Zendesk Ticketing: Features and Is It Right for Your Business

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Zendesk Features

Last Updated: July 2024

Do you know there are more than 160,000 Zendesk paid accounts at the moment? Such a high number of users definitely makes Zendesk one of the best Helpdesk software. But is zendesk the right customer support tool for your business, considering its extensive features? 

Let’s find out by looking at some of the key features of Zendesk.

Key Features of Zendesk

Here are some key customer support features of Zendesk.

Helpdesk(Zendesk Support)

The helpdesk provided by Zendesk comes with tons of features such as:

  • Allows you to create a personal ticket view. 
  • The helpdesk can convert phone calls, emails, and social media requests into tickets.
  • It supports conditional and custom ticket fields. 
  • Provides you with the data of your agent handling a particular ticket. 
  • It centralizes tickets into one channel, making it easier for your agents to track and work on them. 
  • The helpdesk even provides data and reports that can be used for future reference.

All these features can help you to provide seamless customer support to your customers. 

Live Chat

Zendesk Features

There are two different types of live chat options provided by Zendesk that are: Zendesk Messaging and Zendesk Live Chat

  • Zendesk Messaging

It provides live agent support on platforms like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. The messaging tool collects all the tickets/conversations from these platforms and shows them to your agents in a centralized dashboard. 

  • Zendesk Live Chat

With this feature, you can only apply live chat agents to your website. It does not even provide centralized messages.  

Knowledge Base

Zendesk Features

The knowledge base is one of the quickest ways to solve your customer query. Zendesk offers you features with which you can build a highly scalable knowledge base with the help of community forums and FAQs. 

With the help of advanced plans in Zendesk, you can create a knowledge base in 40 different languages and solve your customers’ queries globally. Here are some more features of Zendesk knowledge base service:

  • The Zendesk bot transfers knowledge-based articles to your customers and provides quick resolutions to their queries. 
  • It makes changes in bulk by updating various properties such as labels and permissions for various articles at once.
  • Zendesk provides you with reports such as the most clicked articles, articles shared by the bots frequently, and more. You can use this to identify what’s working and what you should write next.

Reporting & Analytics

Zendesk Features

Zendesk Explore provides you with effective reports and analytics that you can use and scale up your business operations. Some of the reports that you can implement are:

  • Omnichannel analytics provides you with data from every channel(email, social media, phone, etc.) so that you can measure how productive your agents are and how customers interact with your brand without losing a thread. 
  • Zendesk provides real-time and historic data, allowing you to understand past trends and make decisions on what’s happening at the moment. 
  • Zendesk allows you to create customized reporting as per your preference. 

Sales(Zendesk Sell)

Zendesk Sell helps you to reach your potential customers more efficiently. It provides faster email integration and automatically follows up with your leads. You can even gain insights using thousands of sales metrics with their pre-built dashboard. 

Is Zendesk Right For Your Business?

If You Have a Complex Product Offering and a Very Large Team

Zendesk comes with a bundle of many features which can only be operated by a large team. If you don’t have enough team members then you might miss out on features that you are paying for. 

If the product offered by you is easy to use then you might receive fewer tickets. Thus there is no point in paying a seven-digit figure to Zendesk if you are not using it to its full potential. 

If You Want Customizable Reporting

If you wish to set up customizable reporting for your business, then you need to purchase Zendesk’s Professional or Enterprise plan, which can be a bit costly. 

Your Business Needs Enterprise Integration

Zendesk can integrate with enterprise-level programs like Microsoft, Oracle, Slack, etc. but you might have to face high regulations while integrating with them.

Zendesk Pricing

Zendesk offers too many plans that might confuse you, so here we have listed down a brief description of each plan so that you can choose the best.

Plan Options

  • Zendesk Support Team: $25/agent per month
  • Zendesk Support Professional: $59/agent per month
  • Zendesk Support Enterprise: $125/agent per month
  • Zendesk Suite Team: $59/agent per month
  • Zendesk Suite Growth: $99/agent per month
  • Zendesk Suite Professional: $125/agent per month
  • Zendesk Suite Enterprise: $199/agent per month
  • Zendesk Suite Enterprise (Custom): $215+/agent per month 

Zendesk Support Plans with Their Features

  • Zendesk Support Team Plan- This plan allows you to integrate ticketing across emails, Twitter, and Facebook wall posts. It even directs the conversation to the right agent based on their availability and workload. The support team plan also provides reports and analytics so that you know your customers better. 
  • Zendesk Support Professional Plan- This plan includes all the features of the team plan and additionally provides features like customer satisfaction surveys, multilingual support, SLA management, and many more. 
  • Zendesk Support Enterprise Plan- With all the features of the above-listed plan, you would get custom team roles and permissions, a customizable agent workspace, third-party data storage, and a sandbox test environment. 

Zendesk Sell Plans

  • Zendesk Sell Team Plan-  With this plan you will get email integration with tracking, calendar integration, document storage of up to 2GB, and much more. The pricing of this plan is $19/User/Month
  • Zendesk Sell Growth Plan- This plan will provide you will all the features of the team plan and additionally, you will get a custom sales report with a dashboard, advanced activity reports, and many more. The pricing of this plan is $49/User/Month
  • Zendesk Sell Professional- It will include all the above-listed features and additionally you would get task automation, advanced roles and permissions, company hierarchy, and lead and deal scoring. The pricing of this plan is $99/User/Month.

Pros and Cons of Zendesk 

Let’s have a look at the pros of Zendesk. 

Pros of Zendesk

  • Zendesk allows you to customize a lot of things such as web widgets, knowledge base, etc. with which you can provide branded experience to your customers. 
  • It is an all-in-one lead generation and customer support platform. 
  • You will be able to handle your global customers with the help of Zendesk’s multilingual support. 
  • Zendesk also provides effective reporting and analytics options that can be used to check how productive your business strategy is. 
  • With Zendesk you can easily track customer history across different mediums or departments. 

Cons of Zendesk

Let’s look at some of the drawbacks of Zendesk with user reviews. 

Hard to Configure User Interface

The UX is clunky”- Joel G. President of a company. 

The interface of Zendesk is not user-friendly and it requires some technical knowledge for setup. The customer support is not helpful as well, they lack knowledge of Zendesk. 

An Issue in Answer Bot Statistics

There is no option to track what users are typing”- Ema L. Customer Success Manager. 

The statistics of the answer bot provided by Zendesk are a bit hard to understand which can hamper your business operations. 

A Glitch in Ticket Automation

Tickets do not automatically update in the queue”- Aron M. Associate Customer Experience Program Manager

You need to manually refresh the ticket page to see the new incoming tickets. This could be frustrating at times and you can even miss out on an important ticket.


In this post, we have covered all the necessary information about Zendesk. Here you will find information like features of Zendesk, user reviews of Zendesk, pros of Zendesk, and many more.

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