How to Add Ticket Types To Zendesk

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Last Updated: May 2024

Zendesk is a software specially built to help your customer support team. It allows you to store customer complaints in the form of tickets. These tickets can further be categorized into 4 different pre-set ticket types:

  • Service Request Ticket
  • Incident Ticket
  • Problem Ticket
  • Change Request Ticket

Zendesk is one of the most used ticketing software nowadays. There are 4 ticket types that Zendesk provides with options to create your own ticket field. If you too use Zendesk and want to create customized ticket fields then, we have listed 3 easy steps on how to add custom ticket fields.

Benefits of Custom Support Ticket Types

Customizing ticket types as per your choice allows you to quickly sort and store tickets per your preference. The pre-set topics are too broad and sometimes it’s difficult to find tickets from them. 

Custom ticket types make it easier for you to track tickets which leads to high productivity. You can easily use them for future reference and create FAQs.

3 Steps to Create a Custom Ticket Type

Step 1:

  • Click on the setting icon on the left toolbar bar. 
  • Click on the ticket field and then on add field.
  • Now select the drop-down list option and then click on save on the right bottom.

Now to easily view the fields you need to place them on top of the native Zendesk type field. 

Don’t remove the Zendesk type field from any form.

Step 2:

To add the custom fields to your native zendesk field follow these steps.

  • Go to field concept app
  • Click on field mapping, then activate the mapping type field
  • Select the recently created custom field
  • Make sure to equate your custom fields and the native type field

Step 3: 

Your alternate custom field is ready to use and now you can hide the native custom field.

  • Click on the conditions app and then select the hide ticket fields.

Now your custom ticket is ready to use.

Drawbacks of Zendesk

Does Not Provide Custom Ticket Status

One of the major drawbacks of Zendesk is that it does not provide ticket status for customized ticket types. You need to manually check the status. 

Incoming Tickets Does Not Add Automatically

You need to manually refresh the ticket page to see the new incoming tickets. This could be frustrating at times and you can even miss out on an important ticket.

Difficult to Find Reports

Locating reports in Zendesk is a bit tiring process. There is no search bar for it and they don’t even display it upfront. You need to use the hit and trial method to find a particular report. Which can be a time-consuming process

Too many limitations? How about software that allows you to create custom ticket types with ease? Try Saufter which has a user-friendly interface and does not require any technical knowledge for setup. 


Meet Saufter, The Best Zendesk Alternative


  • Saufter is an all-around software that allows you to create custom fields easily. You can check the metrics of these fields as well.
  •  Saufter allows you to automate your customer support with the help of its AI. It enables you to attend to your customers at any time of the day and solve their queries.
  •  It can even recruit talented and experienced customer support staff on your behalf, making sure that they are well trained and follow your brand’s image.
  • Although, If you are also looking to automate your social media handle then Saufter can help you. It collects all the good reviews across various channels such as Yelp!, Google reviews, Yahoo, e.t.c, and posts them on your social media handle.


Now, in the end, we hope that this post has helped you add a new custom ticket field to your Zendesk software. We know it’s a bit long procedure and might take up your valuable time but there is no other way to do it.

However, switching to different software that provides easy creation of custom tickets can prove to be beneficial. Software like Saufter allows you to easily add and remove custom ticket type fields. It’s a loaded software with tons of features and an easy-to-go interface.

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