7 Zapier Free Alternatives And Competitors You Need To Know!

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zapier free alternatives

Last Updated: April 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, finding reliable Zapier free alternatives has become essential to seamlessly connect and automate various applications and tasks. 

Zapier has long been a popular choice for this purpose, but as the demand for workflow automation continues to grow, so does the array of options available. Thus, it is prudent to explore alternatives that offer similar capabilities at a lower cost. 

In this article, we’ll delve into 7 Zapier free alternatives and competitors that have garnered attention for their robust features, user-friendly interfaces, and budget-friendly pricing models. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

1) n8n

zapier free alternative
Source: n8n


Pricing: 7-day free trial; plans start from €20.

n8n is a powerful and versatile Zapier alternative that empowers users to automate workflows and integrate various applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Moreover, its intuitive visual interface, n8n allows you to create automated workflows, known as “nodes,” by connecting different apps and services in a seamless manner.

Key features

    • Visual Workflow Builder: Offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to design automated workflows through a drag-and-drop approach. 
    • Integrations: With over 200+ integrations, n8n supports a diverse set of applications.
    • Custom JavaScript and Expressions: Allows the integration of custom JavaScript code and expressions, for advanced data transformations and custom logic.
    • Webhooks and API Endpoints: You can create custom webhooks and API endpoints.
    • Data Transformation and Manipulation: Provides a variety of tools to transform and manipulate data as it flows through workflows.
    • Open-Source and Self-Hosted: n8n is an open-source solution, that offers you the option to self-host the platform, providing greater control over data privacy and security.
    • Trigger and Action Support: n8n allows you to set up triggers that initiate workflows and actions that follow, creating dynamic sequences that respond to specific events.

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zapier free alternatives
Source: IFTTT


Pricing: Free; the Pro plan starts from €2,600/month

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a popular automation tool that connects various apps, services, and devices to create simplified workflows known as “applets.”

These applets are based on a simple conditional statement: if a certain event (trigger) occurs in one app, then a specific action is automatically performed in another app.

Key features

    • Applet Creation: Create custom applets by selecting a trigger from one service (e.g., receiving an email) and pairing it with an action in another service (e.g., saving the email to Google Drive).
    • Community-Shared Applets: IFTTT features a community where you can discover and use applets created by others.
    • IoT and Smart Home Control: Supports a wide array of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart home platforms.
    • Automation for Productivity: You can create applets that streamline personal and professional tasks, such as sending automatic reminders, archiving important emails, or saving articles to read later.
    • Cross-Platform Synchronization: Seamlessly connects apps across different platforms (iOS, Android, web, etc.).

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3) Make

zapier free alternative
Source: Make


Pricing: Free

The “Make” visual platform is a dynamic and user-friendly tool that empowers you to create stunning visuals without the need for advanced design skills.

Key features 

    • Drag-and-Drop Design: Make provides a drag-and-drop design interface, allowing you to effortlessly arrange elements, such as images, text, shapes, and icons.
    • Templates and Layouts: The platform offers a collection of professionally designed templates and layouts suitable for various purposes.
    • Collaboration Tools: Enables multiple team members to contribute to and edit visual projects in real time.
    • Animated Content: Add an engaging dimension to your work with the help of animated content.
    • Export and Sharing: Completed visuals can be easily exported in various formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc.) and shared directly on social media platforms, websites, or incorporated into presentations.

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4) Workato

Zapier free alternative
Source: Workato


Pricing: Custom

Workato serves as a comprehensive integration and automation solution, providing you with the tools you need to connect applications, streamline processes, and improve productivity.

Key features

    • Advanced Integration: Integrate with over 1,000 applications for seamless data exchange.
    • No-Code Automation: No-code interface makes it accessible to users with varying technical backgrounds.
    • Bots and Workflows: Workato enables the creation of intelligent bots that can perform actions based on predefined triggers and conditions.
    • Real-Time Data Sync: Get real-time data synchronization between applications, ensuring that information is up-to-date across systems.
    • Data Mapping and Transformation: Incorporates tools to map and transform data as it moves between applications.

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5) Pipedream

zapier free alternative
Source: Pipedream


Pricing: Free; paid plans begin from $19.

Pipedream is a powerful integration and automation tool that empowers you to effortlessly connect applications, APIs, and data sources to create seamless workflows.

Key features

    • Event-Driven Automation: Operates on an event-driven model and trigger actions or workflows based on specific events.
    • Serverless Functions: Supports the creation of serverless functions that can execute tasks, enabling you to process data, perform calculations, and interact with APIs.
    • Prebuilt and Custom Workflows: Pipedream offers a library of prebuilt workflows, as well as the ability to create custom workflows tailored to specific integration needs.
    • Community and Collaboration: Share your workflows and creations with the Pipedream community.
    • Real-Time Monitoring: Pipedream offers real-time monitoring and logging, so you can track the progress and status of your workflows.
    • Scheduled Jobs: Schedule workflows to run at specific intervals or times, automating tasks based on defined schedules.

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6) Power Automate

zapier free alternative
Source: Power Automate


Pricing: Start free via demo; get personalized pricing plans according to your needs.

Power Automate, developed by Microsoft offers a versatile solution for automating workflows, integrating applications, and improving efficiency.

Whereas its user-friendly interface, broad integration capabilities, and extensive features make it a valuable tool if you’re looking to enhance your automation capabilities.

Key features

    • Visual Workflow Designer: A visual, no-code interface that allows you to design automated workflows by connecting triggers, actions, and conditions in a logical sequence.
    • Integration with Microsoft Services: Seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft applications such as Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and more.
    • Templates and Prebuilt Flows: Get a library of templates and prebuilt flows that you can leverage to quickly automate common tasks and processes.
    • Conditional Logic and Expressions: Includes conditional logic and expressions, enabling you to create dynamic workflows that adapt to different scenarios.
    • Data Transformation and Manipulation: The platform includes tools for transforming and manipulating data as it flows through workflows.
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Integration: Power Automate can be combined with Power Automate Desktop so you can automate multiple tasks.
    • Rich Analytics and Monitoring: Provides analytics and monitoring tools that allow you to track the execution and performance of your automated workflows.

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7) Tray.io

zapier free alternative
Source: Tray.io

Rating: ⭐4.6/5

Pricing: Free trial available; contact Tray for a custom quote.

Tray.io is a cutting-edge API automation platform that empowers you to seamlessly connect, automate, and integrate various applications and data sources. Its visual design interface, extensive integration options, and advanced features make it a valuable tool if you aim to optimize your processes.

Key features

    • Visual Workflow Builder: Tray.io provides a visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder. Likewise, it enables you to create intricate automation sequences without the need for extensive coding.
    • API Integration: Supports integration with a wide array of applications, APIs, and services.
    • Real-Time Triggers: In addition, Tray.io offers real-time triggers that initiate workflows based on specific events.
    • Data Transformation and Manipulation: Transform and manipulate data as it moves through workflows.
    • Prebuilt Connectors and Templates: Access a library of pre-built connectors and templates that streamline the setup of common integrations and automation.
    • Workflow Monitoring and Analytics: Monitor your workflows and get detailed analytics that provides insights into the performance and effectiveness of workflows.
    • Custom Code and Expressions: If you have coding expertise, you can incorporate custom code and expressions to extend the capabilities of the workflows.
    • Security and Compliance: Tray.io prioritizes security by offering features such as data encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry standards.


In conclusion, there is an increased dependency on streamlined digital operations. Thus, exploring alternative solutions to Zapier’s automation prowess has become pivotal. The surge in demand for workflow optimization has given rise to alternatives with unique capabilities and advantages. 

As we’ve journeyed through these 7 Zapier free alternatives and competitors, it becomes clear that the landscape of automation is expanding rapidly, catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences. 

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