaining positive feedback and a low ODR is key to keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more.

III. Conversion Is Key

    • Images & Content Quality: Compelling images and engaging content significantly impact conversions. High-quality visuals and persuasive content drive customers to click that “Buy Now” button.
    • Price & Availability: Competitive pricing and product availability influence conversion rates. Stay competitive and ensure products are in stock to capitalize on customer interest.

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How To Improve Amazon Search Results In 21 Ways

Below are 21 aspects encompassing conversion rates, relevance, and customer satisfaction that Amazon’s A9 algorithm takes into account when determining your product’s ranking.

Conversion Rate Factors

1. Sales Rank: Your Product’s Popularity Meter

Your Amazon sales rank is a gauge that reflects how well your product is selling compared to others in the same category. It’s a snapshot of popularity—a lower number means higher sales within a category.

improve amazon search results

2. Customer Reviews: Shopper Opinions That Matter

Customer reviews on Amazon are feedback left by buyers sharing their experiences with the product, influencing purchase decisions.

3. Answered Questions: Clearing Shopper Doubts

Answered questions are queries posed by shoppers about the product, clarified by previous buyers or sellers, aiding potential customers in making informed decisions.

4. Image Size and Quality: Visual Impact Matters

Image size and quality refer to the dimensions and resolution of product images, crucial in capturing attention and showcasing your product effectively to potential buyers.

image size - improve amazon search results

5. Price: The Deciding Factor

Price is the cost at which your product is listed for sale on Amazon, a pivotal factor influencing customer purchasing decisions.

6. Parent-Child Products: Variants in Your Inventory

Parent-child products are related items or variants grouped under a single main listing, offering customers options within your inventory.

7. Time on Page and Bounce Rate: Engagement Signals

Time on a page indicates how long shoppers spend viewing your product, while bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors who leave your product page without interaction. Both impact your product’s performance and visibility.

8. Product Listing Completeness: Information Matters

Product listing completeness refers to how thoroughly you’ve filled out all relevant details about your product, ensuring customers have comprehensive information before making a purchase.

Relevancy Factors

9. Title: Your Product’s First Impression

The title is the primary name or headline of your product, crucial for catching shoppers’ attention and conveying its essence quickly.

improve amazon search results

10. Features/Bullet Points: Highlighting Key Attributes

Features or bullet points are concise snippets outlining the essential characteristics and benefits of your product, aiding customers in understanding its value swiftly.

bullets - improve amazon search results

11. Product Description: Detailed Insights Matter

Product description is a comprehensive narrative providing in-depth information about your product’s features, functionality, and benefits, helping customers make informed purchase decisions.

12. Brand and Manufacturer Part Number: Identifying Information

The brand and manufacturer part number are specific identifiers that help shoppers recognize and locate your product amidst various offerings.

improve amazon search results

13. Specifications: Detailed Product Details

Specifications encompass precise details about your product’s dimensions, materials used, technical specifications, and other relevant specifics.

14. Category and Sub-category: Placement Signifiers

Category and sub-category selections categorize your product, making it easier for customers to locate within Amazon’s vast marketplace.

15. Search Terms: Keywords for Discovery

When optimizing your product’s search terms on Amazon, you’re given five fields with character limits to associate keywords with your product. To ensure visibility, follow these Amazon best practices:

    • Provide accurate & relevant keywords
    • Respect character limits
    • Avoid Redundancy: Don’t repeat information already covered in other fields like title, description, or bullet points.
    • Organize Keywords Logically: Enter multi-word terms in the most logical order for search relevance.
    • Use Single Spaces: Separate keywords with a single space; avoid using commas, semicolons, or carets.
    • Avoid Temporary Statements: Exclude phrases like “new,” “on sale,” or “available now.”
    • Skip Subjective Claims: Avoid terms like “amazing” or “good quality.”
    • Exclude misspellings
    • Maintain Consistency: Evade variations in spacing, punctuation, capitalization, or pluralization.
    • Exclude Offensive Terms: Stay away from keywords that are abusive or offensive.
    • Consider Alternate Names: Include abbreviations, alternate names, or key characters as relevant keywords for your product.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner can assist you in identifying relevant keywords to enhance your Amazon product’s discoverability.

Performance Is Paramount

16. Negative Seller Feedback: Customer Dissatisfaction Marker

Negative seller feedback denotes unsatisfactory experiences reported by customers regarding your product or service on Amazon.

improve amazon search results

17. Order Processing Speed: Timely Fulfillment Matters

Order processing speed refers to the duration it takes for you to process and dispatch orders, impacting customer satisfaction with the delivery experience.

18. In-Stock Rate: Availability Matters

In-stock rate reflects how often your product is available and ready for purchase, crucial for meeting customer demand and satisfaction.

19. Perfect Order Percentage (POP): Optimal Order Performance

Perfect Order Percentage (POP) measures the rate of orders that are processed flawlessly without any errors or issues, showcasing your operational efficiency.

20. Order Defect Rate (ODR): Quality Benchmark

Order Defect Rate (ODR) calculates the percentage of orders with defects like negative feedback, chargebacks, or A-to-Z Guarantee claims, impacting your seller performance metrics.

21. Exit Rate: Shopping Journey Indicator

Exit rate signifies the percentage of shoppers who leave a specific page, like your product listing, without further interaction, highlighting potential issues or lack of interest in your offering.

So far, we have suggested 21 ways to improve Amazon results using the A9 algorithm.

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Final Words on How to Improve Amazon Search Results

Mastering Amazon’s search game isn’t just a strategy—it’s your ticket to sales success. With 21 savvy strategies at your fingertips, you’re primed to dominate. Elevate your product’s visibility, climb those search ranks, and watch your sales soar!

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