Veeqo vs Orderhive: Which One Does Your Business Need?

veeqo vs orderhive

Veeqo vs Orderhive

Last Updated
: February 2024

As per reports, inventory distortion results in an estimated $1.1 trillion loss worldwide. It’s essential to manage your online store inventory and warehouse inventory as it automatically adds an out-of-stock item to your online store list and even gives the orders to the manufacturer when the thing is not in your warehouse. 

Inventory management software gives you visibility of your huge stock helping you maintain the optimal amounts so that you can fill your customers’ needs. These apps also automate tasks and reduce human errors.

Veeqo and Orderhive are two inventory management software that usually put entrepreneurs in a dilemma on which one to choose. 

In this post, we have listed a comprehensive report containing a comparison between Veeqo and Orderhive. 

Returns Management(Final Winner: Veeqo) Rating 5/5⭐

Refund of Returns

When a customer returns their product this feature automatically refunds their deposited money.

  • Orderhive automatically refunds the amount to your customer’s bank account once you have received the returned order.
  • Veeqo on the other hand allows you to decide the refund price. This helps you to check the condition of your returned product and give a refund accordingly.

Winner: Veeqo

Return Item Stocking

This feature helps you to restock all the returned items in one place which allows you to check on them whenever you are free.

  • Orderhive allows you to quickly sort your products according to the return ID, Customer name, Price, and date. With the help of this, you can keep a check on customers with high return rates and can take action accordingly.
  • Veeqo allows you to stock orders according to their conditions. Those items that are a good condition are again restocked for sale. It even marks the reason for return so that you can take the necessary steps to improve that product. 

Winner: Veeqo

Returns Reporting

This feature pinpoints the reason for the return by checking on different return requests.

  • Veeqo provides returns reporting which minimizes your return request. Orderhive on the other hand does not provide any such service.

Winner: Veeqo

Automation(Final Winner: Orderhive) Rating 4.5/5⭐

Automation Based on Triggers

A trigger is a feature that automatically performs an action when a trigger event occurs.

  • Orderhive Comes with a lot of trigger actions that can assist you in effectively managing your store. Some features are Time-Based triggers, mandatory and optional triggers, order and shipping triggers, and many more. It even allows you to set your customized rules. 
  • Veeqo provides no trigger actions, though you can still add a limited amount of rules and trigger a movement.

Winner: Orderhive

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation allows your business to work smoothly without any stoppage, they add items, order items if they are out of stock, and even move items from one warehouse to the other.

  • Orderhive allows you to automate your workflow with features like Drop shopping automation, Amazon MCF automation, Auto-fulfillment through a selected warehouse, invoicing automation, and many more. 
  • Veeqo also provides you with workflow automation like Wharehouse to warehouse transfer, automatically adds out-of-stock items, and automates your order management process. It has fewer workflow automation features as compared to Orderhive. 

Winner: Orderhive

Day-to-day automation

These are the automation that reduces a lot of burden off your shoulders. 

  • Orderhive has a lot of automation which can reduce your day-to-day activities. These features include auto split orders, auto emailing, auto shipping, auto PO creation, and many more. 
  • Veeqo on the other hand provides only 2 day-to-day automations that are shipping and work with FBA & 3Pls.

Winner: Orderhive

Order update automation

This feature assists you in automatically updating your database when a new order is received.

  • Orderhive allows you to add different information related to a specific order automatically. Some of the information it adds includes order notes, order tags, order due statutes, log payment, and fraud order handling. 
  • Veeqo has customized rules through which you can enter your data. Though these rules are limited, you might face problems setting them as it’s a complex task.

Winner: Orderhive

Basic Features(Final Winner: Orderhive) Rating 4/5⭐


A wide range of integration allows you to manage your shipment on different apps.

  • Orderhive provides more integration as compared to Veeqo. Some of the apps that Veeqo can not integrate but Orderhive can are Swisspost, Siodemka, RussianPost, and many more.

Winner: Orderhive

Language Supported

If you have customers around the globe then this feature can be a deciding factor for you.

  • Orderhive provides a wide range of language support such as English, Greece, Chinese, Hindi, French, and many more.
  • Veeqo only provides support in the English language.

Winner: Orderhive

Location Tracking

This feature allows your customers to track their orders.

  • Orderhive allows your customers to track their orders whereas Veeqo doesn’t. This is also an essential feature as customers usually like to track orders. 

Winner: Orderhive

Available Devices

With this feature, you can run shipping services on different platforms such as Android, IOS, and many more.

  • Orderhive can only run on web-based platforms.
  • Veeqo on the other hand provides integration on many platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC, iPhone/iPad, Android, and many more. 

Winner: Veeqo

Reports(Final Winner: Orderhive) Rating 4.5/5⭐

Inventory Reports

This feature gives you a transparent view of your inventory that moves through your warehouse, shipping, purchases, and sales.

  • Orderhive provides a variety of reports which can help you understand your inventory. Some of these reports are inventory audits, inventory summaries, low-stock and out-of-stock, inventory value by cost, and many more.
  • Veeqo does not provide such intensive reports. The reposts that you can expect from veeqo are inventory audit reports, low-stock, out-of-stock, and many more. The information provided by Orderhive is more relevant and valuable. 

Winner: Orderhive

Sales Report

The sales report gives you an overview of all the goods sold and their revenue.

  • Orderhive gives you a detailed report of the sales made by your business for a particular day, month, and year. Some of the reports are order summaries, sales by product, sales by store, sales by customer, and many more.
  • Veeqo also provides a detailed sales report. Some of the data that it gives you are Gross sales, net sales, Total Tax, and Shipping revenue. These stats are more helpful as compared to the ones provided by Orderhive

Winner: Veeqo

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Purchase Report

The purchase report gives you an overview of all the cash flow in your business.

  • Orderhive provides a purchase report which consists of a purchase summary, purchased products, Purchases by the supplier, and many more.
  • Veeqo does not provide any purchase reports. 

Winner: Orderhive

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Now that we have compared all the important features of Veeqo vs Orderhive we can easily say that Orderhive is the winner.  Orderhive’s starter pack is also cheaper than Veeqo and it provides more features like unlimited integrations, unlimited number of SKUs, and many more. 

If you have a small business then integrating with Orderhive can assist you to scale it up a bit faster. 

However, if you are looking for complete e-commerce support software then you should try You can use it as a return product management software that has a lot of metrics and provides a secure return of products.

Saufter also has features like Email support, phone order tracking, Live chat support, Provides dedicated call centers for small businesses, and many more. 

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