Scaling E-commerce Business, 7 Essential Practices.

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Last Updated: July 2024

If you are an eCommerce business owner working all your might and looking for ways to grow and scale your business, then we suggest you read this article entirely.

Let us first define scaling in business. It means making extra profits or driving more revenue using the existing resources of your business.

What is scaling in eCommerce?

Scaling in eCommerce is simply put as your eCommerce business should be able to meet all the growing online business needs effectively. The invention of technological upgrades every day brings in more possibilities to grow and scale your business.

Today we have multiple channels like mobile applications, social media platforms, Google My Business, voice shopping, and more that may come in the future. So you need to learn to adapt to all the evolving changes in the industry and maximize revenue.

How to scale eCommerce business?

Thanks to the internet and eCommerce boom, all you need is to establish your brand’s wholly digital presence on all the possible online channels and provide a satisfying customer experience journey with your brand.

Let us now discuss the 7 essential practices that will help you find the right tools to scale your eCommerce business successfully.

  1. SEO/Google My Business
  2. Social Media Visibility
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. UGC Marketing
  5. Embrace Technology
  6. Intuitive Customer Support
  7. Effective Fulfillment Services

SEO/Google My Business

The first step to scaling your eCommerce business would be scaling your online presence. You need to introduce your brand to a wider audience on all the possible digital platforms.

87% of the shoppers now begin product searches online. On average, Google processes over 40000 search queries every second.

So if you make yourself visible here you can make the most of it.

This doesn’t really incur much cost. You can plan your SEO budget according to and within your expenditure estimation.

  • Visit the GoogleMyBusiness website to create your advert account
  • Register your eCommerce business in the Google Directory
  • Try and run advert campaigns to create awareness of your brand
  • Analyze Google Analytics reports to study the outcome and re-activate campaigns accordingly

Social Media Visibility

Social media platforms have become a part of your customers’ lifestyle. Almost all social media platforms allow you to incentivize marketing and promotions. So literally, every social media window is like your storefront.

These social media platforms are the best tools for you to create and spread awareness of your brand among global social audiences. So you must be present on all the possible social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

There are now 4.55 billion active social media users globally, and that number is 9.9% higher than last year.

You would definitely not want to miss such an opportunity to be able to serve billions of customers.

Social Media Marketing

As of 2021, 84% of the US population use at least one social media network. And worldwide, the active number of social media users is 57.6% of the total population.

You need to develop strategic social media marketing that includes complete marketing measures of all the social platforms, to reach all those prospective social media customers.

Social Media

Once you have introduced your brand to the social audience, you must politely pursue them further with more engaging content on a daily basis.

Give them some interesting and educative info regularly that confirms your attention on them and strengthens customer loyalty. Such frequent conversations will give your customers a gentle push to return to you again.

You can make use of influencer marketing tools to acquire new customers and improve sales traffic. Research for suitable influencers whose personalities will perfectly suit your brand and collaborate with them. They can help you convert their followers into your customers.

But social media marketing is definitely widespread and time-consuming, but unavoidable. If you cannot afford your full time for this you can always outsource to some dedicated social media marketing company and focus on other principal areas of your business.

UGC Marketing

UGC or User Generated Content is unfortunately overlooked by companies despite its effectiveness in influencing consumer buying behavior.

According to a 2021 Stackla report, UGC is 8.7 times more impactful than influencer content and 6.6 times more than branded content.

This survey shows that consumers prefer UGC to other branded or influencer content as they believe that these user-generated contents are genuine reviews coming from fellow users.

You as an eCommerce business can efficiently turn this UGC into an effective marketing tool by incentivizing customer reviews.

  • Reward your customers every time they leave a review for your product.
  • Send a gentle reminder review request email in case the customer forgot to give his or her feedback.
  • Be sure not to be too aggressive as it might irritate your customer. You don’t want to lose them.
  • Organizing and displaying these customer reviews on your sites promptly will confirm your brand’s transparency and emboldens their loyalty to you.
  • You need to collect UGC data from multiple social channels and analyze the reports to learn about your customers’ journey experiences.

This area of UGC marketing is again a daily affair and a hugely time-consuming task as it requires you to pay attention to every single social platform that your brand is on. Hence automating the process of organizing these reviews and responses is an effective solution.

helplama helpdesk

There are AI-powered customer support tools available in the market to accomplish such tasks efficiently. You can give them a try to save time and increase your customer engagement and Fast Response rate.

Embrace Technology

The latest hit in the digital town is Voice Shopping! The Modern consumer is very quick to adapt to the latest technological trends. So it is evident to stay up to date to connect with these GenZers and grab their undivided attention to accomplish your sales funnels.

A study shows that the number of voice search users will reach 122.7 million

Customers seem to be liking this Voice User Interface (VUI) as it is very easy and effortless where they don’t have to even type and research for any product or service.

It is high time that you should incorporate VUI data into your digital marketing strategy to reap the extra benefits of new customer acquisition and sales traffic conversions.

Intuitive Customer Support


helplama helpdesk

Live Chat

Customers would have many questions regarding a product beyond the information given in the description on the website or page. They expect some expert answers immediately to make their purchase decision.

82% of consumers expect an immediate response to sales or marketing questions.

Hence, you must have Live Chat Support integrated into your website. It should also be compatible with any device that your customer may prefer to communicate with you.

Voice Support

Customers may any time feel the necessity for expert assistance regarding your product or service any time before or after purchase.

In some cases, customers may want to talk to an expert rather than using self-help services. Provide them with the necessary support at the time of their requirement and make a successful conversion.


59% of customers have used multiple channels to get their questions answered.

Email communication is still the commonly preferred channel by most customers. You can elevate your Fast Response Rate by integrating an automated AI-drafted email response system for simple order acknowledgment and thanking tasks.

If a customer writes to you regarding a product or service query, send out a personalized response to engage that customer intuitively. This assures arduous successful future conversions.

Post-purchase support

A customer’s journey with an eCommerce business doesn’t end at the point of sale conversion. That is where it actually starts. You need to ensure that the customer’s order is properly processed and fulfilled without any friction.

80% of consumers say that the experience a company provides is as important as the company’s products or services

To execute an effective conversation journey without any misses, we suggest you outsource the same to a dedicated support team to provide proactive customer support.

Effective Fulfillment Services

Last but not the least, the customer is always anxious until his ordered product is delivered in good shape and condition.

If you are a physical product selling eCommerce business, it will be a smart decision to outsource packaging and shipping-related tasks to order fulfillment companies like ShipBob, RedStag, FedEx, etc.

By doing so, you can save on the time and money taken to complete such laborious tasks and also bestow a satisfying flawless delivery service.

Shipbob fulfillment services

For instance, ShipBob eases your order fulfillment process by taking care of entire shipment procedures. All you need to do is connect with them and send your inventory to them and relax.

When a customer places an order, their software system will initiate the shipment from their network of fulfillment centers and deliver it to your customer on time.

Thus, you can eliminate the manual labor tasks and time involved along with cutting down the cost spent on manpower resources and other fulfillment expenses.

Final Words

The global eCommerce market is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022.

It is also found that this number would only increase along with more digital evolution. So you need to ensure a quick reaction to the ever-changing consumer behavior while catching up with the evolving trends.

To help you save some time put into researching for tools to handle your customer service department, we recommend you check out the AI-based Saufter. It is a one-stop solution for all your customer service needs. The software is designed intuitively to provide all the necessary automation and integrations to help save up to 50% of your valuable time effortlessly. We also recommend you try it for a 15-day free trial.

We are definite that if you try to incorporate the ideas that we discussed here will help you scale to new heights in the eCommerce landscape.



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