Why Omni-Channel Customer Feedback is Crucial

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Omni-Channel Customer Feedback

Last Updated: July 2024


Oftentimes, businesses can end up being completely deaf and blind to their customer pain points. 

Why does that happen, one might ask?

It happens because more and more, it is the technology (or business processes) that end up interacting with the customers and not decision makers themselves. 

Since business marketing and operations are spread across a variety of platforms, so are the pains.

And there lies the problem….and the monstrous opportunity, since the customers are already expecting you to ace your game no matter what platform your business is on.

Don’t believe me? 

In a survey, a massive 87% majority of the respondents said that brands need to put more effort across ALL channels[1].

And that is why a Voice of the Customer Program (VoC) can be so important!

Having such a program at the very DNA of your organization, can truly help your hearing abilities go super.
In fact, here a few examples[2]:

  •  Tim Cook has been known to respond to customer emails himself. Check out this Reddit thread or this post.
  • Jeff Bezos keeps a keen eye on Amazon’s customer service emails. Read this for more. 


And all of this…despite the massive investment in surveys being made by these tech brands[3]. 



Do I Need To Worry About Multiple Platforms?


You don’t have to be a juggernaut like Apple for you to worry about multiple platforms.

98% of Americans switch between a number of devices every single day[1].

64% of customers want to receive real time assistance no matter what channel they use[1].

And listen to this…

90% of the customers expect absolutely consistent interactions across channels[1] (make sure your social media manager knows how to track orders).

So, how should you get started?

Make sure you do not underestimate the importance of every single touchpoint.

Your landing page..

Your mobile app..

Or your social media interactions..

You would also need to make sure that you’re listening to the performance of your customers on your landing pages and are using in-app surveys within your app.

Once you’ve been able to set up an infrastructure for gathering this omnichannel data, you would need to set up a system for analyzing it.


Set up, measure, analyze, iterate….and repeat!


Setting up all of these listening tools is just the beginning.

You would then need make sure you have processes available for:

Analyzing the large swaths of data

Being able to implement the insights

Your analytics cannot be limited to merely NPS scores or in-app surveys.

You would need to collect and correlate numbers from your web analytics, NPS platform, in-app surveys, conversion data, customer service issue data and many more sources.

This will help you create a fully integrated VoC platform…and enable quick experimentation and iterative cycles.


Step 1: Analyze Data

Step 2: Come up with a Hypothesis

Step 3: Relate your hypothesis to your key business metrics

Step 4: Make small changes to the customer journey and experience

Step 5: Measure the impact on your key metrics


Don’t believe this can work for you?


Companies that go through this iterative process to improve customer experience perform far better financially than other companies in the same sector[4].



Bottom Line: Don’t Stop Improving


If you feel your customers don’t interact with your brand across multiple channels, you need to think again.


And, if you feel analyzing your omni-channel VoC data will not improve the bottom line for your business, large or small, you need to at least make an attempt at an experiment to improve customer experience. Google itself has started realizing the importance of sheer customer experience and now gives it a greater weightage in its ranking algorithms than ever[5]. So, you should have no reason to ignore VoC data.

Also, try Saufter – the customer service software that offers an omnichannel experience while helping you automate and scale your customer support.



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