Top 10 Frequently Bought Together Shopify Apps In 2024

Last Updated: February 2024

If you are a Shopify merchant looking for the best frequently bought together Shopify apps, then you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned the top 10 apps from the tons of apps available in the market to help you choose the best.

So, let’s dive in and check all the apps available:

Candy Rack ( 5/5⭐, 194 Reviews )

Candy Rack allows you to customize and adjust the content and design of the notification that can match with your store theme. This helps you in providing a branded experience to your customers. Moreover, its AI chooses the best relevant product that can be recommended to your customers.


  • Has a mobile-first design feature to help you showcase notifications on mobile phones.
  • This app can be used in the German language as well.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Basic Shopify- $29.99/Month
  • Standard Shopify- $49.99/Month
  • Advanced Shopify- $99.99/Month
  • Shopify Plus- $199.99/Month

Cross Sell & Cart Upsell ( 4.9/5⭐, 917 Reviews )

This app allows you to add products to upsell notifications manually with the help of customers’ purchase history and collections. It comes with pre-set themes that you can choose and apply to your store.


  • Provides features like order tracking, status, add-ons, product bundles, and more.
  • You can set specific recommendations for your cart page. 


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Startup- $29.99/Month
  • Small Store- $39.99/Month
  • Unlimited- $99.99/Month

Frequently Bought Together By Code Black Belt ( 4.9/5⭐, 2,169 )

Through this app you can recommend products to customers that are bought together. This feature helps you to increase the order value in your store which results in more revenue. Moreover, you can use its smart AI to automatically recommend products to your customers.


  • Allows you to add four different types of bundle discounts.
  • Provides multi-language support in 10 different languages like Dutch, Chinese, French, German, and more.


  • Free- 30 Days
  • Unlimited- $9.99/Month

Wiser ( 4.9/5⭐, 474 Reviews )

Wiser comes with a wide range of features like AI-based frequently bought together recommendations, manual recommendations, you may also like recommendations, and more. It provides you with customer journey details on your store that help you provide more personalized recommendations to them.


  • Provides support in 8 different languages like Dutch, French, Japanese, and many more.
  • Comes with analytics that allows you to track sales done by the notifications sent by the app.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Basic Shopify- $9/Month
  • Growth- $29/Month
  • Premium- $199/Month

Unlimited Smart Upsell Offers ( 4.8/5⭐, 250 Reviews )

This app comes with an automatic installation that allows you to save time. It can provide product recommendations on the cart page of your store and allows your customers to add those products in just a click.


  • Comes with an auto-pilot feature that uses Shopify’s AI to pick the best combination of offers. 
  • It can show discounts and comparisons between different products, making it easy for your customers to choose a product.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Basic- $19.49/Month
  • Professional- $29.49/Month
  • Advanced- $42.49/Month
  • Plus- $58.49/Month

Cross Sell & Upsell Pro ( 4.8/5⭐, 277 Reviews )

Cross Sell & Upsell Pro has an easy interface that allows you to add upsell and cross-sell recommendations in just one click. The recommendations provided by this app work on real time algorithms and updates every hour.


  • Comes with the latest design trends that can help you improve your store design.
  • You can add recommendations on any page of your store and increase your average store order value. 


  • Free- 30 Days
  • Advanced- $5.95/Month

Upselly ( 4.2/5⭐, 30 Reviews )

Upselly’s AI can automatically match the frequently bought together products and allow your customers to add the product in just one click. Apart from that, it displays the price and the discounted price of the recommended product on the product and cart page.


  • You can manually recommend products to your customers. 
  • Use this app directly from the Shopify admin.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Basic- $9.99/Month
  • Shopify- $14.99/Month
  • Advanced- $19.99/Month
  • Shopify Plus- $29.99/Month

Also Bought Cross Sell ( 4.8/5⭐, 6 Reviews )

This app uses the technique known as “item-to-item collaborative filtering” which keeps a track of items usually bought together, and then it suggests them to other new customers.


  • The app can also collect the past order history of your customers and then recommend the products.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Basic- $7/Month

Assortion: Upsell & Bundles ( 4.9/5⭐, 239 Reviews )

Assortion allows you to create bundle products as frequently bought products and offer bundle discounts on them. Moreover, it incentivizes customers to buy more with quantity breaks or volume discounts.


  • You can create special post-purchase offers after a customer has checked out from your store.
  • Has integrated analytics feature. 


  • Free

Upsell & Cross Sell- Selleasy ( 5/5⭐, 502 Reviews )


Through Selleasy you can easily display high conversion pre-purchase & post-purchase upsell offers. You can add products manually or through AI for up-selling and cross-selling.


  • This app can work with the latest Shopify themes. 
  • Allows you to cross-sell related products on the thank you page.


  • Free- 30 Days
  • Tier 2- $6.99/Month
  • Tier 3- 12.99/Month


Now, in the end, we hope that you were able to decide on the best frequently bought together app from the list. Although, we suggest you first try the free trial of the apps and then make up your mind. This technique will surely help you choose the best frequently bought together Shopify app.

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