Top 10 Shopify Brand Apps In 2024

Last Updated: February 2024

If you are an entrepreneur looking for Shopify brand apps, then you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned the top 10 brand apps from the tons of apps available in the store to help you choose the best.

So, Let’s dive in and check out all the apps:

Modalyst ( 3.9/5⭐, 654 Reviews )

Modalyst provides print-on-demand and dropshipping marketplace for your store. You can even customize your own line of products by adding a logo, color, and more.


  • It has ready to sell marketplace of products.
  • Provides warehousing and fulfillment from US and international locations.


  • Basic- Free
  • Start Up- $35/Month
  • Pro- $90/Month

EPROLO ( 4.8/5⭐, 1,240 Reviews )

If you are a merchant that is fed up with slow shipping times, then this app is for you. It provides a quick fix to persistent issues and streamlines your order delivery which helps you in building a better brand image.


  • You can fulfill your orders with 27 different warehouses around the world.
  • EPROLO only works with big shipping companies that ensure all the orders are delivered on time. 


  • Free to install
  • Basic Branding Service- $19/Month

BrandsSync ( 2.8/5⭐, 100 Reviews )

Through BrandsSync you can find the best fashion products in dropshipping for your Shopify store. It even has warehouses that allow you to ship products directly to the customers.


  • Can ship to more than 170 countries.
  • They update their catalog with the best fashion providers.


  • Free- 15 Days
  • All Inclusive- $49/Month

Apliiq ( 4.5/5⭐, 343 Reviews )

This is an app made by a team of apparel experts that allows you to sell and design premium apparel products. It can automate product creation, ordering, and fulfillment to save your valuable time.


  • Its premium plan assists you in building strategies that can scale up your store sales.
  • The app can private label everything and remove the wholesale tags.


  • Free, external charges may apply.

Instant Brand Page ( 4.6/5⭐, 25 Reviews )

This app allows you to set up a brand index page with custom images that can be linked to your collection page. It can even add a favorite slider that showcases high-value brands.


  • Has 5 layout templates that allow you to make a brand index page.
  • It has custom images that you can choose and apply on your index page.


  • Free- 10 Days
  • Standard- $5.99/Month

Buzzbassador ( 4.9/5⭐, 83 Reviews )

Buzzbassador is an app that assists you in influencer marketing. It comes with workflow automation that allows you to scale your marketing channel and manage influencers linked to your store.


  • Through this app you can hire new influencers.
  • It assists in sales attribution, payments, reporting, and many more.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Launch- $39/Month
  • Build- $79/Month
  • Scale- $229/Month

Tiksuper Dropshipping & Branding ( 4.9/5⭐, 115 Reviews )

Through Tiksuper you can source and ship anything from China and sell it in your store. This app can fulfill orders and provide feedback to your store automatically.


  • They have experienced agents that help you find the best manufacturer.
  • It can automatically reserve stock in China as per your store sales.


  • Free to install, additional charges may apply.

Shop By Brand ( 4.9/5⭐, 13 Reviews )

Shop By Brand allows you to quickly organize all your brands in one place and showcase it to your customers in a mobile-first grid view. It comes with pre-set templates that allow you to perfectly match it with your store.


  • Shop By Brand has unlimited customization.
  • Allows you to add brand information like logos, photos, links, and more.


  • Free- 3 Days
  • Starter- $11.99/Month
  • Business- $27.99/Month
  • Enterprise- $79.99/Month

LARNT ( 5/5⭐, 10 Reviews )

LARNT helps you handle dropshipping, sourcing, shipping, labeling, packaging, wholesale, and many more on your store. This app can also help you find a supplier in China.


  • You can showcase your logo on products and packaging.
  • There is no minimum order shipping quantity. 
  • It can automatically edit and add products.


  • Free

Brandify ( 5/5⭐, 15 Reviews )

Through Brandify you can modify your storefront by adding small details like a cursor tail, scroll bar, animation, and many more. You can custom create the cursor theme that matches your store and gives your customers a branded experience.


  • You can modify the size and color of your sidebar to match it with your store.
  • It can block right clicks, text markup, image dragging, and inspection. 


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Custom Add-On- $1.99/Month
  • All Add-Ons- $4.99/Month


Now, in the end, we hope that this article has helped decide which app to integrate with. Although we recommend you try their free version to get a better understanding of the app and decide which one to integrate with.

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