6 Best Email Marketing Agencies For Your E-commerce Business

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Last Updated: June 2024

Email marketing can bring you atleast 36 times your investment (ROI), ie: if you spend $1 on email marketing, you can expect $36 as a return on investment. Successful email marketing increases your brand loyalty, customer retention rate, and sales conversions.

But you can achieve these returns only when you dedicate some time and effort exclusively to email marketing. You need to first research and devise an email marketing plan that will suit your eCommerce business. You may need to appoint a dedicated team to be on this job exclusively and monitor yourself constantly to derive the aimed results.

Instead, there are exclusive email marketing agencies that perform all the required tasks on behalf of your business and produce your achieved results of higher ROI, customer retention, and enhanced brand loyalty.

Here we bring you the 6 Best Email Marketing Agencies for your eCommerce business.

  1. Inbox Army, LLC
  2. OuterBox
  3. Evestar
  4. Klientboost
  5. Openmoves
  6. Quagrowth

Inbox Army, LLC

Inbox Army is a good-rated full-service email marketing agency trusted by 5000+ businesses including popular brands for their increase in revenue. All the case studies on their website say that the Inbox Army team works efficiently and is thoroughly professional.

Inbox Army offers targeted strategic email marketing solutions depending on the client’s industry type and the business’ existing conditions.

What can Inbox Army offer to increase your eCommerce business revenue?

InboxArmy offers full-service Klaviyo email marketing solutions right from design, production, testing, and reporting to eCommerce platform integration and ROI maximization.

Inbox Army not only offers full-service plans but also customized plans as per your company’s DIY (Do It Yourself) email marketing requirements for tailor-made prices.

You can approach them for your email marketing strategy audits alone and they additionally design you the required structured email marketing plans.

You can even buy individual packages for email campaign management, email marketing automation, email templates, or even ESP migration.


Email Marketing Agency

OuterBox leads the digital marketing space with 17+ years of experience. As experts in the field, they have a team of 75+ digital marketing strategists, designers, writers, and developers all at your disposal.

OuterBox team is claimed as the email marketing agency for eCommerce with an outstanding 42 times returns on ROI. Hiring them would give your eCommerce business the added advantage of combined digital marketing tools that would complement your email marketing strategy and enhance your eCommerce business results.

OuterBox would help you plan a winning email marketing strategy that is part of a multi-channel approach.

Their team will first understand your business goals and custom creates your email marketing strategy. They build the content, design the templates, strategize the email campaigns and execute them efficiently.

Irrespective of your email platform, the OuterBox team can custom-create email automation and drip sequences for your email marketing campaigns.

OuterBox cor-ordinates with you throughout your email marketing campaign and tracks and reports you constantly on open rates, CTRs, conversions, and more.

You can contact the team for a detailed consultation on an essential email marketing plan or custom plans as per your eCommerce business needs.


Email Marketing Agency

The Evestar team understands how effective email marketing is in driving your eCommerce business growth. They say that your email marketing should account for close to 50% of your eCommerce business revenue.

Evestar’s integrated Attentive is an effective eCommerce tool that converts website visitors into email leads at the highest conversion rates.

According to Evestar’s assessment, the higher the AOV, the longer your Welcome email series should be for effective brand awareness conversions. So they first analyze your current performance metrics and suggest the best bet.

With Klaviyo’s integrated email marketing platform, they do the complete cart setup, abandonment browse flows and post-purchase flows for an effective customer conversation journey through emails.

Evestar designs your email campaigns 6-8 weeks ahead as a sequence that typically begins with a promotional calendar, followed by new arrivals, restocks, and lastly nurture emails (best-sellers, product features, etc.) for continued customer engagement.

Their next important step is to segment audiences into 4 tiers: T1, T2, T3, and T4, with T1 being the most engaged audience and T4 the least engaged. Keeping this in mind, each email campaign needs to be strategically sent to the correct audience to increase the open rates.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation with them to work on your pain points and achieve healthy metrics.


Email Marketing Agency

As a full-service email marketing agency, KlientBoost’s priority is to optimize your email drip marketing sequence for continuous customer engagement.

They design interactive emails that attract more customer engagement. They help you generate increased email leads through PPCs and social media campaigns.

Their effective email automation campaigns take your customers through a seamless journey and help you close those leads in the marketing funnel.

Klientboost boasts unique unified customer data that helps build higher-performing marketing emails that are improved every time through thorough tests and tracking.

Apart from DFY (Do it For You) campaigns they also offer DIY (Do It Yourself) campaigns wherein they provide all the support you ask for and share required regular reports and stats with you on daily basis.


Email Marketing Agency

Openmoves works as a smart email marketing automation agency with a range of DFY and DIY campaigns to offer. Sending out mobile-optimized targeted emails is the smartest way to capture today’s digital audiences. And the Openmoves team helps you successfully acquire them.

They design and execute automated email marketing campaigns for lead nurturing, event registrations, and cart and browse abandonment emails, which increases your conversion rate effectively.

They provide you with in-depth tracking reports for each recipient, campaign, and over time.

If you’re interested in incorporating a multi-channel approach to your email marketing campaign, then OM3’s seamless integrations make it easier to synchronize your data with Google, Social Media, CRMs, and Web Platforms.

Openmoves’ customers rated them as a very affordable enterprising agency with all the features, benefits, and customer support. If you want to try their services first-hand to review yourself, they have a Free plan too with full enterprise features.


Email Marketing Agency

With 15+ years of expertise, Quagrowth demonstrates to be an email marketing agency dedicated to helping 7-figure+ eCommerce brands grow and scale. The team helps their eCommerce customers scale their business by leveraging unique 1:1 personalized customer relationship marketing projects.

Even if you are already existing with Shopify+, Magento, BigCommerce, etc, Quagrowth can still collaborate with you and work on your existing technology to maximize your eCommerce business results.

If your target is to boost your subscriber numbers, then you must be hitting your customers’ inboxes atleast 4 times a week! Quagrowth offers interactive email campaigns which help your subscribers’ list scale to 100K+. Additionally, they handle core automation funnels (Welcome, Abandon, Post Purchase) unique to each brand.

As a sign-up offer, they give you a free audit of your Klaviyo account. You need to contact them for all custom-devised campaigns.

Choose the Right One

Choosing the right eCommerce email marketing agency for your type of eCommerce business is well begun and well begun is half done! Here, we have made all-around research taking into account customer satisfaction, eCommerce expertise, leveraging technology, etc, and listed a few Best ones in the market.

If you are looking for an exclusive team that can optimize all your customers’ conversations in one place, automatically scan and respond to all your customers’ orders and returns, can seamlessly integrate with popular eCommerce platforms, efficiently reduce your workload and time using AI-integrated email system, then this is the platform where you should be right now.

According to Radicati’s 2020 Email Statistics report, email is used by over 4 billion people — over half of the world’s population and will grow more in the coming years. So, why wait and regret FOMO later. Join the bandwagon and scale your eCommerce business to unlimited profits.


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