Zoho Books vs Quickbooks: Which One Fits Best For Your Business?

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zoho books vs quickbooks

Last Updated: April 2024

Are you navigating the complex landscape of business finances? Look no further! Join us as we delve into a comprehensive comparison of Zoho Books vs Quickbooks, helping you make an informed decision to streamline your financial journey.

In the realm of accounting software, Zoho Books and Quickbooks stand out as titans, each offering a unique suite of features tailored to your financial needs.

While QuickBooks holds a dominant market share of 36.41%, Zoho Books commands a 0.37% market share, so making the right choice is paramount.

Zoho Books vs Quickbooks – Quick Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison table highlighting key aspects of Zoho Books and Quickbooks:

FeatureZoho BooksQuickbooks
InvoicingTailored invoices, 1,000 free/yearBank transfer & payment links in invoices
PayrollAutomated salary managementComprehensive employee compensation solutions
Reporting50+ insightful reports80+ diverse analytical reports
Ease of UseIntuitive navigationSeamless user experience
Customer SupportResponsive via email & phoneMulti-channel support, including live chat
TrainingVideo tutorials, webinars, text materialsExtensive training resources
IntegrationsIntegrates with Zoho ecosystem650+ third-party app integrations
Mobile AppAndroid & iOS appsAndroid & iOS compatibility
Pricing PlansFlexible monthly/yearly optionsRange of plans catering to various business sizes

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Zoho Books vs Quickbooks – Detailed Overview

Zoho Books and Quickbooks rank as the top global accounting solutions, yet they differ in various aspects when compared. Explore the key distinctions between Zoho Books and Quickbooks below.

Invoicing (Final Winner: Both, Zoho Books – ⭐4.5/5, Quickbooks – ⭐4.9/5)

    • Zoho Books Invoicing: Zoho Books emerges as a top choice for small businesses with its free plan offering the ability to send up to 1,000 invoices annually, a boon for budding ventures. Its user-friendly interface and customization options empower you to create personalized invoices that reflect your brand identity, all while keeping your budget intact.
    • Quickbooks Invoicing: Quickbooks streamlines payment collection by enabling companies to embed bank transfer and payment gateway links directly within invoices. This feature not only enhances convenience for your clients but also accelerates your cash flow, making Quickbooks a go-to option for those who prioritize efficient payment processing.

Winner: Both

User Reviews

Zoho Books has all the required features for accounting i.e. GST compilation, e-Invoicing, on time return filings etc.” – user, small business.

Invoicing and Payments: it provides many customization options for generating and settling up the layout of invoices per the client’s requirements or rules.” – Nabeel S, mid-market.

Payroll (Final Winner: Zoho Books, Overall Ratings – ⭐4.5/5)

    • Zoho Books Payroll: Zoho Books streamlines payroll management, calculating taxes automatically for simplified processing. Ideal for you, if you’re seeking a user-friendly platform for handling employee salaries and tax deductions.
    • Quickbooks Payroll: Quickbooks offers a robust payroll feature with direct deposit and automatic tax filing. Check this out in case you require a comprehensive solution to manage various aspects of employee compensation seamlessly.

Winner: Zoho Books

User Review

Zoho Payroll has all the features that an HR requires at the end of the month to disburse the salaries. It helps to automate the payroll process and get the approvals on time.” – user, small business.

Reporting (Final Winner: Quickbooks, Overall Ratings – ⭐4.8/5)

    • Zoho Books Reporting: Zoho Books equips you with over 50 reports, offering valuable insights into your business’s financial health. Ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive reporting options to make informed decisions.
    • Quickbooks Reporting: Quickbooks Online outshines with over 80 reports, giving you a deeper understanding of your business’s performance. A preferred choice for businesses that require an extensive range of reports for detailed financial analysis.

Winner: Quickbooks

User Review

QuickBooks Online provides standard financial reports, such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets. This helps business owners to get a clear picture of their financial performance and make informed decisions.” – Lincoln B, small business.

Ease of Use (Final Winner: Both, Zoho Books – ⭐3.6/5, Quickbooks – ⭐4/5)

    • Zoho Books Ease of Use: Zoho Books offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, making it easy for new users to adapt quickly. Hop in for a straightforward accounting solution without a steep learning curve.
    • Quickbooks Ease of Use: Quickbooks presents a seamless user experience with a well-organized dashboard and easy-to-navigate features. If you prioritize a smooth learning curve and intuitive interface for efficient accounting operations, then this is the optimal solution for your business.

Winner: Both

User Reviews

Easy to use, generates classy invoices (have enough options to customize Invoice/ Estimate templates), most importantly the cross-platform functionality” – user, small business.

It is easy to navigate and also has a plethora of helpful information you can search for if you are unsure of how to navigate a function, such as sending a refund, creating categories, etc.” – Angela M, small business.

Customer Support (Final Winner: Zoho Books, Overall Ratings – ⭐4.7/5)

    • Zoho Books Customer Support: Zoho Books provides reliable customer support through email, FAQ, and phone, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly.
    • Quickbooks Customer Support: Quickbooks offers versatile customer support options including live chat, email, FAQ, and phone, ensuring you have various avenues to resolve issues. Additionally, Quickbooks also offers 24/7 live support which is not available with Zoho Books.

Winner: Zoho Books

User Review

the customer support provided by Zoho is top-notch. They also provide email and phone support for more complex issues.” – user, mid-market.

Training (Final Winner: Both, Zoho Books – ⭐4.5/5, Quickbooks – ⭐4.5/5)

    • Zoho Books Training: Zoho Books ensures you’re well-equipped post-purchase, offering video tutorials, webinars, live online lessons, and text materials. Exceptionally, Zoho Books goes a step further, providing in-person training sessions for an immersive learning experience.
    • Quickbooks Training: Quickbooks also prioritizes your learning journey with similar resources as in the Zoho Books training system, except for the in-person training.

Winner: Both

User Reviews

Easy to get started, they have videos and an in-depth training guide” – user, small business.

It is easy to use, even a new user can use the software with less training.” – Bela T, mid-market.

Integrations (Final Winner: Both, Zoho Books – ⭐4.4/5, Quickbooks – ⭐4.8/5)

    • Zoho Books Integrations: If you’re already into Zoho products, Zoho Books is a smart choice as it seamlessly integrates with various Zoho platforms like Zoho Workplace, CRM Plus, People Plus, and more.
    • Quickbooks Integrations: Yet, Quickbooks takes the lead with over 650 application integrations, allowing you to connect and synchronize your accounting data with a wide range of external tools.

Winner: Both

User Reviews

Its ease of use and integration with other Zoho products make it a great choice for small business owners and entrepreneurs.” – user, mid-market.

QuickBooks Online can be integrated with a variety of other applications, including payment processors, e-commerce platforms, and CRM software, which makes it more versatile and useful for different types of businesses.” – Lincoln B, small business.

Mobile App (Final Winner: Both, Zoho Books – ⭐4.5/5, Quickbooks – ⭐4.8/5)

    • Zoho Books Mobile App: Zoho Books offers a mobile app that keeps your accounting tasks at your fingertips, accessible on both Android and iOS devices.
    • Quickbooks Mobile App: Quickbooks also provides a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS, ensuring you can manage your accounting tasks on Apple phones too.

Winner: Both

User Reviews

Ease and ability to make invoices anywhere, while in the office or traveling. Also, one is not limited to having a PC around, Web access and mobile app does the job most often.” – user, small business.

also has a mobile app to operate from anywhere, which makes it very convenient.” – user, small business.

Software Pricing

Zoho Books Pricing Plans

Unlike Quickbooks, Zoho Books offers both monthly and yearly subscription options, with savings available on annual plans.

Zoho Books presents five subscription tiers – Standard, Professional, Premium, Elite, and Ultimate each maintaining standard features like client portal, recurring invoices, and automated payment reminders.

Pricing starts at $15/month and goes up to $240/month, with a free plan having limited capabilities. A 14-day trial period enables you to explore the application before committing.

zoho books vs quickbooks

Quickbooks Pricing Plans

Quickbooks provides four monthly subscription plans: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced, ranging from $15/month to $100/month.

Quickbooks extends a 30-day trial period for you to familiarize yourself with the platform’s offerings before making a decision.

quickbooks - zoho books vs quickbooks

Up until now, we’ve covered the comparison between Zoho Books and Quickbooks, for seamless navigation through complex business finances. How about exploring how to elevate your customer support services?

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Make the Right Choice Between the Two

In the dynamic realm of business finance, the decision between Zoho Books and Quickbooks rests on your specific needs. As you tread this financial journey, remember that a well-informed choice can propel your success.

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