10 Best ParcelLab Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Last Updated: April 2024

One way to maintain your brand’s reputation and attract more customers to you is by delivering your packages in an error-free manner. ParcelLab is one such shipping management software that helps you track and deliver your shipments along with carrier integration. However, there are also many ParcelLab competitors with better features. 

If you are also in search of the same, let this be your final stop. To reduce your effort, we have done the legwork of finding and compiling the top 10 ParcelLab competitors.

Let’s dive into the details!

ParcelLab Competitors: A Cost Comparison


Pricing Starts At

Pricing Limitation

SaufterCustom pricing
  • No single user plan is available.
Parcel Tracker A free plan is available
  • Only 100 parcels are handled per month
ClickPostCustom Pricing
  • No fixed pricing plans.
  • Only 50 orders are handled per month.
AftershipA free plan is available
  • The number of shipments is capped at 50 per month.
EasyshipA free plan is available
  • Per month, you can handle only 100 shipments. 
  • Only a maximum of 200 containers can be handled per month.
  • Does not cover wholesale orders.
  • The number of shipments is capped at 450.
MetaPackCustom pricing
  • Carrier options are limited to 11.

Top ParcelLab Competitors

  1. Saufter
  2. Parcel Tracker
  3. ClickPost
  4. ShipStation
  5. Aftership
  6. Easyship
  7. Shipsy
  8. Veeqo
  9. Orderhive
  10. MetaPack

1) Saufter

Saufter is an all-in-one CRM solution for engagement, marketing, and order management. With this tool, you can track all your orders and automate returns.

This ParcelLab alternative provides a 15-day free trial. It offers custom pricing.



  • Lets you automatically scan orders on a daily basis.
  • One-click integration option for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.
  • The only help desk that automatically tracks delayed orders and provides proactive resolutions.
  • Through the in-built portal of the “Integrated Returns Center”, returns and exchanges are initiated automatically.


  • All plans include 3 agents. Extra charges are applicable for additional users.

2) Parcel Tracker (Overall Ratings ⭐4.7/5, 128 reviews)

Parcel Tracker is an excellent shipping management software that lets you track both your incoming and outgoing parcels. They also provide analytics on your parcel management reports for your SLAs.

Even though they do not provide a free trial, a free version is available. The pricing plans of the paid version are categorized as follows:

  • Pro – $130/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing
Image Source: www.parceltracker.com/


  • Lets you automatically scan the name or barcode on a parcel’s label and thereby automatically recognize the recipient.
  • Provides contact-less pickup through QR code scanning.
  • Provides custom notifications to your customers that match your brand identity.


  • Sometimes the software gets buggy.
  • Some users report the scanning system often shows errors.

3) ClickPost (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 28 reviews)

ClickPost is a platform that offers AI-driven end-to-end logistics solutions. In addition to order management, they also offer services such as return management, COD reconciliation, real-time tracking, etc. 

The pricing scheme of this software is customized according to your business needs.

Image Source: www.clickpost.ai


  • Provides single API to create orders across 120+ carriers.
  • For shipment delays, proactive solutions are provided.
  • Lets you monitor carrier performance to provide better delivery.


  • Developments are confusing and take time.
  • Does not provide the feature of adding pre-shipped labels.
  • Limited visual representation of data.

4) ShipStation (Overall ratings: 4.3/5⭐, 179 reviews)

ShipStation is a platform that mainly focuses on shipping solutions for e-commerce platforms. This ParcelLab competitor lets you automate tasks related to order fulfillment and lets you manage all your online orders hassle-free.

A free trial of 30 days is offered by this platform. After that, you can choose their paid versions for up to 10,000 orders. If the order limit exceeds 10,000, you can avail of their customized pricing. The fixed pricing plans are categorized as follows:

  • Starter – $9/month
  • Bronze – $29/month
  • Silver – $49/month
  • Gold – $69/month
  • Platinum – $99/month
  • Enterprise – $159/month
Image Source: www.shipstation.com/


  • Flexible enough to combine orders for multiple orders and split orders for orders from different locations.
  • The scan-based workflows let you fulfill your shipments quickly.
  • Automatically updates the customer on the tracking details once an order ships.


  • Does not provide barcode printing.
  • Products and customer sections are not easy to edit.

5) Aftership (Overall ratings: 3.8/5⭐, 31 reviews)

Aftership, as the name suggests, mainly focuses on the customer experience after shipping. They provide automated shipping tracking along with delivery date prediction.

This ParcelLab competitor comes with a 7-day free trial. After that, you can opt either for their free version or paid plans categorized as follows:

  • Essentials – $9/month
  • Pro – $199/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing
after ship
Image Source: www.aftership.com/


  • Compared to ParcelLab which provides 150+ carrier support, Aftership comes with 950+ carrier options along with global tracking rights.
  • Provides AI-driven delivery estimation, which is absent in ParcelLab.
  • Comes with an in-built advanced dashboard.


  • Some users report the software has glitches that occur frequently.
  • It is a bit difficult to add this tool to an existing website.
  • Not a budget-friendly option for startups.

6) Easyship (Overall ratings: 4/5⭐, 63 reviews)

Easyship is a cloud-based shipping software that you can choose for your e-commerce business. They specialize mainly in offering you the cheapest shipping charges. This is an excellent ParcelLab competitor since it has global fulfillment centers so that you can deliver your orders in less time and cost.

This platform provides a free version. If you want to get access to the full features, you can opt for their paid plans categorized as follows:

  • Plus – $29/month
  • Premier – $49/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing
Image Source: www.easyship.com/shipping-management-software


  • Lets you customize your shipping preferences with automation rules.
  • Provides aid in filing paperwork for customs clearances.
  • Assist you with tracking details and easy returns in one click.


  • At times, this platform lags or crashes.
  • Separate accounts are needed for multiple country operations.
  • Does not provide international return labels.

7) Shipsy (Overall ratings: 4.3/5⭐, 81 reviews)

This shipment tracking software lets you get access to real-time tracking of both your domestic and international shipments through a single dashboard. They also give you data about your shipments and packages, and thereby help you to make valuable decisions.

This ParcelLab competitor comes with a free version. For full features, you can opt for their paid versions, with pricing categorized as follows:

  • Standard – $600/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing
Image Source: shipsy.io/shipment-tracking/


  • Provides seamless collaboration with shipment forwarders and internal teams.
  • Comes with one-click sharing of delays in your shipment to consignees.
  • Easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface.


  • Limited customization options.

8) Veeqo (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 17 reviews)

Veeqo is a multi-channel order management software with an in-built shipping management facility. This ParcelLab competitor is excellent at handling wholesale orders also

A free trial of 30 days is provided by this platform. After that, you can opt for their pricing plans, which come in 3 tiers:

  • Accelerator – £75/month
  • High Growth – £97.50/month
  • Premium – £125/month
Image Source: www.veeqo.com/ecommerce-shipping-software


  • International shipping orders can be easily handled via multi-channel.
  • Lets you save time with their shipping workflows, through which you can apply rules to automatically select shipping services.
  • Helps you to bulk print shipping labels and create custom invoices.


  • Handling multi-currency is a bit difficult.
  • Customer support is not appreciable.
  • Various technical issues occur since the stocks needed to be independently integrated with carriers.

9) Orderhive (Overall ratings: 3.7/5⭐, 26 reviews)

Orderhive is an e-commerce software solution that offers a range of services, including shipping software, order management, inventory management, retail operations, returns management, etc. The shipping software of this ParcelLab competitor comes with seamless multi-carrier shipping options that are efficient and reliable.

This software comes with a 15-day free trial. After that, you can opt for their paid plans categorized as follows:

  • Essential – $95/month
  • Standard – $195/month
  • Enhanced – $295/month
  • Enterprise – $500/month
Image Source: www.orderhive.com/shipping-software.html


  • Lets you compare and choose the best shipping options based on price, discount, package size and weight, location, and delivery date.
  • Provides end-to-end delivery tracking and shipment alerts.
  • Options to ship via more than 300+ couriers. You can also create smart shipping rules, download, and print shipping labels.


  • Some users report a constant failure of the webhook and data sync features.
  • Certain integrations do not work properly.
  • Limited reporting features.

10) MetaPack (No reviews)

This is a delivery management software that provides shipping, checkout, tracking, and post-purchase solutions to e-commerce platforms. With 400+ native integrations and 4900+ delivery services, this platform is a good ParcelLab competitor.

They provide pricing plans under three categories, along with zero setup fees. The plans are categorized as follows:

  • Essential – Custom pricing
  • Professional – Custom pricing
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing
Image Source: www.metapack.com/software/shipping/


  • Lets you handle a high volume of shipments with minimum time and money.
  • Helps you generate correct label extensions with internal reference numbers, and barcodes to avoid shipment delays or holds.
  • Operational performance can be monitored.


  • Only basic tracking features are available. Additionally, the tracking feature is available only to your brand, and not to your customers.
  • Customer support is poor.
  • Advanced analytics is only available for the enterprise plan, and that too, only if you opt for the add-on.

To Sum It Up:

For an e-commerce business, to retain its customers, it is essential to make sure that the packages reach their customers on time. That’s why it is essential to have a shipping software like ParcelLab to make your shipping experience hassle-free. We have provided you with the 10 best competitors of ParcelLab to choose from. Have a thorough look at the features of each, along with the pros and cons, and select one that aligns with your interests.

To make your customer service team excellent, equip them with Saufter. It can help you automate many workflows, reducing the workload of your team. We offer customized pricing also. 

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