Top 8 Novochat Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Last Updated: February 2024

Discover essential Novochat alternatives, shape your customer support strategy, and provide diverse options for effective communication solutions in this dynamic market landscape.

You are running an eCommerce business and want to employ Novochat, a chat marketing solution, but you are unsure if it is the right one for your business. Then, you can check out its Novochat alternatives and/ or competitors from here as they can help in finalizing your decision.

So, take a look at the Novochat competitors’ features and pricing options. After that, you can pick reliable software that suits your needs.

8 Best Novochat Alternatives

  1. Saufter
  2. WATI
  3. Intercom
  4. Zoho Desk
  5. Freshchat
  6. Interakt
  7. Smartsupp
  8. Yellow AI

#1 Saufter

Even though Saufter is designed especially for eCommerce businesses, it can be a great tool for other industries as well. It offers omnichannel communication, marketing, automation, and customer support services. Plus, it allows you to hire agents from their marketplace.



  1. Engage with your customers through WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.
  2. Send promotional and marketing messages easily.
  3. Keep your buyers updated with order status.
  4. Also, gather user reviews and automatically send a thank you note.
  5. Keep track of all your user interactions in one place.
  6. Answers your customers’ queries by adding a live chat widget to your website.
  7. Seamlessly integrates with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and so on to your website.
  8. Has next-generation live chat software that integrates a data-driven AI chatbot.
  9. Provides pre-built chat-widget themes and customizes your chat widget to match your brand.
  10. Get real-time reports on chat metrics like response time, ticket volume, etc.
  11. On top of that, it tests your agents and trains them automatically.


  1. Automated agent training is available on the Pro and Enterprise plans.




The headquarters of WATI is in Hong Kong. It is a global business and can reach over 60 countries and serve more than 1600 customers.

Actually, WATI enables you to offer automated customer support services via WhatsApp.

WATI website
Image source –


  1. Allows you to broadcast and send bulk messages to 100K recipients in one click.
  2. Create and send custom notifications to engage with your customers.
  3. Additionally, build your own custom solutions by accessing WhatsApp APIs.
  4. Offers a shared inbox where multiple agents can log in and serve your users.
  5. Moreover, customize the WhatsApp chatbot to handle support and sales queries.


  1. Build only for WhatsApp. To work with other platforms, you need to buy CRM tools.
  2. The default chatbot only responds to keywords and can’t continue with conversations. 


  • Growth – $30.11/month.
  • Pro – $72.27/ month.
  • Professional – $204.80/ month.

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#3 Intercom

Intercom specializes in business messaging services. Its features include chatbots, proactive messages, self-serve support, email campaigns, and so on. It even offers product tours.

Image source –


  1. You may add Intercom Messenger to your product, website, or app.
  2. Customize the layout, style, and content to match the look and feel of your brand.
  3. Lets you create automated processes such as ticket assignment, routing, and SLAs.
  4. Provides a collaborative inbox for your team.
  5. Further, customize your reports or use apps and APIs to measure the metrics you need to evaluate your business performance.


  1. It is expensive to employ the chatbot feature. Also, the charges for plans are unpredictable.
  2. The software is known to be buggy at times.
  3. Limited reporting functionality.


  • Free Trial – 14 days,
  • Starter – $74/ month,
  • Support, Engage, and Convert – price varies as per usage.

#4 Zoho Desk

An online customer service helpdesk software is Zoho Desk. It delivers services for various industries such as education, IT/ ITES, eCommerce, finance, telecom, hospitality, and so on.

Zoho Desk Website
Image source –


  1. Through ticket management tools you can handle your support requests.
  2. Also, create a self-service help center with a knowledge base and community forums.
  3. With automation, generate workflows, assign tickets, and manage complex processes, and SLAs.
  4. Evaluate your teams’ performance with reports.
  5. Additionally, provides a contextual AI chatbot called Zia.


  1. For starters, the layout is difficult to use. 
  2. The software is complicated to set up too.
  3. Forums are not optimized for conversations yet.
  4. Their customer support is limited. 
  5. Customizations are not up to the mark.


  • Free Trial – 15 days,
  • Standard – $9.64/user/month billed annually,
  • Professional – $16.87/user/month annual billing,
  • Enterprise – $28.92/user/month billed yearly.

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#5 Freshchat

Freshworks’ other product is Freshchat. With it, you can offer customer support powered by a bot and your human agents. You can find relevant resources including ebooks, and product tours on their official website.

Image source –


  1. Engage with your users across channels via the web, mobile, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, and Apple Business Chat.
  2. It has in-built chatbots that make support available 24/7.
  3. Also, add a web widget, and create FAQs and campaigns.
  4. With the help of Live Translate, your team can reply to your users in their language.
  5. Additionally, design your application with APIs.


  1. Compare to other Freshworks products, the quality is not good.
  2. Most of the tools are available in top-tier paid plans.
  3. The automation features are quite slow.
  4. There are complaints about users facing responsive issues with its functionalities.


  • Free – with fewer features,
  • Free Trial – 14 days,
  • Growth – $18.06/ agent/ month billed annually,
  • Pro – $48.18/ agent/ month billed yearly,
  • Enterprise – $77.09/ agent/ month annual billing.

#6 Interakt

Interakt is a WhatsApp business solution provider (BSP). It delivers commerce, CRM, notification campaigns, automation, and chat widget services. Furthermore, you may read case studies, and get a live demo along with product resources on their website.

Interakt Website
Image source –


  1. Send product catalogs to your users as part of campaigns and auto-replies.
  2. Improve your campaign performance by inserting media elements such as images, videos, PDFs, etc., and using interactive templates like CTAs, and quick reply buttons.
  3. Create automated workflows to manage your customer conversations. Along with it add custom replies to commonly asked questions.
  4. Enable your team to collaborate with a shared inbox.
  5. Send orders, payment, and shipment updates to your buyers.


  1. Supports no other messaging platform except WhatsApp.
  2. Moreover, they offer support through email and their team takes 2-3 days to respond.


  • Free Trial – 14 days,
  • Starter Plan – $21 + taxes/ month,
  • Growth Plan – $49 + taxes/ month,
  • Advanced – $63 + taxes/ month,
  • Enterprise – Personalized

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#7 Smartsupp

Smartsupp combines live chat, chatbot, and video recordings to turn visitors into buyers. It is an online shopping assistant that gathers your user data to personalize their shopping experience.

Smartsupp Website
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  1. It seamlessly integrates with E-mail Inbox, Live Chat, and Facebook Messenger.
  2. Customize the chat widget to match your business looks.
  3. Know who is browsing your site currently from your web dashboard.
  4. Generate personalized automated messages as per your rules.
  5. Plus, it records each visitor’s movements on your website so you can understand their behavior.


  1. Limited customization options.
  2. Need to improve statistics for the reports.
  3. Users complained that they do not get timely notifications of visitors accessing the website or chatbots.


  • Free – limited features,
  • Free Trial – 14 days,
  • Standard – $19.5/ month,
  • Pro – $48/ month,
  • Ultimate – customizable plan.

#8 Yellow AI

Yellow AI mainly provides automation solutions to your business. Their active learning AI is built on Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) compounded engine. 

Yellow AI Website
Image source –


  1. Enables you to design your chatbot by using an extensive list of pre-built nodes.
  2. Lets you train your bot with thousands of documents in your knowledge base.
  3. Deliver natural conversions through sentiment analysis and accurate intent identification.
  4. Build and deploy workflows across channels.
  5. With conversation builder, you can generate inbound and outbound multilingual voice assistants.


  1. The software is expensive.
  2. Hard to create new journeys and update existing journeys. 
  3. Plus, it is difficult to switch between journeys and functions.
  4. Complicated to pinpoint the issue when flows are not working properly.


  • Free – Offers some features.
  • Enterprise – Tailored.

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Final Words

As you can see the 8 best Novochat alternatives & competitors have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, pick the one that fits your needs best.

Note to first check out the software functionality through a free trial.

If you are looking for software designed specifically for eCommerce, then Saufter is the one for you. It is an all-around helpdesk so you can find the tools necessary to fulfill your operational needs.

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