26 Best Zendesk Support Suite Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Zendesk alternatives

Last Updated: June 2024

Searching for suitable software among the Zendesk alternatives for your business’s customer service needs?

Zendesk holds the immediate next-to-top position in the industry with 20.06% of the helpdesk software market share, as reported by Datanyze.

However, Zendesk has some shortcomings in terms of usability and features. Because of its complexity, it is best suited for larger businesses. That is why small businesses frequently look for Zendesk Suite alternatives for their business that are affordable. If you are already using Zendesk and are dissatisfied with its pricing, you can try something different.

In this post, we will give you insights into the 26 best Zendesk alternatives you can choose from.

1) Saufter.io (Overall ratings: 5/5⭐, 7 reviews)


Trusted by more than 1500 companies, Saufter software is one of the best alternatives to Zendesk. This CRM tool lets you manage all your customer service activities through a single platform. 

The pricing model of this Zendesk alternative is really appreciable. It offers flexible personalized pricing to suit your business needs.

Why You Should Go For Saufter.io

    • Trial: Provides a 15-day free trial.
    • Tickets: For all plans, unlimited tickets are provided.
    • Agents Recruitment: Helps in recruiting agents with just 1 -click.
    • Proactive Support: Lets you track delayed orders and thereby provide proactive customer support.
    • Integrations: Inbuilt Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce integration. Also, provides social media integration.
    • Major Businesses Using Saufter Help Desk: Flexport, Upwork, Reali, etc.

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2) Freshdesk (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 3073 reviews)

Zendesk alternatives

Freshdesk is one of the best Zendesk alternatives available on the market. Trusted by over 50000+ customers worldwide, this software has grabbed two awards from G2 in 2022 under the categories ‘Best Software Product’ and ‘Best Collaboration & Productivity Product’.

Why You Should Go For Freshdesk

    • Support Channels: This software provides top-notch omnichannel customer service through email, phone, live chat, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
    • Pricing: This Zendesk competitor can also be considered as a free Zendesk alternative as it offers a free version that allows up to 10 agents. However, for more features, you have to opt for the priced plans, which come in 3 tiers with a 14-day free trial.
      • Growth Plan – $15/user/month
      • Pro Plan – $49/user/month
      • Enterprise Plan – $79/user/month
    • Agent Collision Detection Feature: With its ‘Agent Collision Detection’ feature, multiple agents working on the same ticket never mix up leading to ticket duplication.
    • Analytical Reports: Provides help desk reports through which you can easily analyze your help desk’s performance. 
    • Freddy AI: Their chatbot, ‘Freddy AI’ analyzes customer behavior from previous tickets and helps agents in providing support accordingly.
    • Competitive Features: Compared to Zendesk, this alternative excels in matters of price affordability, convenient reporting, and self-service functionality.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with over 1000 applications, including WhatsApp, Shopify, Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams.
    • Major Businesses using FreshDesk: Bridgestone, Decathlon, Pearson, Phonepe, MacMillan, etc.

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3) HelpDesk (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 30 reviews)

helpdesk - Zendesk alternatives

Consider trying HelpDesk as it is also an open source alternative to Zendesk for your business, catering to both small and large enterprises. Compared to Zendesk this software is easy to set up. It has marked its place in the Best 20 Solutions on Crozdesk in 2021 with 90% of clients satisfied with its services.

Why You Should Go For HelpDesk

    • Pricing: Paid plans including a 14-day free trial as follows:
      • Team – $29/agent/month.
      • Enterprise – Personalized.
    • Canned Responses: With the help of the ‘Canned Responses” feature, you can reduce your agents’ response time, and they also guarantee to simplify the process of your customer service by organizing your tickets and responding faster.
    • Internal Communications: This app also manages the workflow by helping agents and members from other departments collaborate effortlessly using private notes, multiple mailboxes, and automated assignment rules.
    • User Interface: This helpdesk software is better than Zendesk in terms of its ease of use and affordability.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Shopify, Zapier, Hubspot, GitHub, Jira, and Salesforce.
    • Major businesses using HelpDesk: Sproutedweb, Mighty Call, Puregear, IGG-Software, RateGenious, etc.

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4) Help Scout (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 402 reviews)

zendesk competitors

Help Scout is one of the Zendesk alternatives you can go for. This software has been voted for Best ROI by G2 many times. The success of this Zendesk replacement mainly comes from treating customers as humans rather than just ’tickets’.

Why You Should Go For HelpScout

    • Pricing: Provides a free trial. You can also avail of their ‘Free Demo’ session, wherein you can get a 1:1 doubt clearance with one of their customer support members. Their pricing is categorized into 3.
      • Standard – $20/agent/month.
      • Plus -$40/agent/month.
      • Pro -$65/agent/month.
    • Shared Inbox: With the ‘Shared Inbox’ feature, you can get access to the organization, automation, and collaboration tools to respond to the customers’ emails in minutes.
    • Automated Knowledge Base: Specially designed Knowledge Base that enables customer self-service and thereby reduces the need to contact your customer service. 
    • Customer Context: Helps in delivering personalized customer service by listing customer data, previous interactions, and app activity whenever a customer reaches out to you.
    • Workflows & Analytics: In addition to customer support, this Zendesk alternative also allows for creating workflows and provides you with analytics.
    • Team Management: This software is the best alternative to Zendesk for growing teams who care about delivering exceptional support.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Shopify, Slack, Google Apps, Klaviyo, Wordpess, Salesforce, Hubspot, and many more.
    • Major businesses using Help Scout: Okcupid, Trello, Yeti, Zapier, Livestorm, and many more.

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5) Zoho Desk (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 5342 reviews)

zoho desk - zendesk competitors

Zoho Desk is a competitor of Zendesk, which is highly regarded among helpdesks. It has been featured in four categories in G2’s Best Software 2020 list, including the Top 50 Products for Small Business and Top 100 Software Products.

Why You Should Go For Zoho Desk

    • Pricing: This software has a free version that accommodates a maximum of 3 agents. Furthermore, it provides a 15-day free trial on the following plans. You can also request a demo session.
      • Express – $7/agent/month
      • Standard – $14/agent/month
      • Professional – $23/agent/month
      • Enterprise – $40/agent/month
    • Support Channels: Provides omnichannel customer service through email, phone, social media, and live chat. They also have a mobile app that makes this software easy to use.
    • AI-powered assistant: ‘Zia’ of the Zoho desk is capable of sentiment detection that helps agents with easy and appropriate ticket management.
    • Competitor Spotlight: This Zendesk competitor provides workflow management and a self-service option for customers.
    • Helpdesk Customization Options: Comes with the feature of customization of your help desk by providing layouts and templates to choose from.
    • User Building: You can also develop a community of prospective customers, registered customers, and guest users.
    • Advanced Ticket Features: Compared to Zendesk, this alternative comes with the features of product-based ticketing, a  team ticket feed, and a ticket timeline.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Jira, Screen Magic, Slack, G-Suite, Asana, Microsoft Teams, and many more.
    • Major businesses using Zoho Desk: Mcafee, Godrej, Essilor. IIFL, Zomato, and many more.

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6) LiveAgent (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 1484 reviews)

best alternative to zendesk

LiveAgent is one of the best help desk software you can use instead of Zendesk. This software has bagged two awards from G2 as Front Runner in Customer Service Software and Front Runner for Helpdesk Software.

Why You Should Go For LiveAgent?

    • Pricing: This software has a free version in addition to a 14-day free trial. For additional features, you can opt for their paid plans, which come in 4 categories:
      • Small business – $9/agent/month.
      • Medium business – $29/agent/month
      • Large business – $49/agent/month
      • Enterprise – $69/agent/month
    • Support Channels: Provides customer support through multiple platforms, including email, chat, voice calls, and social media.
    • Cloud Phone Support Feature: Their ‘Cloud Phone Support’ feature is good for handling inbound and outbound calls with decreased hold time and thus improving customer experience.
    • Automated Tickets: The ‘Automate Ticket Distribution’ creates optimum workloads for your agents.
    • Multiple Ticket Tabs: Helps your agent to work on multiple tickets at the same time.
    • Automatic Spam filtering: Lets you filter spam emails effortlessly.
    • Video Support: Compared to Zendesk, this helpdesk has the additional feature of providing customer support through video calls.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with 203 apps including Clockify, GoDaddy, Drupal, Pipedrive, Shopify, and many more.
    • Major businesses using LiveAgent: Forbes, Airbus, Nascar, eSky, Slido, and many more.

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7) Hubspot Service Hub (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 2202 reviews)

hubspot - zendesk alternative open source

This helpdesk software provides omnichannel support and is a better alternative to Zendesk. They provide 24/7 customer support to your customers and that too within minutes.

Why You Should Go For Hubspot Service Hub?

    • Pricing: Their paid plans are as follows:
      • Free Tools plan
      • Starter – $15/agent/month
      • Professional -$90/agent/month
      • Enterprise – $130/agent/month
    • Customer Portal: This alternative to Zendesk has a ‘Customer Portal’ through which ticket conversations between agents and customers happen in a much faster way.
    • Tools: It has the features of a shared inbox, knowledge base, and analytics.
    • Automation: Ticket routing, escalation, and task creation are done automatically.
    • Superior Product Support and Updates: This helpdesk alternative is better than Zendesk because it offers better product support, feature updates, and roadmaps.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Databox, Mailchimp, Gmail, WordPress, Bullhorn, and many more.
    • Major businesses using Hubspot Service Hub: Frontify, Soundcloud, Fusion Worldwide, IZEA, React Mobile, and many more.

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8) Front (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 2052 reviews)

front - alternatives to zendesk

Front is one of the Zendesk alternatives you can choose for your business. This customer support software has bagged two awards in the 2022 G2 Software Awards under the categories of Best Collaboration & Productivity Products and Best Office Products.

Why You Should Go For Front

    • Pricing: Categorized into 4 tiers:
      • Starter – $19/seat/month
      • Growth – $59/seat/month
      • Scale – $99/seat/month
      • Premier – $229/seat/month
    • Support Channels: Provides customer support through multiple platforms like email, calls, SMS, Live Chat, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
    • Analytics: Helps in tracking your teams’ performance, customer satisfaction, and lets you scale customer growth.
    • Interface: It is designed similar to that of a simple email inbox but has the capabilities of a CRM due to its automation.
    • Internal Communications: Apart from serving your customers, this Zendesk competitor is able to manage all the communication between your teams and departments across all channels through assignments, shared drafts, and internal comments.
    • Comprehensive Features: This app is also equipped with workflow automation, follow-up reminders, agent onboarding support, personalized responses, and many more.
    • User Friendly: Compared to Zendesk, Front is more user-friendly. This app also excels in performance tracking and seamless escalation.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Instagram, Asana, ChargeDesk, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Salesforce, and many more.
    • Major Businesses using Front: They have a client base of 8000+ including Cisco, Meraki, Pilot, Lydia, and many more.

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9) Groove HQ (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 178 reviews)

groove - zendesk competitor

Groove is one of the best Zendesk alternatives for small businesses. This software has landed  5 awards from G2 Best Software Awards under the categories of Highest Satisfaction, Best Sales Products, Best Enterprise Products, Best Global Sellers, and Best Office Products.

Why You Should Go For Groove HQ

    • Pricing: Groove HQ provides a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
      • Standard – $4.80/user/month
      • Plus – $9.60/user/month
      • Pro – $15.60/user/month
      • Select – $21.60/user/month
    • Support Channels: Provides customer support through email, Twitter, Facebook, live chat, phone, and SMS. 
    • Knowledge Base: With this helpdesk software, you can create a knowledge base and a customer portal.
    • Automated Ticketing: The tickets created are categorized automatically and are routed to agents in an automated manner.
    • Analytics and Reports: You can keep track of CSAT, response time, and agent performance. Also, gather customer feedback, busiest times, and conversation trends.
    • Mobile App: Groove has a mobile app also which helps in forwarding messages, adding notes, mentioning colleagues, creating, editing, and adding tags to conversations, changing assignees, and Collision detection.
    • Groove Outshines Zendesk: Groove is better than Zendesk in features of CSAT Survey, Social ticketing, and providing live chat support.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Shopify, Stripe, Trello, Github, Salesforce, Zapier, Nimble, and many more.
    • Major Businesses using Groove HQ: Tailor store, Mantraband, Modkat, Pop A Shot, Handsoncode, Lolly Labs, and many more.

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10) ThriveDesk (Overall ratings: 4.8/5⭐, 23 reviews)

thrive - alternative zendesk

Thrivedesk is a helpdesk software company that provides services to start-ups and small businesses in the eCommerce, SaaS, and SMB sectors.

Why You Should Go ForThriveDesk

    • Pricing: Provides a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee on 3 pricing plans:
      • Starter – $25/4 seats/month
      • Plus – $49/10 seats/month
      • Pro – Custom pricing
    • Knowledge Base & Community Support: Helps in creating a knowledge base for your customers. Through this software, you can also engage with your customers through their community.
    • Tools: Comes with the feature of Shared Inbox, live chat, and Analytics.
    • Mobile App: The mobile app supports all the features of the desktop version.
    • Competitive Features: Compared to Zendesk, this alternative to Zendesk is much more simple and affordable.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Slack, WooCommerce, WordPress, WebHook, Pabbly, and many more.
    • Major Businesses using ThriveDesk: ThemeFisher, XpeedStudio, GS Plugins, Tech Next, and many more.

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11) Helpcrunch (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 203 reviews)

helpcrunch - alternative Zendesk

Helpcrunch is one of the Zendesk alternatives that give customer support to your business irrespective of its size.

Why You Should Go For Helpcrunch

    • Pricing: Provides a 14-day free trial for 3 tiered plans:
      • Basic – $12/agent/month.
      • Pro – $20/agent/month.
      • Unlimited – $495/month/unlimited members.
    • Support Channels: Provides support through email and live chat.
    • Knowledge Base: Have a dedicated knowledge base that offers self-service for customers. Customers have to contact you only when it is urgent.
    • Analytics Reports: They provide analytics through which you can understand the ups and downs in your performance and customer satisfaction.
    • Customization Options: Provides high-end customization through widget icons, localization for customers from different countries, and provides advanced customizations with CSS.
    • Competitive Features: Compared to Zendesk, this software is best for customizable conversations and availing newsletters.
    • Integrations: Integrates well with Shopify, Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, and many more.
    • Major Businesses using Helpcrunch: SE Ranking, Stat Counter, Fitlap, Revenuegrid, and many more.

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12) Richpanel (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 87 reviews)

richpanel - free zendesk alternative

One of the best Zendesk alternatives is Richpanel. It provides customer services to businesses of all sizes and is suitable for various industries like eCommerce, shipping, and SaaS.

Why You Should Go For Richpanel

    • Pricing: Get a free demo. Premium plans come in 3 tiers. 
      • Base – $9/3 agents/month
      • Pro – $50/agent/month
      • Pro Max – $100/agent/month  
    • Multichannel Support: Provide customer support across channels such as live chat, email, phone, SMS, Facebook, and Instagram from one dashboard.
    • Self-service: Create a contextual self-service portal where your customers can track & cancel orders, claim refunds, and so on.
    • Customer Profile: Gives you a 360-degree view of your customer contexts such as order history, purchase behavior, and conversation history.
    • Macros: Build a library of templates so your agents can use them to respond to your customers quickly.
    • Private Notes: Collaborate with other agents using private notes.
    • Automation: Set up automation rules to trigger and execute certain operations. For example, routing conversations to a particular agent, auto-tagging conversations, and trashing irrelevant conversations.
    • Mobile-friendly: Offers a native mobile application for both Android and iOS.
    • Support Performance: Measures your agents’, in fact, the whole team’s performance. Track the revenue impact of your customer services. Moreover, send surveys to receive CSAT scores.

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13) Gorgias (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 504 reviews)

gorgias - top zendesk competitors

Gorgias is specially designed for eCommerce stores and lets you provide multichannel customer support. In 2022, it won the Best Results and Best Usability awards from G2.

Why You Should Go For Gorgias

    • Pricing: Has a free demo. Next, its pricing plans for monthly billing are categorized as follows:
      • Starter – $10/month/50 tickets
      • Basic – $60/month/300 tickets 
      • Pro – $360/month/2,000 tickets
      • Advanced – $900/month/5,000 tickets
      • Enterprise – Provides custom ticket volume and you need to contact Gorgias to know more details about this plan.

Note: Yearly billing doesn’t include the Starter plan and you will receive a discount on each paid plan. To know more about it, go to the pricing page by clicking on the below button.

    • Social Media: Keep track of all your social media conversations from the Gorgias helpdesk. For instance, you can respond to Facebook comments, answer questions on Twitter, and send shipping status via Instagram private messages.
    • Multiple Channels: Deliver customer support via emails, live chat, SMS, and phone.
    • Order Management: Create and cancel orders, issue refunds, view order history, and so on. Overall, manage your orders.
    • Automation: Based on personalized information, generate trigger actions. For example, provide shipping information, send automated responses, auto-tag, and auto-assign to a specific agent.
    • Help Center: Build a help center to allow your users to find answers to simple and repeated questions.
    • Intents & Sentiment Detection: Detects your customer intentions and sentiment so you can provide better customer service.
    • Support Performance: Receive insights into your support performance and revenue statistics.

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14) Kustomer (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 411 reviews)

kustomer - free zendesk alternative

Kustomer enables you to deliver richer customer experiences through a unified customer view, omnichannel messaging, and AI-powered automation.

Why You Should Go For Kustomer

    • Pricing: Ask for a demo first and then choose from:
      • Enterprise – $89/month/user
      • Ultimate – $139/month/user
    • Timeline: Show the complete view of each customer’s details regardless of the channel they use.
    • Chatbots: Deploy chatbots across channels to automate routine interactions and deliver a personalized experience.
    • Proactive Support: Identify customers’ needs in orders and address them proactively.
    • Unify CX Operations: Unify all the data across channels and systems. And, enable routing, tagging, and automation.
    • Artificial Intelligence: By using natural language processing (NLP) reduce resolution time and suggest best shortcuts to agents when they need it. Also, use it to automate time-consuming tasks like routing conversations.
    • Knowledge Base: Generate an SEO-friendly knowledge base and customize it using Visual Theme Builder. Moreover, build multiple help centers and localize the content in over 76 languages.

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15) Intercom (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 2948 reviews)

intercom - zendesk competitors

This Zendesk alternative is trusted by 25K businesses including Amazon, Meta, Atlassian, and Microsoft. Basically, Intercom specializes in business messaging services.

Why You Should Go For Intercom

    • Pricing: Includes the following pricing plans along with a 14-day free trial.
      • Essential – $39/seat/month
      • Advanced – $99/seat/month 
      • Expert – $139/seat/month
    • Free Trial: For Starter, you get a 14-day free trial and for other plans, you need to get a demo.
    • Omnichannel Support: Reach your customers via email, live chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Intercom Messenger.
    • Inbox: Unifies all your communication channels in a single inbox and lets your agents collaborate with each other.
    • Macros: Generate canned and personalized responses for frequently asked questions.
    • SLA: Prioritize VIP customers, urgent conversations, performance goals, time-based tasks, and so on.
    • Automation: Automate your manual tasks like routing conversations.
    • Resolution Bot: Provides a chatbot that uses machine learning. So, it recognizes similar questions from previous conversations and generates replies with the best answer. It is also available in different languages for various time zones.
    • Help Center: Set up a central place from which your users can find answers, tips, and other needed information. Then, create engaging articles tailored to your customers.
    • Customer Data Platform: Gives you insights into user behavior. Displays company, conversation, and custom data. Such as the user’s business type, location, and chosen pricing plan.

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16) TeamSupport (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 865 reviews)

teamsupport - Zendesk alternatives

The world’s top companies like NBA, Comcast, Fujifilm, and Teladoc placed their trust in TeamSupport. Note that TeamSupport software is built for B2B organizations.

Why You Should Go For TeamSupport

    • Pricing: The Complete Support pricing plans come in 3 tiers.
      • Essential Support – $49/agent/month 
      • Enterprise Support – $69/agent/month
      • Complete Customer Support Suite – $119/agent/month
    • Customer Support: Get a 360-degree view of your user’s details and their accounts.
    • Ticket System: Manage all tickets, user requests, or issues from a single tool.
    • Email Integration: Link your support email address with TeamSupport.
    • Self-service: Create internal & external knowledge bases along with community forums. Then, centralize them in a Customer Hub. Also, it supports chatbots and AI.
    • Entitlement Management: Based on service expiration dates automatically restrict access to the customer portal.
    • Ticket Automation: Using simple rules, route, escalate, or close tickets. Plus, perform operations like reminding an agent to respond to a pending ticket.
    • SLA: Define your service agreements and assign them at the customer, customer product, or product level.
    • Collaboration and Teamwork: Route inquiries, and assign tasks based on agent groups. And, using the Water Cooler tool instantly collaborate with your colleagues across locations, and departments.
    • Customization: Generate custom fields for tickets, agents, and customers. Plus, organize and categorize them. Also, define properties such as ticket tags, ticket types, and action types.
    • Sentiment Analysis: With AI-powered technology, it provides real-time sentiment analysis within your support tickets. 
    • Analytics: Displays Customer Distress Index that helps you to understand the level of distress your users are experiencing.
    • Products & Inventory: Maintain your product database. And, integrate your physical and digital product and inventory information. Next, track your inventory and assets.
    • Product Lines: Quickly view the products and versions you’re supporting and learn how they’re performing within your brand. Furthermore, manage user rights, see which customers are using which products, and even generate reports based on product lines.
    • Mobile Friendly: TeamSupport mobile app is suitable for Android and iOS.

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17) Gladly (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 888 reviews)

Zendesk alternatives

Gladly helps you to deliver customer support services without using the ticketing system. And, it is built for B2C companies. This software won the Best Software Awards 2023 issued by G2 under the category of Customer Service Products.

Why You Should Go For Gladly

    • Pricing: Has only 2 pricing plans. Offers a free demo.
      • Hero – $180/hero/month
      • Super Hero – $210/hero/month
    • Supported Channels: Voice, text, chat, in-app chat, email, and social media.
    • IVR: Provides a customizable interactive voice response (IVR) system.
    • Self-service: Get a customizable knowledge base that you may use to create and store helpful content like FAQs and how-to articles. Moreover, create content in multiple languages.
    • Chat Widget: Add it anywhere on your website. Also, it answers any queries your customers may have.
    • Customer Details: Shows all your user details in a single view such as their lifetime value, loyalty points, and purchase history. Further, know what your customer cares about like their children and spouse.
    • Conversation Timeline: Displays entire conversation history regardless of the channel they came from.
    • People Match: Matches customers with the most suitable service agent as per their unique history, needs, or situation.
    • Payments: This lets you accept payments from messaging channels.
    • Workforce Management (WFM): Uses customer-centric data to assist you in making better cross-channel staffing decisions. Tracks your agent’s activity every second across tasks, post-call notes, messages, and more.
    • Task Management: Schedule tasks, assign them to agents, allow them to collaborate with other teams/ departments, and set task reminders. Plus, get updates on task progress.
    • Insights: Monitor your support team’s performance across channels, conversations, and agents. Also, customize the reports and export data with webhooks, Gladly APIs, and CSV downloads.

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18) Salesforce Service Cloud (Overall ratings: 4.3/5⭐, 3689 reviews)

salesforce - zendesk competitors

Among many products that Salesforce offers, Service Cloud is the one that offers customer service software solutions. This Zendesk competitor is trusted by popular brands like Paypal and L’Oréal.

Why You Should Go For Salesforce Service Cloud

    • Pricing: Contains 5 pricing plans plus a free trial.
      • Starter Suite – $25/user/month
      • Professional – $80/user/month
      • Enterprise – $165/user/month
      • Unlimited – $330/user/month
      • Einstein 1 Service – $500/user/month
    • Automated Workflows: Build seamless AI-powered workflows using low-code or no-code builders.
    • Case Management: Manage all your customer service cases in a centralized platform. Let your agents track, prioritize, and resolve user inquiries efficiently.
    • Customer Service Incident Management: Identify, track, and fix any incidents or major disruptions quickly. 
    • Knowledge Management: Embed knowledge articles into your website, app, customer portal, and community. Plus, add an internal knowledge base for your agents in their workspace as well.
    • Omnichannel Routing: Salesforce pushes conversations or cases from any channel directly into your agents’ workspace, including those from IoT signals. Also, it automatically routes those cases, leads, or other tasks to an appropriate agent.
    • Remote Assistant: Troubleshoot user issues with interactive guidance, an AI-powered character recognition system that scales videos, and video sessions.
    • Analytics: Provides a comprehensive set of analytics and reporting tools including diagnosis service and predictive insights.
    • Voice Support: Integrate your telephony partner with the Service Cloud Voice. It provides necessary customer information along with useful insights. Moreover, you can set up AI to answer calls.

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19) AzureDesk (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 28 reviews)

azuredesk - free zendesk alternative

Small and growing businesses can use AzureDesk, one of the top Zendesk competitors for delivering customer support services. Note that this is a helpdesk ticketing software. That means you will resolve user issues in the form of tickets.

Why You Should Go For AzureDesk

    • Pricing: Has only one plan, Plus and it costs $33/user/month with a free trial for 14 days.
    • Manage Tickets: Contains tools for ticket categorization, tag insertion, ticket assignment to an agent or a group of agents, and adding private notes with text & images.
    • Ticket Fields: Include custom fields to add more information to the tickets.
    • Knowledge Base: Build a FAQ knowledge base and add it to the self-service portal. Also, insert a Dynamic Search to fetch results as per the user’s search queries and at every keystroke.
    • Email Integration: Converts all your support emails into tickets with a unique id. By using a rich text editor you can send well-formatted replies. Plus, both your agents and customers will receive notifications related to ticket progress.
    • Answer Suggestions: Save pre-determined responses for frequently asked questions to quickly answer user queries.
    • Reports: Measures your organization’s performance and displays important metrics like tickets per month and average response times. Furthermore, you can export the reports in PDF, XLS, and CSV format.
    • Unlimited Mailbox: This enables you to create your own email domain and unlimited email addresses under that domain.
    • Multilingual: Supports multiple languages.

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20) DevRev (Overall ratings: 5/5⭐, 24 reviews)

devrev - top zendesk competitors

Looking for the best alternative to Zendesk? Discover DevRev, your top-tier helpdesk software equipped with cutting-edge features designed to streamline your customer support. From seamless workflow management to intuitive self-service options, empower your team and enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly with DevRev.

Why You Should Go For DevRev

    • Pricing: DevRev extends a generous 45-day trial period along with the following pricing plans. You need to purchase Platform and Support licenses from DevRev for additional charges as mentioned below:
      • Starter – Platform License at $9.99/user/month
        • – Support License at $9.99/user/month
      • Pro – Platform License at $24.99/user/month
        • – Support License at $34.99/user/month
      • Ultimate – Custom pricing
    • Support Channels: Reach customers effortlessly through multiple channels like email, chat, and phone. DevRev keeps all your conversations in one place for easy management.
    • Seamless Workflow Management: Organize tasks and streamline your workflow efficiently. DevRev helps you stay on top of support tickets and queries without missing a beat.
    • Customer Self-Service Options: Empower your customers to find solutions themselves. DevRev offers intuitive self-service tools, reducing the need for constant support.
    • Robust Integrations: Seamlessly integrate DevRev with your existing tools and apps, ensuring a smooth workflow across platforms.
    • Personalized Support Experience: Deliver tailored responses and support based on customer needs, ensuring a more personalized and effective customer experience.
    • Unique Tools of DevRev: Benefit from DevRev’s exclusive tools like intuitive workflow management, advanced customer self-service options, and robust integrations, setting it apart from Zendesk.

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21) Happyfox (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 91 reviews)

happyfox - free zendesk alternative

Are you in search of companies like Zendesk to enhance your customer services? HappyFox is here for you!

An all-in-one helpdesk software designed to simplify customer support using user-friendly features and intuitive tools. HappyFox streamlines your workflows and enhances customer satisfaction, making it a standout choice for your business needs.

Why You Should Go For Happyfox

    • Pricing: At Happyfox, you get options to choose agent-based pricing or unlimited agents’ plans. Plus, they are available in monthly, annual, 2-year, and 3-year contract modes.
      • Agent-based pricing – Mighty at $26/agent/month
        • Fantastic at $39/agent/month
        • Enterprise at $52/agent/month
        • Enterprise Plus at $64/agent/month
      • Unlimited Agents – Starter at $1149/month
        • Growth at $1599/month
        • Scale at $2399/month
        • Scale Plus at $3999/month
    • Smart Rules and Automation: Leverage advanced automation tools with Smart Rules that trigger actions based on specific conditions, enhancing efficiency in managing support tickets.
    • Scheduled Reports: Generate and schedule customized reports at specific intervals, ensuring you’re always updated on crucial metrics without manual effort.
    • Multi-Language Support: Cater to a global audience with over 35 language capabilities, allowing customers to engage comfortably in their preferred language.
    • Smart AI and Chatbots: Enhance customer support with AI-driven chatbots that assist in resolving queries faster and more accurately, providing 24/7 support.
    • Customer Happiness Index: Measure and track customer satisfaction with a dedicated metric, enabling you to gauge and improve overall service quality.
    • Community Forums: Foster engagement and collaboration among customers by facilitating community forums, where users can share insights and help each other out.
    • Support Channels: Connect with customers seamlessly across email, chat, phone, and social media from one intuitive platform.
    • Intuitive Integrations: Integrate with popular apps and tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Jira, enhancing your workflow without complexity or hassle.
    • Unique Comparative Tools: Experience exclusive features like Smart Rules, allowing advanced automation, and an AI-powered chatbot for smarter customer interactions, setting it different from Zendesk.

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22) Hiver (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 117 reviews)

hiver - alternative Zendesk

On the hunt for a Zendesk competitor? Enter Hiver, a collaborative helpdesk solution that revamps your inbox into a powerful support platform. Hiver’s intuitive features and tools streamline communication and turbocharge productivity effortlessly.

Why You Should Go For Hiver

    • Pricing: Get to try Hiver plans free for 7 days and then choose among its 3 offerings to upgrade.
      • Lite – $15/user/month
      • Pro – $49/user/month
      • Elite – $79/user/month
    • Effortless Shared Inbox: Collaborate seamlessly within your inbox, allowing teams to manage emails collaboratively without the need for external platforms.
    • Streamlined Support Channels: Engage customers effectively through email without leaving Gmail, simplifying communication and support processes.
    • Robust Integrations: Connect seamlessly with essential tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Zapier, enhancing workflow efficiency directly from your inbox.
    • Time-saving Automations: Utilize unique features like automation and shared email templates to streamline repetitive tasks, saving valuable time and effort.
    • Unique Comparative Advantages: Experience Hiver’s exclusive features like Collision Alerts, Email Notes, and Shared Labels, offering functionalities that surpass Zendesk’s standard offerings.

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23) Helpjuice (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 97 reviews)

helpjuice - alternative zendesk

Explore Helpjuice, a robust open-source Zendesk alternative helpdesk platform that’s customizable to fit your needs. Helpjuice empowers your customer support with flexibility and efficiency, making it an ideal alternative for tailored solutions.

Why You Should Go For Helpjuice

    • Pricing: You can book a demo with Helpjuice and try the 14-day free trial on all the below plans:
      • Starter – $120/up to 4 users/month
      • Run-Up – $200/up to 16 users/month
      • Premium Limited – $289/up to 60 users/month
      • Enterprise – Custom pricing for unlimited users
    • Customizable Support Channels: Tailor your customer interactions across email, chat, and self-service portals for a personalized experience.
    • Seamless Integrations: Integrate Helpjuice with essential tools such as Salesforce and Slack, optimizing your workflow and connectivity.
    • Unique Knowledge Base Tools: Leverage Helpjuice’s exclusive features like smart search, analytics, and content insights for a robust knowledge base management experience.
    • Open-Source Flexibility: Benefit from Helpjuice’s open-source approach, allowing customizations and adaptations to fit your specific needs effortlessly.
    • Intuitive Editing Interface: A user-friendly editor allowing easy content creation and updates within the knowledge base.
    • Advanced Analytics: Detailed insights into user behavior, search patterns, and content performance for informed decision-making.
    • Automation Capabilities: Tools to automate content organization, updates, and notifications, reducing manual effort in managing the knowledge base.
    • Security and Access Control: Robust security measures and customizable access control options ensure data safety and confidentiality.

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24) ServiceNow (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 230 reviews)

zendesk competitor

Tailored for efficiency, ServiceNow stands as a top-notch Zendesk competitor, empowering you to deliver exceptional service. Call it a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency for its robust automation features and user-friendly interface that propel your customer service experience.

Why You Should Go For ServiceNow

    • Pricing: ServiceNow did not disclose the pricing structure or their plans on the website. Hence, you need to contact them for demo and plan charges.
    • Versatile Support Channels: Reach customers seamlessly through various channels like email, chat, and phone within a unified platform for efficient communication.
    • Extensive Integrations: Integrate ServiceNow with essential tools such as Salesforce and Jira, enhancing workflow efficiency and connectivity.
    • Unique Incident Management Tools: Benefit from ServiceNow’s exclusive incident management features, ensuring swift resolution and minimizing service disruptions.
    • AI-Powered Automation: Utilize ServiceNow’s AI capabilities for intelligent automation, streamlining processes and boosting productivity.
    • Service Catalog Management: Efficiently manage service offerings and requests through a centralized catalog, optimizing service delivery and accessibility.
    • Performance Analytics: Gain comprehensive insights into service performance and trends, empowering data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

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25) Tidio (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 1417 reviews)

tidio - alternatives to zendesk

Tidio isn’t just a helpdesk; it’s your 24/7 support companion, offering live chat, chatbots, and email all in one place. Connect better with customers and boost sales effortlessly leveraging its conversational approach and AI-powered tools.

Why You Should Go For Tidio

    • Pricing: On Tidio, you can either start with a free plan or 7-day free trial on plans given below:
      • Starter – $29/month
      • Growth – $59/month
      • Tidio+ – $499/month
    • Versatile Support Channels: Engage customers via live chat, chatbots, and email from a unified platform, ensuring seamless and personalized interactions.
    • Wide Range of Integrations: Integrate Tidio with various platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and more, expanding functionality and easing workflow.
    • Unique Tools Unavailable with Zendesk: Experience exclusive features like Messenger marketing, chatbots with visual workflow builders, extensive customization options, visitor tracking, and team inbox collaboration, setting Tidio apart in enhancing customer engagement.
    • AI-Powered Automation: Utilize Tidio’s AI capabilities for automating responses, handling inquiries efficiently, and providing round-the-clock support.

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26) Trengo (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 189 reviews)

trengo - best alternative to zendesk

Seeking a Zendesk alternative with a twist? Meet Trengo! 

Trengo brings together emails, WhatsApp, social media, and more into one collaborative platform. Tools like shared inboxes, automated workflows, and team collaboration simplify customer conversations and boost your team’s efficiency.

Why You Should Go For Trengo

    • Pricing: There is a 14-day free trial on these 3 plans starting from:
      • Essentials – $113/5 users/month
      • Boost – $170/5 users/month
      • Pro – $284/5 users/month
    • Diverse Support Channels: Engage customers seamlessly across various channels such as WhatsApp, email, social media, and more, all within a unified platform.
    • Extensive Integrations: Integrate Trengo with essential tools like Shopify, Slack, and more, expanding functionality and streamlining workflows.
    • Unique Tools Setting Trengo Apart: Experience Trengo’s innovative features like Unified Team Inbox, Smart Assignment, and WhatsApp Business API integration, offering a distinct edge over Zendesk for efficient team collaboration and customer communication.
    • Automation and Workflow: Utilize automation tools, canned responses, and customizable workflows to streamline processes and boost productivity.
    • Multi-Channel Collaboration: Collaborate effectively within the team by assigning conversations, leaving internal notes, and sharing information across multiple channels in real-time.

Zendesk Alternatives: Final Words

Even though ZenDesk is a veteran in providing customer service solutions, its complexity is often disturbing for agile and small teams. That’s why startups and small businesses look for Zendesk alternatives. We have provided with you the details of the competitors and alternatives for Zendesk so you don’t have to run here and there to get insights into each of these softwares. Take your time to analyze each, and choose the best one for your business.

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