Userlike Live Chat Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Userlike Live Chat Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best [Complete Breakdown]

Last Updated: June 2024

Have you decided to use Uselike for chat solutions? If yes, then it is crucial for you to know the details of Userlike pricing plans. Obviously, because it involves your money. 

And also, choosing the right plan can assist you in improving your business efficiently. On the other hand, picking an unsuitable plan leads to loss.

So, to help you, we are going to break down all the available pricing options. After reviewing them, you can decide which one to subscribe to.

Next, the table of contents for this article is as follows: 


What is Userlike Live Chat?

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Userlike is a live chat software designed for websites and messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegrams, and SMS. While add-ons to 3rd party apps are a plus, they also have chatbots and automation features. Furthermore, the software guarantees data privacy and is GDPR compliant.

With this app, you can interact and engage with your visitors. Resolve their issues or queries, if they have any. Overall, it helps in staying connected with your customers. 

Moving forward, let’s take a look at the awards won by Userlike, followed by the complete breakdown of pricing plans.


Awards of Userlike

Here we are only listing the recent awards of Userlike issued by SaaSworthy in the Live Chat Category.

  • Top 20 Highly Rated Software
  • Top 20 Fastest Growing Software
  • Top 20 Most Popular Software


Complete Breakdown of Userlike Pricing Plans

USerlike Pricing plans
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Userlike has 4 pricing plans where 3 are paid plans and one is a free plan. Apart from that, it offers a free trial which obviously is applicable to all paid plans. And, the trial’s time period is 14 days.

Please note that once the trial period ends, any paid plan automatically switches to the Free plan. 

Now, in ascending order, the pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Free
  2. Team
  3. Corporate
  4. Flex


1) Free

Free plan comes at $0 whether billed annually, monthly, or biennially. That means, no matter how many days you use it, this plan doesn’t charge any money. Moving forward, let’s see what features it offers.


Features Included

  • Conversations & contacts – Supports unlimited conversations and unlimited contacts.
  • Website Messenger – Create unique chat window configurations or widgets. Plus, embed it to as many pages and websites as you like.
  • Image & video support – With previews and players, you can view any media files or links shared in a conversation.
  • Customization – By changing the text and design, tailor your Website Messenger to match your store.
  • Feedback options – Through surveys, optional comments, and star ratings, allow your customers to give feedback right after the support service.



  • Widget – Lets you create only one chat widget.
  • Seats – Refers to the number of operators you are allowed to add to your Userlike account. In this plan, you can only add one.


Free Plan is Good for:

Individuals who only need one chat setup can opt for the Free plan.

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2) Team

When billed monthly, annually, and biennially, the Team plan costs $100, $90, and $80 per month. If the billing address is in the EU, use SEPA direct debit to pay. In case the billing address is not in the EU, then just use your credit card. 

Moreover, this Team plan includes all Free plan features along with the following additional ones.


Features Included

  • Video calls – Switch from chat to video calls easily.
  • Screen sharing – While you are on a video call, you may share your screen with your users. On the other way, your customers can share their screens with you as well.
  • Live translation – AI translates messages from your customers’ into your language and your replies into users’ language.
  • Add-ons – Integrate Userlike with other business tools such as Zendesk, Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Google Analytics.
  • Messaging apps – Supports communication with your customers via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS, and Threema.
  • Basic API access – Beyond the provided default options, you can control the integrations and chat behavior through Messager API.

Note: The number of messaging apps you can connect your account with depends on the plan you choose. To know more information look at the associated plan’s limitations.



  • Widget – Enables you to create 4 widgets.
  • Seats – Allows you to add 4 operators.
  • Messaging apps – You can only connect 2 messaging apps in this plan.
  • WhatsApp – Supports 1,000 free conversations per month.


Team Plan is Good for:

In case you are running a small-scale business where there is no need to have many agents, you should go for this plan. 

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3) Corporate

Corporate plan costs $320/month if billed monthly, $290/month for annual billing, and $256/month biennially. For payment, you may use SEPA direct debit, if the billing address is in the EU, or else use a credit card. 

Now coming to features, the corporate plan contains the following ones along with all the Team plan features.


Features Included

  • AI automation hub – Through artificial intelligence (AI), the chatbot, smart FAQs, etc., are connected. So, you can automate your support and sales processes.
  • Chatbot – If you already have an existing chatbot, connect it with Chatbot API. Or else, use the Userlike Bot Language to build your own chatbot.
  • Analytics – Monitor the performance of your live chat and service quality with advanced statistics and provided analytical reports.



  • Widget – Permits you to configure 10 unique chat widows.
  • Seats – Lets you add 10 agents or operators.
  • Messaging apps – Connect with 4 messaging apps.
  • WhatsApp – Provides 1,000 free conversations/month.


Corporate Plan is Good for:

When you want to deliver multichannel support and expand your business subscribe to the Corporate plan.

Please note: Both the Team and Corporate plan prices don’t include VAT.

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4) Flex

Unlike other paid plans, Flex is a custom plan. So, you need to talk with Userlike’s support team to get the pricing details. Just like other plans, to pay you can use a credit card or SEPA direct debit. Plus, in the Flex plan, you can pay by bank transfer also.

In the matter of features, you get all the Corporate plan tools including the below ones.


Features Included

  • Widget – Enables you to configure 10+ widgets.
  • Seats – Include more than 10 agents to your Userlike account.
  • Messaging apps – Allows you to integrate with 4+ apps.
  • White label – Remove “Powered by Userlike” branding from your customer emails and widget.
  • Full API access – Gives access to client tracking API, Website Messenger API, email callback API, JSON API, and so on.
  • Advanced routing – Based on user behavior on your website and operator skills, route the customers to the right groups and agents.
  • Organizations – Define and set up multiple organizations or groups or departments that can work independently under one umbrella.
  • Dedicated account manager – Userlike assigns an account manager who assists in reaching your customer communication goals.



  • WhatsApp – Even in the Flex plan, you only get 1,000 free conversations per month.


Flex Plan is Good for:

Do you need to manage multiple groups? Or are you running a multinational company? Then, the Flex plan is the one for you. 

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Userlike Live Chat Pricing Plans Comparison At a Glance

Monthly$0/month$100/month$320/monthContact Userlike’s team
Pay usingNASEPA direct debit and credit cardBank transfer, SEPA direct debit, and credit card
Number of Features Supported
Messaging apps244+
ConversationsUnlimited (for all plans)
ContactsUnlimited (for all plans)
Live Chat Features
Website Messenger
Live translation
Image & video support
Feedback options
Customer Support Features
Basic API access
Video calls
Screen sharing
Full API access
White label
Professional onboarding
Dedicated account manager
AI automation hub
Advanced routing
WhatsApp1,000 free conversations per month (for all paid plans)

* prices don’t include VAT.


Key Features Missing in Userlike Live Chat

Now that you know the Userlike pricing plans and features offered in those plans, it is time to find out some common features missing in the software.


1) Voice Support

Refers to the features or tools that enable you and your customers to contact each other through phone calls.

As you may clearly know, Userlike has features that deliver chat support. However, there is no voice or phone call support available. Also, you will not find any native integration with an app that offers phone support. 


2) Automated Workflows

Basically, automated workflows help you to perform repetitive tasks without any need for an agent or human. It has a routing feature, but there are no tools that let you create your own workflows.


3) Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools let your agents connect with each other and collaborate to resolve any complicated issues in less time. The software offers a 3rd party integration with Slack, but there are no native features like private notes or internal comments.


4) Proper Knowledge Base

With Userlike, you can only create FAQs, you cannot build a full-fledged knowledge base containing articles. The articles allow you to add relevant, useful, and insightful information in detail. There is only so much you can include via the FAQs format.


User Reviews of Userlike Pricing

If you are in a dilemma about which pricing plan to pick, then look no further. Here we are going to list both positive and negative user reviews. So, you will know other users’ perspectives of the software and make an informed decision.

Reasons for choosing Userlike

References, ease of use, look of the website and price of packages” – Rebeca

Reasons for choosing Userlike 

– Price – qualitiy – ease of use” – Sebastian

Top Chatsoftware 

very easy to use / install top features normal prices 


more conversions on out shop better /faster support for our technicans team” – Markus

Flexible, cheap prices and fast and easy support” – Anonymous

There was not really a good pricing option for a small non profit” – Samuel.

there is no overview of all features in the tariffs” – Markus

The price is pretty expensive, seen that there are freeware-tools available in the net. But you get a really professional tool with a very good support. So it is worth the money. The amount of Operators in the Team Upgrade (3 only) is nevertheless too small.” – Martin

The price is very high. There are similar products which are cheaper! The price would have to be rethought again.” – Robert

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We hope reviewing the pricing details of the Userlike Live Chat helped you to pick the right plan. Also, there is a comparison table if you want to grasp the differences between Userlike pricing plans at a glance. Plus, we have included the user reviews and missing features to give a better idea of the pros and cons of the software.

In case you are looking for software that also offers phone call support along with live chat, SMS, email, and social media, then go for Saufter. It is the best alternative for Userlike and comes with affordable pricing

Not only that, you can create your own knowledge base, build automated workflows, and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start your 15-day free trial now!



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