xSellco eDesk, Repricer, and Feedback are three popular ecommerce software solutions created by xSellco.

You can use xSellco eDesk to effectively manage ecommerce customer support tickets, xSellco Repricer for automated Amazon pricing, and xSellco Feedback for automated feedback collection.

Overall, xSellco can be a great pack of useful software for your ecommerce business but can break your bank at the same time!

Nevertheless, there are many affordable and featureful xSellco alternatives you should look at.


1. Helplama Helpdesk

Helplama’s helpdesk is cloud-based helpdesk software focused on e-commerce. It provides most features that xSellco eDesk provides but… it’s more than just helpdesk software!

With the Helplama helpdesk, you won’t need to pay for additional software like xSellco Feedback to collect user reviews!

Unlike xSellco eDesk, the Helplama helpdesk provides marketing automation that includes automated reviews and UGC collection.

Moreover, you get many unique features like automated agent training, automated order tracking, agents marketplace, influencer identification, and much more.

In short, the Helplama helpdesk is the best alternative to both xSellco eDesk and Feedback!


    • It provides AI-drafted emails and chat responses.
    • It also includes an automated training module that will train and test agents based on YOUR previous chats.
    • A ton of Integrations include Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Slack, and others.
    • Proactive customer support and order issues scanning.
  • Customizable knowledge base
  • A native phone call and SMS integration
  • With Helplama, you can hire agents as well.


  • Influencer identification is in the beta stage, you might face some bugs.

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2. Gorgias

Gorgias is a helpdesk primarily designed for e-commerce platforms. It comes with features like ticket creation and management, internal notes, customer history tracking, and so on.

With Gorgias, you can set up automated personalized responses based on customer history, helping your team spend less time on repetitive tasks. It also integrates with a variety of apps and popular e-commerce platforms. So, it can be a good alternative to xSellco eDesk.


  • Interactive customer support
  • You can separate the views for different types of incoming customer inquiries.
  • You can easily view daily and real-time statistics.


  • Voice channel is not an out-of-the-box feature, you would need to contact Gorgias support for that.
  • The automated tags aren’t very useful. The tags can appear cluttered with unnecessary information.
  • There are only a few routing rules.
  • Gorgias pricing is ticket-based and not user-based. Small teams with large volumes can find it costly.

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3. Richpanel

Richpanel is a live chat and helpdesk tool that allows your team to efficiently monitor and resolve customer service issues.

Like xSellco eDesk, it would allow your team to connect with customers via various channels such as email, live chat, phone, and social media from a single location.

This xSellco alternative also has features such as a self-service help center, automation, task bots, etc that allow customers to solve issues on their own.

Additionally, it has satisfaction survey options but doesn’t offer an automated Amazon review collection.

So, Richpanel can be a great xSellco eDesk alternative but not a good alternative to the xSellco Feedback tool.


  • Self-service portal for customers.
  • Richpanel’s interface is very user-friendly and has been designed to make training as simple as possible.
  • Your agents won’t have to switch between screens because all customer information can be accessed on a single platform.


  • Ticket-based pricing might become costly as you scale.
  • Customizing workflows can be difficult at times.
  • No multilingual back office support options.

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4. Re:amaze

Reamaze is an integrated platform for customer service, help desk, and live chat solutions. 

Its clean helpdesk UI is one of the best things we liked. Moreover, you get a knowledge base that can be integrated to live chat. So your agent won’t need to repeat the same solutions to different customers.


  • The chat widget has an integrated knowledge base.
  • The interface is clean, modern, and easy to navigate.
  • Allows multi-users and tracking per user.
  • You can create “Intents” (an NLP/ML-based feature) that can be used as automated workflow triggers.


  • The backed interface for the live chat is not that good.
  • Live chat can be difficult to set up. 

Reamaze offers a free trial for 14 days. After the trial, you can opt for any of their paid plans as follows:

  • Basic – $29/agent/month.
  • Pro – $49/agent/month.
  • Plus – $69/agent/month.

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5. HappyFox

Happyfox is a powerful, insightful, and simple-to-use cloud-based helpdesk software.

You can tag customers, add private notes, assign tickets to specific team members, and even create canned responses with this helpdesk.

This xSellco alternative’s user interface is also impressive, which loads extremely quickly.

Happyfox is also available in iOS, Android, and Windows versions, allowing for support via smartphones and tablets.


  • A bunch of custom fields to allow you to tailor the platform to your specific needs.
  • Simple to use and fast interface.
  • Easy to set up different workflows.


  • The mobile application is severely lacking in functionality.
  • Spam restriction can be overwhelming.
  • Integration options are less compared to other helpdesks.
  • The notification system isn’t particularly strong. It can be difficult to tell when new e-mails have arrived.

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6. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a popular cloud-based customer service software that provides help desk, live chat, and call center solutions for businesses of all sizes. It has a one-of-a-kind ticket creation system that suggests automated knowledge base articles to the customers.

With ticket resolution leaderboards and fully customizable awards systems, you can set goals and rewards for your customer service team. Moreover, Freshdesk also comprises advanced reporting capabilities to track customer sentiment.

But, it doesn’t comprise an automated review collection as the Helplama helpdesk does.

Let’s have a look at Freshdesk’s pros and cons:


  • Freshdesk has a free forever plan with basic functionalities.
  • It includes advanced features like ticket routing and scenario automation.
  • Auto-suggestions during ticket creation.


  • Limited marketing automation features.
  • Can be difficult to use for new users.
  • No report and analytics for Freshdesk chatbot.

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7. Kayako

Kayako is also one of the best alternatives to eDesk by xSellco, which allows you to keep all customer conversations in one place.

Primarily built for ecommerce companies, Kayako integrates well with most industry-approved ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Furthermore, it facilitates simple ticket management and the ability to escalate and de-escalate between different levels of support.

Compared to the xsellco eDesk, it has a low maintenance requirement and is well-known for its customization features.


  • You can create individual customer profiles and keep track of all their conversations.
  • Customers can access self-service support via the help center 24×7
  • It includes native mobile apps for iOS and Android.


  • Kayako lacks sufficient reporting capabilities.
  • Many of the features are only available on the more expensive plans.
  • During a live chat with a customer, there is no option for file uploads.
  • Kayako has constantly increased its prices. 

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Bottom Line

Even though xSellco offers a variety of tools to fulfill your ecommerce needs, it has its own shortcomings like high prices. 

Nevertheless, all the above-listed xSellco alternatives have their unique features and shortcomings as well. So before choosing and shifting to one, identify your customer service and business needs before finalizing one.

Also, consider signing up for a trial before shifting to an xSellco competitor.

Still confused? Contact our specialized team. They will help choose the best ecommerce software as per your business needs.

Or… Give a try to Helplama Helpdesk. Unlike xSellco eDesk, it also allows you to collect reviews and user testimonials automatically!

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