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webengage pricing

Last Updated: April 2024


Today, we’re diving into WebEngage Pricing, Features, and Reviews for a comprehensive breakdown. With over 400M monthly active users, understanding this powerful customer engagement platform is crucial for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and drive growth.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of Webengage together!

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What is WebEngage?

webengage pricing
Source: webengage.com

In simple terms, WebEngage is your go-to customer engagement platform. It empowers you to connect with your audience across multiple channels, such as email, SMS, mobile push, web push, and more.

With its user-friendly interface, you can create personalized campaigns, gather valuable insights, and drive meaningful interactions to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Say hello to a more engaging and rewarding customer experience with WebEngage by your side!

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Overview of WebEngage Pricing Plans

WebEngage offers four pricing plans namely, Solo, Band, Choir, and Orchestra. You can choose from these four options based on the number of monthly active users your business has.

Additionally, you can always ask for further customization of plans to align perfectly with your specific needs. And to avail of any of these plans you can request a demo on their website or simply click on the button below.

webengage pricing
Source: webengage.com

In the coming-up section, we will give you detailed information on all these four plans. So, stay with us.

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A Detailed Breakdown of WebEngage Pricing Plans

Learn here, about all the features you will get in all these four plans.

1. Solo

This plan is designed for businesses having up to 10k Monthly Active Users (MAU). It includes basic features like analytics, segmentation, engagement, etc as given below.


    • Basic Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your user engagement and campaign performance.
    • Basic Segmentation: Divide your audience into specific groups for more targeted interactions.
    • Engagement across all channels: Connect with your users through various channels like email, SMS, mobile push, and web push.
    • Personalization using user and events: Deliver personalized experiences based on user behavior and specific events.
    • 5 user journeys: Create up to 5 unique paths for users to follow, guiding them through your desired actions.
    • Limited Third-party integrations: Seamlessly integrate with select third-party tools to enhance your marketing efforts.
    • Email-only support: Receive support through email for any inquiries or assistance you may need.


    • Limited User Capacity: The Solo plan may not be suitable for larger enterprises with higher user numbers.
    • Basic Feature Set: While it provides essential features like analytics, segmentation, and engagement, it may lack some advanced functionalities available in higher-tier plans.
    • Restricted Integrations: Since it offers only limited third-party integrations, there may be restrictions on the ability to connect with certain tools or platforms your business relies on.
    • Support Options: With email-only support, you may experience longer response times compared to more comprehensive support options like live chat or phone support.
    • Scalability: As your business grows and exceeds the 10k MAU threshold, you may need to consider upgrading to a higher-tier plan to accommodate your expanding user base and access more features.

User Review

Personalized communication and predictive segments also help us target our audience better. – Isha D.

This Plan is Best For:

The Solo Plan is best suited for businesses that have recently acquired customers and are looking to focus on customer retention.

2. Band

The Band plan, designed for businesses with up to 50K Monthly Active Users (MAU), offers everything included in the Solo Plan and additional features such as:


    • Rolling time window segments: Create dynamic segments based on user activities within specific time frames for more targeted campaigns.
    • A/B Testing of campaigns: Experiment with different versions of your campaigns to identify the most effective approach.
    • Channel trends and insights: Gain valuable data and insights on user behavior across various engagement channels.
    • Cross-channel comparison: Compare the performance of your campaigns across different channels to optimize your marketing strategy.
    • 10 user journeys: Design up to 10 unique user journeys to guide users through personalized interactions and experiences.
    • Role-based access: Assign specific roles and permissions to team members for better control and security.
    • Chat support: Get real-time assistance through chat for any queries or issues you may encounter.


    • User Capacity: While the Band plan allows for up to 50K Monthly Active Users (MAU), it may still be limiting for larger businesses with rapidly growing user bases.
    • Advanced Analytics: Despite including valuable insights, it might not offer as comprehensive analytics as higher-tier plans, potentially limiting in-depth data analysis.
    • Limited User Journeys: Although you can create up to 10 user journeys, larger businesses with more complex user flows may find this restriction somewhat limiting.

User Review

We wanted a solution where we could send all our user events and then create personalized user journeys. WebEngage helps us do exactly that and more. – Shivank B.

This Plan is Best For:

The Band Plan is best suited for businesses aiming to drive customer retention and foster business growth.

3. Choir

The Choir plan is tailored for businesses with up to 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU). It encompasses all the features from the Band plan and adds some advanced features as follows:


    • Advanced analytics: Dive deeper into your data with more sophisticated analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior and campaign performance.
    • Frequency Capping and DND: Set limits on the number of times users receive your messages and respect their Do Not Disturb preferences for a better user experience.
    • Personalization using 3rd party API data: Enhance personalization by incorporating data from third-party APIs to deliver more relevant and targeted interactions.
    • Scheduled reports: Receive timely and automated reports on your campaign performance and user engagement.
    • 20 user journeys: Create up to 20 unique user journeys to craft personalized experiences that guide users through their desired actions.
    • API integration: Seamlessly integrate WebEngage with other tools and systems using APIs for enhanced functionality and workflow.
    • Phone support: Get prompt assistance and support via phone for any critical queries or urgent matters.


    • User Capacity: While the Choir plan allows for up to 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU), if your business has an even larger user base, then you might find this limitation constraining.
    • Complexity: Having a more sophisticated set of features, this plan might have a steeper learning curve in case you are new to customer engagement platforms.
    • Cost: As the features become more sophisticated, the cost of the Choir plan may be higher compared to the Band plan, so it’s essential to consider your budget.
    • Resource Requirements: Utilizing advanced features like API integration may require dedicated resources or technical expertise.

User Review

WebEngage offers a comprehensive set of tools and metrics for customer engagement and retention journeys. – Neda Y.

This Plan is Best For:

Choir Plan will be useful for businesses with up to 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU) seeking advanced features and phone support.

4. Orchestra (Enterprise plan)

The Orchestra (Enterprise plan) is designed for businesses with over 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU) and includes all features from the Choir plan, as well as additional advanced features like


    • Live view of segments and campaigns: Get real-time insights into how your segments and campaigns are performing.
    • Dynamic logic within campaigns: Create campaigns with dynamic rules and logic, allowing for more personalized and adaptive interactions.
    • Data ingestion error detection: Identify and rectify errors in your data ingestion process for more accurate results.
    • Custom reports: Generate tailor-made reports to track and analyze key performance metrics specific to your business needs.
    • 100 user journeys: Craft up to 100 unique user journeys to deliver highly customized experiences.
    • Unlimited 3rd party integrations: Seamlessly connect with an unlimited number of third-party tools and platforms for a seamless workflow.
    • Account manager dedicated to your support: Have a dedicated account manager to provide personalized support and address your specific requirements.


    • Cost: The Orchestra, being an Enterprise-level plan, may come with a higher price tag, making it less suitable for smaller businesses with budget constraints.
    • Complex Implementation: With a wide range of features, the implementation and configuration process might be more intricate and time-consuming.
    • Training and Onboarding: Due to the plan’s complexity, adequate training and onboarding for your team members might be necessary to fully utilize its capabilities.
    • Enhanced Maintenance: Managing numerous user journeys, integrations, and dynamic campaigns may require more effort for ongoing maintenance and optimization.

User Review

WebEngage has helped in seamless integrations with many other platforms for SMS and WhatsApp communications and that has helped us to target customers on broad scale. – Swapnil B.

This Plan is Best For:

The Orchestra (Enterprise plan) is the ideal choice for businesses with over 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU) looking to maximize customer retention and engagement like never before.

WebEngage Pricing Plans Comparison


Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Key Features



Up to 10k MAU

Basic Analytics, Basic Segmentation, Engagements



Up to 50k MAU

Solo features + Rolling Segments, A/B Testing, 10 User Journeys

Email + Chat support


Up to 100k MAU

Band features + Advanced Analytics, Personalization using APIs

Email + Chat + Phone support


More than 100k MAU

Choir features + Live View, Dynamic Logic, Custom Reports

Email + Chat + Phone + Dedicated Account Manager

Missing Features in WebEngage

While WebEngage is a powerful customer engagement platform, it currently lacks certain features that might be present in other similar platforms. Some of these missing features include:

  1. Social Media Integration: WebEngage does not offer direct integration with social media platforms, limiting its reach and engagement on popular social channels.
  2. SMS Shortcodes: Unlike some competitors, WebEngage does not provide support for SMS shortcodes, which could be beneficial for specific marketing campaigns.
  3. Web Push API: WebEngage does not have a Web Push API, restricting certain customizations and automation related to web push notifications.
  4. Multi-language Support: Currently, WebEngage does not fully support multi-language campaigns, which could be important for businesses targeting diverse audiences.
  5. Journey Templates: Though it offers user journeys, it lacks pre-built templates, making it more time-consuming to set up complex automation sequences.
  6. In-App Messaging: As of now, WebEngage does not have native support for in-app messaging, limiting direct communication within mobile apps.

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