Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice: Which Tool Is Best For Your Business?

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Last Updated: April 2024

Picture this: you’re standing at a crossroads in your online business journey, facing the dilemma of Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice. It’s like choosing between two paths, each leading to different outcomes for your enterprise. Think of Yotpo and Bazaarvoice as tools in your toolbox, each with its unique purpose.

In this guide, we’re your friendly travel guides, here to make your decision-making process a breeze. We’ll break down the complexities of Yotpo vs. Bazaarvoice in plain, simple language, so you can pick the best tool for your business without any confusion.

Ready to embark on this straightforward adventure? Let’s find out which path, Yotpo or Bazaarvoice, leads your business to success!

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice Feature Comparison

1. Review Collection 


    • Automated Collection: Yotpo provides automated email campaigns to request reviews from customers after purchase.
    • In-Mail Forms: Allows customers to submit reviews directly through emails with in-mail forms.
    • On-Site Widgets: Embeddable widgets for websites to collect and display reviews and ratings.

“Automating review collection and the benefits we have are repeat customers using our incentivized email discount.”

⭐ 5/5 Danielle C.


    • Review Collection: Enables businesses to collect and display customer reviews.
    • Question & Answer: Allows customers to ask questions about products, answered by other customers or business representatives.
    • Visual and Social Content: Allows users to upload photos and videos along with reviews.

“I like that I can use Bazaarvoice to syndicate reviews between other subsidiaries of our brand and through to Retailers. 

⭐5/5 Linda L.

2. Moderation


Yotpo provides moderation tools to ensure the quality and authenticity of user-generated content.

    • Automated Moderation: Uses AI algorithms to automatically filter out inappropriate content.
    • Manual Moderation: Allows businesses to manually review and approve or reject content before publishing.


“Has all of the features that you’d need to enable a site to have reviews and Q&A: review collection, review visualization, and moderation. ”

⭐ 4/5 Verified User


Bazaarvoice offers moderation services to filter out inappropriate content.

    • Moderation Dashboard: Provides a dashboard for manual moderation, allowing businesses to monitor and control content.
    • Profanity Filters: Automatically detects and filters out profane language.

“Bazaarvoice provides robust moderation tools to help businesses manage and moderate user-generated content such as reviews, ratings, and comments.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Faisal S.

3. Use Cases


Yotpo caters to various industries and uses cases for collecting and leveraging customer reviews.

    • E-commerce: Helps e-commerce businesses collect product reviews and boost sales.
    • Retail: Enables brick-and-mortar stores to gather feedback and improve customer experience.
    • Service Industries: Useful for service-oriented businesses like hotels and restaurants to gather guest feedback.

“Additionally, having clients speak to their own use cases can give other clients (and us) new ideas on how to use the product, position it, and make improvements as needed.”

⭐ 4.5/5 Nicolette B.


Bazaarvoice serves multiple industries with a focus on retail and e-commerce.

    • Retailers: Provides tools for retailers to collect and display product reviews and ratings.
    • Brands: Allows brands to engage customers, collect feedback, and enhance brand reputation.
    • Influencer Marketing: Integrates with social media platforms, facilitating influencer marketing strategies.

“Additionally, we use the tool in order to respond to questions, complaints, and reviews that are left on our company website or any of our retail partner’s websites.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Jennifer A.

4. Administration


Yotpo offers a user-friendly admin interface for businesses to manage customer reviews and feedback.

    • Content Management: Allows businesses to manage and curate user-generated content.
    • Reporting: Provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to track review performance and customer sentiments.

“The shoppable “feeds” with UGC content has also helped us showcase our products in a more genuine way – in our customer’s own homes.”

⭐ 5/5, Verified User


Bazaarvoice provides a robust administration panel for businesses to oversee customer-generated content.

    • Content Moderation: Tools for moderating and managing user reviews and Q&A content.
    • Insights and Analytics: Offers in-depth analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences based on reviews and interactions.

“BazaarVoice is always up to date on new features and analytics when social platforms make changes, like scheduling Reels and getting analytics on Reels.”

⭐ 4/5, Maria W.

5. Display Option


Yotpo allows businesses to display user-generated content on their websites and marketing channels.

    • Customizable widgets: Offers customizable widgets to display reviews, ratings, and other UGC on product pages.
    • Social media integration: Enables sharing of customer reviews and photos on social media platforms for wider reach.

“I like it best in that it provides a third-party integration feature to integrate with other platforms, we only integrate it and start using it on our website.”

⭐ 5/5, Muhammad H.


Bazaarvoice provides flexible display options for integrating user-generated content into websites and marketing materials.

    • Mobile optimization: Ensures user-generated content is displayed effectively on mobile devices for a seamless user experience.
    • API integration: Offers API integration options for businesses to customize and integrate user-generated content into their platforms.

“The easy integration into our website and the ability to respond to reviews and stay on top of poor experiences.”

⭐ 5/5, Nick H.

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice Comparison of Pricing


1. Growth Plan

    • Starting at: $15/month
    • Features: Improve SEO with Google-rich snippets, collect photos and videos in reviews, and share product reviews on Facebook shops and Google shopping ads. 

2. Prime Plan:

    • Starting at: $119/month
    • Features: Share site reviews for Google seller rating, build shoppable media galleries, display product and shopper attributes, create a community with Q&A, and onboarding support, and gather shopper insights at scale. 

3. Premium Plan:

    • Tailored Support: Customized advice from Yotpo’s e-commerce experts
    • Additional Features: Collect superior reviews with smart AI, use smart analytics to drive decisions, design highly custom displays with CSS, integrate full tech stack, and dedicated customer success manager. 

4. Enterprise Plan:

    • Customized Enterprise Support: Tailored services for diverse markets and brands
    • Additional Features: Expedite time to market, scale across markets and brands, project management and scoping, dedicated security & compliance support, enterprise customer success manager, and priority access to professional services. 

      yotpo vs bazaarvoice


Bazaarvoice has chosen not to disclose its standard pricing publicly. However, you can request a quote below. Typically, this suggests that their pricing is flexible. It is advisable to seek multiple quotes to negotiate effectively. 

Here, you can explore the various plans and features they offer.

1. Essentials:

    • What It Does: Helps you get started with genuine customer ratings & reviews.
    • Features: Various review forms, program insights, conversion reports, customizable emails, and product catalog management. 

2. Advanced

    • What It Does: Expands your program with Q&A and text message reviews.
    • Features: Questions & answers, translated reviews, text message reviews, annual business reviews. 

3. Enterprise

    • What It Does: Provides advanced flexibility and premium support for a personalized customer experience.
    • Features: Ask a product owner, review highlights, custom guidelines, ratings & reviews APIs, mobile app integration, and bi-annual business reviews.

      yotpo vs bazaarvoice

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice Comparison Table

CollectionSupports various content types: reviews, photos, and videos. Customizable review request emails.Focuses on product reviews, and Q&A, and supports photo and video submissions.
ModerationAutomated moderation using AI. Manual moderation options. Profanity filter to prevent offensive language.Utilizes AI for content moderation. Offers human moderation for thorough quality control.
Use CasesWidely used in e-commerce, retail, and hospitality sectors. Provides industry-specific integrations for tailored solutions.Caters to diverse industries, offering customized solutions for specific sectors.
AdministrationReview management tools allow businesses to respond to customer feedback. Detailed analytics and reporting for data-driven insights.Provides customer engagement tools for responding to reviews and questions. Offers in-depth performance analytics to track customer interactions.
Display OptionsCustomizable widgets for displaying reviews and ratings on websites. Integration with social media platforms for wider reach.Optimized for mobile devices, ensuring user-generated content displays seamlessly. Provides API integration options for custom implementations.

Saufter: Delivering Automated Customer Support Solutions

As we delve into the realm of customer support solutions, we’re excited to introduce you to a groundbreaking platform: Saufter.

This innovative system is poised to transform your e-commerce operations, enhance service quality, and propel your business to unprecedented heights.

yotpo vs bazaarvoice

Key Features

    • Efficient Automation: Simplify tasks, enabling your team to focus on critical matters.
    • Comprehensive Insights: Gain a holistic view of customer data to improve support services.
    • Enhanced ECommerce: Boost satisfaction with automated handling of returns, exchanges, and order adjustments.
    • Proactive Order Guidance: Keep customers informed with continuous 24/7 order monitoring.
    • Tailored SaaS Assistance: Address diverse SaaS needs through user-friendly self-help options.
    • Seamless Omnichannel: Connect effortlessly with customers across various platforms.
    • Integrated Harmony: Sync seamlessly with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Facebook for streamlined operations.


Opt for Yotpo if:

  • You want seamless integration of customer reviews, photos, and videos.
  • Need advanced customization options and intuitive moderation tools.
  • Industry-specific integrations and a wide range of features are essential for your business.

Choose Bazaarvoice if:

  • You prioritize detailed analytics, human moderation, and diverse content types (photos, videos).
  •  Require scalable solutions tailored to different industries.
  • Customer engagement and industry expertise are crucial for boosting trust and sales.

Both platforms offer unique strengths, so carefully consider your specific business requirements to make the best choice for your needs.



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