Top 10 Shopify Image Optimizer Apps For Your Store

Shopify Image optimizing

Last Updated: December 2023

Are you running an eCommerce or online business? Then, of course, you want to improve the performance of your website. To achieve this, you need to keep an eye on how quickly your site loads images.

Usually, images are not optimized to load fast on the website. That is where you can use an image optimizer. 

However, identifying the best image optimizer apps for your Shopify store is time-consuming. Hence, we took the liberty to research the top Shopify image optimizer apps for your store.

10 Shopify Image Optimizer Apps For Your Store

  1. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed  (⭐5/5, 2852 Reviews )
  2. LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer(⭐5/ 5, 756 Reviews )
  3. SEO Image Optimizer (⭐5/5, 949 Reviews )
  4. Image Optimizer MyShopKit (⭐5/5, 20 Reviews )
  5. SEO Audit + Image optimizer (⭐4.5/5, 608 Reviews )
  6. Variant Image Penguin (⭐4/5, 118 Reviews )
  7. Plug in Speed (⭐4/5, 88 Reviews )
  8. SmartBN: Banner Slider (⭐4/5, 155 Reviews )
  9. Awesome SEO Image Optimizer (⭐4.7/5, 14 Reviews )
  10. Pixc: Photo Resize (⭐5/5, 1777 Reviews )

1. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed  (⭐5/ 5, 2852 Reviews )

First on our list is the SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed app. It makes your web pages load fast on all devices. With this Shopify image optimization app, boost loading speed, compress image size, and keep image quality unchanged.


  • Improves website loading speed, conversion, and store ranking.
  • Helps in faster Google indexing of website images and content.
  • Compresses images and automatically adds image alt attributes.


  • Decreases page speed after installation of the app.
  • There is a possibility for duplication of images.


  • Free Trial: For 14 days,
  • Pro: $34.95/ month.

2. LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer(⭐5/ 5, 756 Reviews )

Next on our list is the LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer. This app automatically compresses images to minimize file size without compromising quality. As a result of compressed images, store loading time, user experience and SEO all improve.


  • Automatically sets alt text by using simple templates.
  • Helps to improve Google image search rankings.
  • Automatically renames the image filenames.
  • Backups original images or a whole set of images before making the changes.
  • Converts images from PNG To JPG and reduces the file size up to 80% of the original size.


  • Does not help to boost the site speed.


  • Free: Up to 50 images,
  • Basic: $4.99/ month,
  • Advanced: $9.99/ month,
  • Premium: $19.99/ month.

3. SEO Image Optimizer (⭐5/5, 949 Reviews )

  • SEO Image Optimizer app from Shopify compress images automatically and renames them. Moreover, it is easy to use.


  • Reduces the file size of your store’s images with the help of the “image compression“ technique.
  • Automatically renames all your image files and alt tags.
  • Backups the images for 30 days.
  • Compresses both your product and asset images. 


  • The free plan supports manual optimization.
  • The quality of images after compression is not sufficient.
  • App slows down your website


  • Free: Up to 25 MB,
  • Micro: $4.99/ month,
  • Pro: $9.99/ month,
  • Advanced: $19.99/ month.

4. Image Optimizer MyShopKit (⭐5/5, 20 Reviews )

This image optimization Shopify app optimizes images without losing image quality. Then, it automatically uploads optimized images to your store. The Set & Forget mode automatically compresses and optimizes your newest images.


  • Periodically scans for new images and optimizes them.
  • Sets the alt text for all images automatically.


  • The free plan supports the manual compression of images.
  • There is a limitation on the number of images that can be optimized per month.


  • Free Trial: For 1 day,
  • Silver: $5.99/ month,
  • Gold: $9.99/ month,
  • Platinum: $19.99/ month.

5. SEO Audit + Image Optimizer (⭐4.5/ 5, 608 Reviews )

SEO Audit + Image Optimizer makes your store visible on Google. This image Optimizer Shopify app dives deep and analyzes the SEO performance of each product, collection, page, and blog post.


  • Quickly identifies and fixes broken links on the website.
  • Optimizes the image by preserving visual quality. 


  • Difficult to do bulk image optimization.


  • Free: Up to 50 images,
  • Starter: $12/ month,
  • Basic: $25/ month,
  • Advanced: $40/ month.

6. Variant Image Penguin (⭐4/5, 118 Reviews )

The Variant Image Penguin allows you to load your product page only with the image variant selected by your customer.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • You can provide numerous images for each variant without overcrowding your product page.


  • Some theme customizations are possible only in the paid version.


  • Free Trial: For 16 days,
  • Up to 20 products: $4.99/ month,
  • Up to 250 products: $9.99/ month,
  • Over 250 products: $19.99/ month.

7. Plug in Speed (⭐4/5, 88 Reviews )

Image source –

Plug in Speed is an all-in-one page speed optimization app that uses CSS and JavaScript to automatically compress and optimize images, improve page speed, and compress and minify store theme code.


  • The interface is sleek and straightforward to use.
  • Works well for both desktop and mobile site optimization.


  • Some compatibility issues with the store compress theme.
  • Slightly on the expensive side.


  • Basic: $39/ month,
  • Plus: $59/ month,
  • Premium: $79/ month. 

8. SmartBN: Banner Slider (⭐4/5, 155 Reviews )

Banner Slider allows uploading, customizing, and showing a series of banners as sliders. Moreover, the installation process is easy.


  • Provides friendly backend management that helps to create, edit, and remove sliders and banners easily.
  • Works on all devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Supports uploading of banners from local or from any URLs.
  • Saves your time with the bulk upload feature.


  • Very limited features in the free version.


  • Free: For basic shops which have 0 orders/ month,
  • Basic: $14.99/ month,
  • Professional: $19.99/ month,
  • Advanced: $39.99/ month.

9. Awesome SEO Image Optimizer(⭐4.7/5, 14 Reviews )

Get ready to
optimize multiple images with every plan of Awesome SEO Image Optimizer. This app of Shopify optimize images in three ways: by making them square, compressing them, and adding a watermark.


  • Uses powerful algorithms to reduce file size.
  • Automatically optimizes images by working 24/7.
  • The use of a watermark avoids the theft of images.


  • Doesn’t support asset images.


  • Micro: $9.99/ month,
  • Small: $14.99/ month,
  • Medium: $24.99/ month.

10. Pixc: Photo Resize (⭐5/5, 1777 Reviews )

Pixc Photo Resize will automatically resize and replace your product photos. This gives your website a more professional look, making you stand out among others.


  • Analyses your store and resizes images in a faster way.
  • Supports automatic bulk image resizing.
  • Allows customization to suit your store brand. 
  • You can preview your store before resizing.


  • Difficult to access the website because of more pop-up advertisements.
  • Need of internet connection to process the image.
  • Inconvenient web interface.


  • Free: For 50 images,
  • Basic: $4/ month,
  • Pro: $19/ month,
  • Unlimited: $79/ month.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are the 10 best Shopify image optimizer apps. Make use of any one of the apps to reduce the file size and increase site speed, which enhances the user experience, and leads to an increased number of conversions for your store.

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