Top 12 Shopify Facebook Ads Apps

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Last Updated: April 2024

Are you looking to promote your business through Facebook ads? Do you want to know the best Facebook Ads apps to optimize your Shopify store

However, it would be time-consuming for you to search on your own. To make your process simpler and choose the best app for your business, we have curated the top12 Shopify Facebook Ads apps. Moreover, we have provided information about each app with its features and pricing details. 

Here are the top 12 Shopify Facebook Ads apps

  1. Easy Ads for Facebook Ads (5/5, 3 Reviews)
  2. Ako Retargeting ‑ Facebook Ads by Akohub ( 4.3/5, 155 Reviews)
  3. Facebook Ads Audit Free Report (4.7/5, 3 Reviews )
  4. Facebook Ads Hidden Interests (3/5, 10 Reviews)
  5. Facebook Ads powered by AI (5/5, 4 Reviews)
  6. StoreYa: Google Ads and Shopping (4.5/5, 161 Reviews)
  7. Socioh:Facebook Ads that work(4.4/5, 196 Reviews)
  8. Simprosys Google Shopping Feed (5/5, 4264 Reviews)
  9. AdScale ‑ ROI of 1000% (4.7/5, 288 Reviews)
  10. Facebook and Instagram Shopping (5/5, 658 Reviews)
  11. Scalify for Facebook Ads (4.6/5, 89 Reviews)
  12. Facebook Dynamic Ads Booster (5/5, 4 Reviews)

1 . Easy Ads for Facebook Ads(5/5, 3 Reviews)

The first thing that comes to our list is the Easy Ads for Facebook. It uses the advertising funnel methodology and AI to attract interested people and turn them into your customers. 

Awareness ads boost your website traffic and nurture your marketing funnel with new people who are interested in your products.


  • The signature campaign model is used to target new audiences and retarget sales-qualified prospects to move them through the advertising funnel.
  • Automatically creates images, and videos for ads and product catalogs.
  • Identifies top-performing ads and increases the budget to boost your sales and maximize ROAS.
  • Automatically decreases the budget for bad-performing ads and helps in optimizing the budget.


  • Free Trial: For 7 days,
  • Starts from $27.95/ month, and additional charges may apply.

2. Ako Retargeting ‑ Facebook Ads by Akohub(4.3/5, 155 Reviews)

Start using Ako retargeting Facebook Ads to turn your visitors into customers. You will completely own your ad account on Facebook and see the updated data from the Facebook Ads manager directly. You can check the real-time dashboard directly without leaving your Shopify panel.


  • The installation is very simple and does not need any coding techniques.
  • Supports multiple Ad formats and Ad placements.
  • Start tracking your Ad performance too.


  • A free plan is available and additional charges may be applicable.

3. Facebook Ads Audit Free Report(5/5, 3 Reviews )

Get to know the detailed Facebook ad account audit that gives you a deeper understanding of the segments, audiences that work best, and opportunities that you are missing.


  • Find which ad sets and campaigns are working best and where you are losing money.
  • Learn which geography, demography, and audience work best.
  • Check if cross-segments are profitable.
  • Get real-time notifications.


  • Free to use.

4. Facebook Ads Hidden Interests(3/5, 10 Reviews)

With the help of Facebook Ads Hidden Interests, you can minimize the steps involved in finding hidden Facebook interests and outsmart your competition. The Facebook Marketing API is used to search for all related interests and reach your gold-targeted customers.


  • It supports your own language to localize the suggestions.
  • It helps to arrange the interests by audience size and open new tabs faster.
  • Allows you to copy the contents to the clipboard or export them to a downloadable CSV file.


  • Free to use.

5.  Facebook Ads powered by AI(5/5, 4 Reviews)

Set up your Facebook ads Shopify easily using the AI feature. It automatically creates ad sets campaigns based on your audience. It uses catalog optimization and DPA for broad audiences.


  • Uses other sites’ behavioral information to target customers.
  • Auto-recommends products based on buying behavior.
  • Has 24/7 reporting and a very simple user interface.
  • You can create custom designs for your brand.
  • Schedule all your ads to run on a specific date or configure them to be on always.


  • Free trial: 30 days,
  • Starts from $299/ month, and additional charges may apply.

6. StoreYa: Google Ads and Shopping(4.5/5, 161 Reviews)

Here, real-time optimization of shopping and Pmax campaigns is done. Enrichment and optimization of products are done for Google’s shopping feed.


  • It helps in the automatic setup and real-time optimization of keywords.
  • Growth and retargeting campaigns are combined together in order to provide you with the best ROAS and scaling opportunities.


  • Free trial: $120/ month,
  • Standard: $335/ month,
  • Pro: $1000/ month.

7. Socioh: Facebook Ads that work(4.4/5, 196 Reviews)

It is an important tool released by the OrangeTwig team for all Shopify administrators, providing a one-stop solution for marketing. This extension makes your social media marketing campaigns for sales, daily deals, and promotion programs run automatically. 


  • It is possible to switch Instagram views to potential leads.
  • Pre-designed templates are available to customize the store. 


  • Free trial: For 7 days,
  • Starts from $49/month, and additional charges may apply.

8. Simprosys Google Shopping Feed(5/5, 4264 Reviews)

Simprosys Google Shopping Feed supports merchants for feeding and campaign needs via an API for marketing and sales channels.


  • Automated rules to auto-optimize the attributes.
  • Specific filters with a robust interface for bulk editing of attributes.
  • Quality assistance is provided by professionals for advertising on Facebook.


  • Free trial: For 21 days,
  • Starts from $4.99/ month, and additional charges may apply.

9. AdScale ‑ ROI of 1000%(4.7/5, 288 Reviews)

With Adscale, you can automatically create ads on Google and Facebook by holding your customer data in one place. It provides 24/7 AI optimization across Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Shopify.


  • Automatically pulls data from your store for Ads creation.
  • 50+ business intelligence dashboards.
  • Customer segment creator.
  • Powerful SMS marketing module.
  • Automated synchronization of store-to-ads.


  • Free trial: 14 days,
  • Starter: $99/ month,
  • Growth: $199/ month,
  • Pro: $299/ month.

10. Facebook and Instagram Shopping(5/5, 658 Reviews)

The Facebook and Instagram Shopping apps enable you to distribute your products across all metasurfaces, such as shops and marketplaces. Shopify Instagram ads help people discover products easily.


  • Manage and control your store through a central dashboard.
  • Ads analytics is used to monitor the performance of the Ads.


  • It’s free to use.

11. Scalify for Facebook Ads(4.6/5, 89 Reviews)

Scalify for Shopify Facebook Ads comes with a list of features that are easy to use with step-by-step instructions. It offers a variety of ad campaigns, and Scalify integrates well with other apps and platforms. Its clean and neat UI/UX helps you do more in less time.


  • Lets you create new ads and campaigns instantly with automated workflow.
  • Ready-to-use audience templates help you target with high accuracy.
  • The pre-built dashboard allows you to know your performance and get an accurate profit breakdown instantly.
  • Dynamic automation helps in reducing costs and improving ROI. Generate up to 200 customer lookalike audiences based on pixel data.


12. Facebook Dynamic Ads Booster(5/5, 4 Reviews)

The last one on our list is the Facebook Dynamic Ads booster. It makes it easy to create templates for Facebook and Instagram shops and DPA campaigns. After creating the template, it’s easy to apply it to the whole product feed and export it to the campaign immediately.


  • Automatically improves the quality of your products.
  • Automates the process of creating and scaling ad creatives.


  • It’s Free to use and additional charges may apply.


As discussed above, these are the best Shopify Facebook Ads Apps that you can very well use to boost your eCommerce business.

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