Top 8 Wassenger Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Automated Service

Last Updated: April 2024

Are you seeking a Wassenger alternative? You’ve come to the right place!

Do you know, on average, users spend 18.6 hours on Whatsapp? Thus, reaching out to your customers and solving their queries on Whatsapp can help you scale up your business faster. 

Wassenger is one of the leading software that provides Whatsapp customer support. Though there are several powerful competitors of Wassengers, and to help you choose the best from them we have curated a list of the top 5 Wassenger alternatives. 


Saufter provides automated customer support service with the help of its AI chatbot. The bot can provide omnichannel support on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. You can set canned responses so the bot offers personalized service to your customers.


  • Provides metrics around the chatbot so that you know how productive it is.
  • Helps in the marketing of your product with the help of  Whatsapp notifications. Some of the notifications it can roll out are abandoned carts, ongoing events, delivery notifications, etc.
  • Helps you create and manage your knowledge base. 





WaliChat is a multi-agent chat platform that is built specifically for Whatsapp. It comes with a shared inbox with which your teammates can effectively collaborate and work together. 


  • Provides API+Webhooks so that you can easily integrate with any platform. 
  • Provides flexible pricing so that you avail of the services that only matter.
  • Saves the intel of your chats so that you can use it for future reference. 


  • Professional- $39.9/Month
  • Business- $69.9/Month
  • Enterprise- $99.9/Month


Grasp provides customer service on 4 platforms: email, Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct. It allows you to prioritize your customers so that your agents attend to and solve their queries quickly. 


  • Provides multilingual support so that it’s easier for you to attend to global customers. 
  • The bot suggests articles from your knowledge base which provide quick service to your customers.
  • It automatically assigns tags to your tickets based on their status. 


  • Premium – 33.93/user/month
  • Enterprise – 50.90/user/month
  • Custom – 68.93/user/month


Interakt is a software specially built for Whatsapp. It allows you to run a sales campaign on it where you can send 30 top products with a description, price, image, and more. 


  • Provides automation service with a trigger option that allows you to manage high-volume customer conversations effectively. 
  • Provides green tick verification on Whatsapp.
  • Allow you to set up and track campaigns on Whatsapp.
  • It has a shared inbox feature that allows unlimited teammates collaboration. 


  • Starter Plan – $21 + Taxes* Per Month
  • Growth Plan – $49 + Taxes* Per Month
  • Advanced – $63 + Taxes* Per Month
  • Free – 14-day free trial


TimelinesAI has a user-friendly interface that allows you to message multiple contacts simultaneously. It can be integrated with helpdesks such as Hubspot, Zaphire,, and many more. 


  • It allows you to set up a QR code on your website. 
  • Provides extensive metrics that allow you to check the software’s performance. 
  • It allows multiple Whatsapp workspaces with 4 additional screens.


  • Pipedrive integration – $25/seat
  • HubSpot integration – $25/seat
  • Shared Inbox – $40/seat
  • Mass messaging & Automation – $60/seat

6) Zenvia (formerly Sirena)

Sirena is a versatile alternative to Wassenger, designed to streamline team communication by providing a shared inbox for viewing and responding to messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. 

This platform goes beyond basic messaging, integrating with popular applications such as Shopify, Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.


  • Sirena facilitates seamless collaboration by offering a shared inbox for the entire team.
  • Integrates with various applications, including Shopify, Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and others. 
  • Empowers users to respond swiftly to customer service and sales inquiries through its chatbot functionality.
  • Users can create click-to-message buttons for their website, links, or QR codes for campaigns. 
  • Sirena keeps a comprehensive audit of all actions taken on messages from leads or customers. 
  • The platform boasts an interface resembling WhatsApp web, making it user-friendly and easing the learning curve for new users.
  • Sirena provides the unique capability to send audio messages to customers, akin to traditional text messages. 



7) DelightChat

DelightChat is a powerful Omnichannel Helpdesk and WhatsApp Marketing Software specifically crafted for SME brands, designed to revolutionize customer service and enhance marketing efforts. 


  • DelightChat provides a centralized Omnichannel inbox, allowing seamless management of various channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Emails, and Live Chat.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive WhatsApp Marketing suite, enabling businesses to send WhatsApp Broadcasts to customer lists using the Official API. 
  • Facilitates the automation of crucial customer notifications on WhatsApp. 
  • Allows users to respond to queries and collaborate with their team, all from a single screen. 
  • Promotes team collaboration by providing a unified platform for customer interactions.


  • Startup: $49/month
  • Scale: $99/month
  • Growth: $299/month

8) Callbell

Callbell stands out as a leading multi-channel instant messaging platform, providing businesses with an advanced solution for client support across various messaging apps. 

If you are in search of Wassenger alternative, Callbell offers a feature-rich experience tailored for diverse industries.


  • Callbell allows businesses to support their clients on their preferred messaging apps. 
  • With Callbell, you can seamlessly invite your team to collaboratively manage chats
  • Callbell caters to a range of industries, including Real Estate Agencies, Travel Agencies, E-commerce, and Logistics.
  • Supports multiple languages, including Français, Español, Italiano, and Português. 


  • Multiagent Chat: $15/user/month
  • Multiagent Chat Plus: $20/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom


We hope that through this post you would be able to decide the best alternative to Wassenger. All these software listed above provide similar or better services for your Whatsapp customer support platform. 

However, if you are looking for software that provides automated omnichannel customer support then you should try It has an AI chatbot that attends to your customers in real-time and solves their queries. Saufter can also automate your social media accounts by collecting good reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, etc. and posting them on your social media handle. It even provides call center services like after-hour call answering service, overflow call answering service, dedicated call centers, and many more. 

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