When not to use chat bots

not to use chat bots

Last Updated: February 2024

Chatbots are being extensively used in current times for services like customer service outsourcing. While they provide various advantages, it’s crucial to recognize situations where it’s best not to use chat bots. You can automate interactions with users and customers but overusing chatbots can land you in trouble.

For example, it’s not advisable to use chat bots when addressing customer grievances. Every individual is unique; hence each problem is different and automation or over automation could lose you some valuable clients or potential customers. Chatbots are used to reply to basic emails which have general questions with standard answers but cannot be used to respond to emails that might be more complicated and includes many variables.

There are several scenarios where relying on chatbots can be a very bad idea as they lack the basic essence of a human touch and interaction. Based on our experience with 100s of thousands of customer interactions, we have compiled a list of scenarios where chatbots can be absolutely disastrous.

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not to use chat bots

not to use chat bots

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