7 eCommerce Communities Online Merchants Must Join for Knowledge

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Last Updated: July 2024

Starting a business from scratch is no easy task. But if you have a capable team backing you up, it could be made a lot easier.

No, we are not talking about your start-up team. Instead, you can become part of online eCommerce communities that can function as an extension of your team.

An eCommerce community brings together founders and budding marketers in a common platform where they help each other grow by sharing ideas for success.

You know that building your eCommerce empire–however small or big–is not easy.

So, having similar-minded co-marketers in an eCommerce forum drive and inspire you through the ups and downs of the market could be a boon.

There are many advantages to joining a community of eCommerce. For starters, it can help you with more exposure to your industry. Industry exposure can, in turn, help you streamline your promotional and marketing strategies better.

Read on to discover our suggestions of online eCommerce communities that you can join to improve as an online merchant.

Benefits of Joining an Online eCommerce Community


Being part of an eCommerce community can substantially add to your knowledge base on dealing with businesses. This can directly influence your sales.

Following are a few of its benefits:

1. Feedback from a friendly group of professionals

An eCommerce community is a group of eCommerce professionals with one common goal: to make it big with intelligent marketing tactics and online campaigns.

Your exposure to such a team of online merchants like yourself would help you stay motivated and get healthy feedback from peers who are also professionals. You can even land some solid ideas about increasing your sales from them.

According to Marie Villeval’s Performance Feedback and Peer Effects (2020), feedback can help you stay motivated and improve your sales strategies.

2. Mutual help 

An eCommerce community can help marketers help each other out in times of crisis. Sharing your fears with fellow marketers can be of enormous help.

You have the freedom to seek out advice and suggestions from your group openly. In addition, since the group may be heterogeneous, you can seek help from seasoned professionals and newbies alike.

3. Building a network

Business is all about contacts. Being part of an online community can help you build a solid network of contacts that can determine your growth trajectory in the time to come.

From new business ideas to possible collaborations and partnerships with a team of seasoned marketing professionals—the pros of network-building in groups are unputdownable. So what is a better option for you to grow than being part of a well-defined eCommerce community?

eCommerce Communities Marketers can Join

Finally, let’s take a look at our suggestions for the best eCommerce communities you can join:

1. Shopify Plus Community

Here is one of the best Facebook Shopify communities that you can join. Shopify Plus Community only admits members who are Shopify Plus Merchants. It is a closed group of around 7.1k members.

The Shopify Plus group, a very reliable eCommerce community, brings together the elite few of the marketing world who can help you. You can take suggestions from them about thriving in the online marketing world.

From the members of this group, you can find out about the very many software options that they use to push notifications and drive ROI. This can save you precious time and money.

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2. eCommerce Elites Mastermind

Created by Steve and Evan Tan, this private Facebook group is already the savior of many successful businesses.

It flaunts around 107k+ members who constantly discuss business and marketing ideas. Digital marketing suggestions flow in amply via this group.

This eCommerce community is international, wherein entrepreneurs worldwide can send in their thoughts. Could there be a more globally-thriving abode for budding businesses?

3. Ecom Empires

Once again, a private Facebook group of around 97k+ members. Nick Peroni runs Ecom Empires for a group of experienced eCommerce professionals.

Like the other groups we are discussing, Ecom Empire is also a one-stop solution for everything eCommerce-related and is one of the best business communities online. From logistics, marketing, customer relationship management to workflow management, you can get suggestions for anything and everything here.

There is no probability that a group of professionals like this one would not answer a business-related query you may have.

4. Shopify Entrepreneurs

This is an unofficial space on Facebook that nurtures 106k+ members of online marketers who use Shopify.

This group has everyone involved in the Shopify game—from store owners and managers to service providers. This is an excellent place for you to hook up with designers and developers.

You would have to individually place requests for posting things here since not everything may be approvable. This ensures the quality of content that flows through the group remains impeccable.

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5. WooCommerce Community

This is an eCommerce platform developed by the official WooCommerce platform—one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms with Shopify. The group hosts around 40k+ members and drives entrepreneurs around everything related to WooCommerce.

If you use the WooCommerce software, this is your place to be! It is also a good place for WP developers and WooCommerce enthusiasts to come together for some productive brainstorming.

6. Cener eCommerce Mastermind

A group of 52k+ members, this Facebook group is a private space founded by Justic Cener. Initially, it was developed only for Cener’s clients. Today, however, this space has grown into an abode of online marketers who share similar ideas and help one another out in business communities online.

Sure enough, this one could give you all your answers!

7. eCommerce Fuel Forum

Our last suggestion is an exclusive online platform that brings together the best of the best online business owners. This would be a fantastic place for you to develop a robust network and establish connections.

You would have to apply and pass the vetting procedure for admission in this eCommerce community, but it sure is worth all the effort. This is precisely why it is an excellent way for you to get access to the a-listers in business!

Time to Join One Yet?

Ecommerce communities not only help you solve your doubts but also keep you motivated and rooted in your aspirations.

If you think it may be time for you to join one, you are not wrong! Do it today.

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