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Zendesk Features

Last Updated: July 2024

Zendesk is without a doubt one of the most well-known and comprehensive help desk platforms available today. The platform has a wide range of features that make it an excellent choice for most businesses, especially if you need a tool to keep track of all of your customer interactions in one place.

Thanks to features like multi channel communication, a comprehensive ticketing system, and conversational AI, the platform can assist you with nearly every aspect of customer service.

However, is Zendesk the best help desk for your business?

In this post, we will do an in depth Zendesk review to help you make the right decision.

Zendesk Pros and Cons



  • GUI is user friendly, clean and organized
  • Multiple options to Integrate with other platforms
  • Unified agent workspace
  • Automate a significant amount of tasks and repetitive work
  • Create complex message templates with autofilled information
  • ITSM collaboration and documentation
  • Setting up the platform can be really confusing
  • Zendesk is on the higher end of pricing in relation to other solutions

Zendesk Pricing and Features

Pricing and Plans (Rating ⭐ 4.45/5, 106 reviews)

Pricing and Plans

Zendesk offers multiple pricing plans based on requirements. Their pricing also applies the pay-per-agent subscription model.

  • The Team plan costs $49 per user, per month. This is the starting plan for the Zendesk Support Suite
  • The Growth plan costs $79 per user, per month. This plan includes all of the Basic plan features.
  • The Professional plan costs $99 per user, per month. This plan includes all of the Basic and Pro plan features
  • If you want an all-in-one platform with customized features, they even have an enterprise-ready plan. (The plan begins at $215 per agent per month.)

As you can see, Zendesk’s price breakdowns can become quite specific depending on the solutions and features you need. If you only need basic support, they have a limited plan that starts at $19 per agent per month.

Let’s see what customers have to say about Zendesk’s pricing:

The pricing is affordable, it’s feature-rich, easy to understand, scalable and user-friendly. The user community is very active and full of great suggestions, and the customer support is phenomenal. Tons of integrations available make it an easy solution to fit into your existing platform of solutions.

⭐ 5/5 Jason H

Zendesk premium pricing seems more suitable for larger companies, so if being a small business, I would recommend in trying out the free version first , as Zendesk does offer several different plans at which all are great, you just won’t be able to to get all the benefits with the free version but in any case, Zendesk is well worth the price since it is a very efficient, excellent tool.

⭐ 5/5 Debbie T

Want to know more about the detailed pricing breakdown of Zendesk? Then, go through our post on Zendesk Pricing: What Will It Cost You, And Is It Worth It?

Interface and Customization (Ratings ⭐ 4.47/5, 486 reviews)

Interface and Customization

Zendesk’s Agent Workspace allows agents to work seamlessly across multiple channels from a single ticket interface. Your agents will no longer have to switch between dashboards in order to view and track customer issues. 

The platform even comes with a mobile app designed to let your team quickly work with support tickets on a mobile device. This includes different features such as ticket views, creating tickets, commenting, etc. 

It’s super easy to get teams set up and ready to go. I’ve worked in Zendesk Support both as a support agent and as an admin – it’s got the best interface for a ticketing system of all the ones I’ve used, and the admin interface is generally intuitive and recent updates have made it even better.

⭐ 5/5 Molly K

Zendesk’s interface is not just optimized for your agents; It offers a smooth experience for your customers, too. You get to set up a customer portal that allows your customers to track their support requests and conversations in one place. Users also have the option to customize most of the portal right from your brand logo, the portal color, themes, knowledge base, help center, and layout of the article pages.

Customization is so quick that anything you need to acquire, you can practically achieve it by customizing the software to meet the needs of the company brand, you can customize tickets and they appear entirely white labelled. As well finding self-support is easy to get you started with the implementation of the software, there are many knowledgebase article but still, they can help you get the right one according to what you need to achieve

⭐ 5/5 Kalisa W

The best of the Suite is the level of customization that you can reach. One of the main tools we use are triggers and automation, and there is an enormous range of options for that, which are even synchronized with any other customization you could have done such as in “fields”.

⭐ 4/5 Consultant in Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Ticket Management (Ratings ⭐ 4.47/5, 1122 reviews)

Ticket Management

Zendesk’s ticketing system collects customer support inquiries from different sources and places them in a centralized location. Zendesk includes a system for managing, assigning, and prioritizing customer inquiries. This enables your agents to engage customers through various channels and easily convert queries into tickets. 

Zendesk makes it easy for reps to manage tickets and ongoing cases. There’s a seamless connection between emails and chats, which is great. And there is a lot of functionality for macros and triggers that allow tickets to be tagged, automatically closed, automatically associated with groups, and much more. All of that allows for easy-to-use dashboard reporting, and much of the busy work of managing tickets can be eliminated.

⭐ 5/5 Ryan F

You can assign predefined queues to your agents and groups based on products or ticket channels in Zendesk. You can also assign a Queue Manager (QM) function to an agent to handle the main queue and assign tickets to groups or agents.

Zendesk has so many useful features to take advantage of to set any support team up for success. There can be a bit of a learning curve, but once you know how to take advantage of ticket forms, triggers, views, SLAs, user groups, and macros, you can really equip your agents to be efficient and confident when moving through a ticket queue. 

⭐ 4/5 Annelise P

As you can see, Zendesk’s flexible ticketing management is excellent for dealing with customer inquiries, particularly with its automated workflow to provide additional assistance to your agents. The automation features don’t stop there; you can also save time by automating responses to simple, repetitive questions.

Reporting and Dashboard (Ratings ⭐ 4.49/5, 121 reviews)

Reporting and Dashboard

One of the methods for creating reports in Zendesk is Zendesk Explore. Zendesk Explore comes with a collection of pre-built charts and dashboards that cover all of the ways you interact with your customers. This also has a lot of customization options. All reports and graphs, as well as chat colors, text, logos, and branding, can be customized.

It is now one year of using the tool as a support operator. The best I like about the tools is the daily analytical report which clearly shows the daily performance of support operators, and tickets they have solved and they haven’t. It helps us to improve working efficiency within the organization.

⭐ 5/5 Charlotte P

If you already have a long list of customers or businesses that you support, you can use a simple CSV file to bulk upload them into your account.

The feature that was the most helpful to me within the Zendesk world is Explore as it allows companies to create dashboards that allow for teams to create specific data sets. These dashboards have allowed me to report data back to my team and view where exactly my team is standing within our current company goals and see any areas of improvement.

⭐ 4/5 Eduardo H

All in all, Zendesk’s reports help provide a high-level overview of what’s going on in your business. These reports can assist you in measuring and understanding your team’s performance, customer engagement, and support satisfaction.

Live Chat (Ratings ⭐ 4.55/5, 1015 reviews)

Live Chat

Zendesk basically has two types of live chat: Zendesk Live Chat and Zendesk Messaging.

  • Zendesk Live Chat, is a legacy product that only offers the ability to have session-based conversations, meaning they happen once, in real-time. 
  • Zendesk Messaging, on the other hand, provides greater flexibility by allowing for both session-based conversations and ongoing, persistent chats. This conversation history is always available, meaning agents (and customers) can get context of past questions and actions taken.

Once you have figured out which solution is right for you, you get to add chat to your website and talk with customers across messaging apps in real-time.

Zendesk helps our customers reach out to us through calls, emails and chats. The tool as well helps us to focus on customer feedback rating that we request from every chat to understand how we help them well or not so this creates more room for us to improve our service delivery to clients, Whatsapp integration has helped us a lot that we can post survey to our clients anytime and these streamline more sales in our company. Therefore the tool has helped us in return to acquire customer trust in our service delivery

⭐ 5/5 Kalisa W

Zendesk also provides numerous options for customizing the look and feel of the live chat widget. You can take a look at their advanced customization options here

The helpdesk allows you to deploy custom chatbots- Zendesk Answer Bot. With conversational assistants, you can collect relevant customer information, increase agent productivity, and streamline the support experience. 

The best part is that they require no programming, training, or additional development work on your part. You can even connect any existing bot to Zendesk with their open and flexible platform.

We’re solving a lot of problems now. We’re using Zendesk + Sunshine Conversation + a BOT called Droz, everything is working pretty fine, we can solve a lot of problems from our customers without an agent touch, and when need an agent touch, we have everything on the same platform.

⭐ 5/5  Julio S

The best part? The platform enables you to natively embed Zendesk functionality—Help Center, Chat, or Tickets—into any app, website, or standalone device thanks to the web widget. 

Marketing Features (Ratings ⭐ 4.61/5, 42 reviews)

Marketing Features

Zendesk offers a variety of features when it comes to marketing – Omnichannel marketing, real-time visitors monitor, customizable email templates, proactive Messaging, document storage, A/B testing, and more. However, if you’re interested in some of these discussed marketing features? You’ll have to opt for Zendesk Sell (The Zendesk Sell Team plan starts at $19 and goes up to $99 per agent/month). 

Understand that buying into the service is an investment in your business. It’s not the cheapest or most expensive option but there are a number of features that are designed to maximize customer interactions – from offering support to online shoppers to handling sales and marketing outreach, there’s a lot here for teams looking to streamline their customer experience.

⭐ 4/5 Alberto L

A key feature is that Zendesk even allows you to organize customer groups based on behavior (such as purchasing habits) or demographics (like age or location).

The reports and analytics function helped us create targeted email marketing flows based on customer emails and resolutions. A plus we were not expecting!

⭐ 5/5  Administrator in Consumer Goods

So, while Zendesk Support can handle basic marketing tasks, it is unlikely to meet most marketing needs. If you’re looking for advanced marketing automation features, unfortunately, you’ll have to opt for an expensive Zendesk Sell subscription.  We recommend looking into customer interaction/automated marketing software such as Saufter.

Bottom Line

Zendesk is clearly a popular choice to opt for, especially considering the platform’s wide array of features, making it an excellent choice for most businesses. However, the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag cannot be overlooked. We hope this guide compared to other Zendesk reviews cleared up some questions and made it easier to make a decision. If you don’t think Zendesk Service is the right fit for you, check out the best Zendesk alternatives.

Also, if you’re just getting started with helpdesk systems and want to make it easier for your support reps to provide the best service possible, Saufter could be the platform for you. It is a multi-channel customer service help desk designed for small businesses and enterprise teams. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, easy to set up, and most agents can get started on Saufter with little to no training.

So, what are you waiting for?

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