Top 10 Free Helpdesk for Shopify in 2023 [Tried and Tested]

Last Updated: December 2023

When customer queries come from multiple channels, you take the chance of dropping the ball somewhere, if you don’t possess a help desk for your Shopify store to deal with them all in one place.  Setting up a help desk solution is one of the most important decisions you can make as an eCommerce seller.86% of service teams note that having a help desk system increases their productivity. This post will nudge you in the right direction and help you pick a help desk for Shopify that you’ve been looking for all along, bringing your customer service to a whole new level. We have done the research and listed the top 10 free Helpdesk for Shopify.  In this post, we will cover the following:

Five Things to Consider While Choosing a Shopify Helpdesk

  • Budget

Pricing of Help Desk varies from zero to hundreds of dollars. When choosing a help desk you should check its affordability as well as the features it provides. 
  • Team’s Needs

Your support team’s needs should be considered as they are the ones who will use the software constantly. Think of the problems they are facing while delivering customer service and then decide what gestures to look for.
  • Customers’ Needs and Preferences

Things that might work for a jewelry store won’t necessarily be the best fit for a bakery. Choose a help desk that can help to solve YOUR customers’ problems and deliver them the specific features that your current support team lacks.
  • Key Help Desk Features

Look for features such as different channels support, ticket management, automation and macros, internal collaboration, self-service options, contact history, and reporting and analytics
  • Help Desk’s Reliability and Support

If you encounter any issues while using the help desk, there should be someone to help you. You should check if they provide customer support to address your issues whenever you need it.

Shopify Help Desks: Pricing Comparison

Shopify Help Desks Pricing Details Pricing Limitations
Helplama Helpdesk A Free trial of 14-days. Pricing starts at $99/3 users/month.
  • Unlimited tickets but includes up to 3 users.
Richpanel – Helpcenter & CRM A Free plan is available. Pricing starts at $50/month.
  • 30 Help Center Flows
DelightChat: Whatsapp Marketing + Helpdesk Free to install from Shopify. The paid plan starts at $29/month.
  • Up to 500 support tickets.
Atlasmic Live Chat & Helpdesk A free plan is available. The paid plan starts at $19/month.
  • 5 users
  • 600 people reached
Zendesk Free to install. The paid plan starts at $49/month.
  • Single help center
  • AI-powered automated answers up to 50
MyAlice Helpdesk & Chatbot A free plan is available. The paid plan starts at $9/user/month.
  • Up to 3 members
  • Include up to 100 Bot Sessions/Month.
Shulex Helpdesk & VOC Tool Free
  • This platform is free for only 90 days.
HubSpot Help Desk HubSpot’s help desk is part of Service Hub, and you can get started with it for free. The paid plan starts at $45/month. 
  • 2 users included.
  • Limited to 200 notifications per month.
  • 1 ticket pipeline per account.
Freshdesk A free plan is available. The paid plan starts at $15/month.
  • Up to 10 agents.
LiveAgent A free plan is available. The paid plan starts at $15/month.
  • No chat transcripts.

Top 10 Free Helpdesk for Shopify

  1. Helplama Helpdesk
  2. Richpanel – Helpcenter & CRM
  3. DelightChat: Whatsapp Marketing + Helpdesk
  4. Atlasmic Live Chat and Helpdesk
  5. Zendesk
  6. MyAlice Helpdesk & Chatbot
  7. Shulex Helpdesk & VOC Tool
  8. HubSpot Service Hub
  9. Freshdesk
  10. LiveAgent

1. Helplama Helpdesk

Trusted by 1000+ companies worldwide, Helplama is a cloud-based Help desk software. It ensures integration with the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Apart from Shopify, Helplama helpdesk offers one-click integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, and Woocommerce. It has the potential to turn your customer service into a marketing channel also. Helplama helpdesk has some unique features like automated agent training, automated orders and returns center, agents marketplace, UGC collection, influencer marketing, and a lot more.


  • You can add a customized live chat widget to your website with Helplama helpdesk software, and stop customers from abandoning your website.
  • With Email support integration you can enable AI-drafted emails, to make sure none of your customers’ emails remain unanswered. 
  • It also includes an automated training module for agents to train and test them based on your previous chats.
  • Automatically detects delays and issues with your customers’ orders and helps you proactively resolve the situation.


  • Some workflow issues were discovered by users, which have since been resolved.
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2. Richpanel – Helpcenter & CRM

Richpanel is a help desk for Shopify stores, to manage customer support efficiently. With Richpanel, you can operate all your support channels, like live chat, email, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram and this saves a lot of time and helps your support agents to be more productive. 


  • Customers get a personalized service experience by viewing and tracking their orders, perusing FAQs, and starting a new conversation. This self-service feature saves time and your support agents can eliminate 30% of repetitive support requests.
  • Apart from Shopify, it integrates with top eCommerce platforms like Magento & WooCommerce.
  • With Richpanel, you can generate self-service workflows.


  • Richpanel is quite difficult to navigate and it’s not exactly intuitive.
  • It isn’t manufactured for collaboration with your teammates for day-to-day activities. You might still have to buy an extra tool to collaborate with your team.

3. DelightChat: Whatsapp Marketing + Helpdesk

DelightChat is a Whatsapp Marketing and Helpdesk solution. It is an omnichannel support inbox that helps brands manage customer queries from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email, and Live Chat in one dashboard. With this helpdesk, you can respond to customer queries & collaborate with your team, all from a single screen.


  • Repetitive queries can be reduced with automation and a self-service widget.
  • Easy team collaboration within tickets by tagging team members and writing internal comments.
  • Connect unlimited team members and Shopify stores.


  • Live chat auto-reply and multi-live chat widgets are not available.

4. Atlasmic Live Chat and Helpdesk

Atlasmic is a help desk for Shopify stores and it offers Live chat, inbound marketing, analytics, and much more. With Atlasmic you can track customer navigation in your Shopify store and it helps to detect patterns and increase your store sales by understanding your customers.


  • Easy one-click setup.
  • The contact form widget can be used when you go offline.
  • You can reduce your response time by seeing detailed Shopify customer information and previous orders right where you respond to customer inquiries.


  • Users complain that customer support is often unresponsive.

5. Zendesk

 Zendesk help desk for Shopify puts multi-channel ticketing and employee self-service portals in a single place. Using Zendesk, service reps can meet, and help, their customers on social media, live chat, email, over the phone, and a lot more. 


  • Zendesk’s live chat tool comes with an extensive set of features like behavioral triggers, live visitor tracking, chat ratings, file sending, and more.
  • Solve common user problems faster with predefined responses called macros.  
  • It supports platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat & Facebook.


  • Zendesk is not built for e-commerce stores. Thus it lacks specific needs & customer support requirements needed for e-commerce brands.
  • It provides only basic collaboration features.

6. MyAlice Helpdesk & Chatbot

With MyAlice you can add a live chat widget on your mobile app and website to engage your website visitors, manage their support issues, personalize their shopping experience, and collect customer feedback.


  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Seamlessly speak with customers across different channels
  • Simple to set up.


  • There’s a bit of a learning curve, and the UI could be improved a bit.
  • Cannot broadcast messages.

7. Shulex Helpdesk & VOC Tool

  Shulex Helpdesk and VOC Tool is an all-in-one helpdesk, that offers fully integrated tickets from all channels. With this help desk, customer and order data can be obtained without leaving your helpdesk. 


  • Smart inbox that supports auto-reply, intelligent-reply, and automated tagging powered by AI.
  • Integrates with Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Instagram, and Aftership.


  • Limited customization.

8. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a help desk software that is included in HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. With the Hubspot Help desk, you can keep track of customer requests in one unified place and your team can stay organized, manage tickets, easily prioritize work, and find solutions for customers faster.


  • You can prioritize requests so the most critical tickets get resolved faster.
  • With HubSpot’s ticketing system, you can document, organize, and track all of your customers’ problems in one dashboard that’s accessible to your whole customer support team.


  • The templates are difficult to modify.
  • You have to pay for additional technical support.

9. Freshdesk

  Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk software with multiple support channels, including live chat, email, phone, and social media to help customers through their preferred communication methods. It has remained a popular choice for businesses that want to increase customer engagement and manage customers as they scale.


  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot capabilities.
  • Team collaboration.
  • A self-service support portal for support agents and customers.


  • Steep learning curve for new users.
  • Customizing the tool is not very simple. It needs involvement from the Freshdesk team.

10. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a leading helpdesk support app that combines multiple channels into a single place. It includes email support, live chat, and social media integration (Twitter and Facebook). 


  • Customer service 24/7
  • The software is easy to implement even in large teams.
  • It offers the ability to self-host behind the firewall.
  • You can customize plenty of features and tailor them for your business needs.


  • The mobile app’s interface could use some improvements, though it is still convenient to work with.
  • The software could support more integrations with business systems to boost its effectiveness and usability.

Help Desk for Shopify – Sum Up

A Help desk brings everything together in one streamlined, easy-to-use platform and eliminates the need for your team to juggle multiple platforms and accounts. Helplama Helpdesk is a great solution as you get multiple advantages in one tool. Apart from being a Helpdesk it also offers you marketing and post purchase features that would tremendously help you gain revenue. Join 1000s of others already doing it! 


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