Top 8 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Software You Should Know!

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Last Updated: July 2024

With over 1.01 billion people using Facebook Messenger monthly (Statista,2024), harnessing chatbot technology can transform how you interact with your customers. It’s not just about answering queries anymore; it’s about creating personalized experiences, boosting engagement, and converting curious clickers into loyal customers.

Why should businesses consider using a Chatbot? 

Picture this: You’re a super busy entrepreneur dealing with tons of emails, customers are also expecting lightning-fast replies, and all the chaos of social media.

This is where  the chatbot comes to save you! This digital assistant not only lightens your workload but also does it flawlessly. Imagine a robo-employee chatting with your customers 24/7, providing quick answers to FAQs without missing a single query, that never fails to follow up.

In this blog, we are going to explore the top 8 Facebook Messenger chatbot software you should know. These tools can streamline your customer service, boost engagement, and even drive sales.

Best Chatbot Messengers for Customer Service


Ratings: 5/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free, Customizable

Saufter is a strong Facebook messenger chatbot solution designed to streamline customer interactions.

It features AI-driven chatbots that efficiently handle customer queries, aiming to enhance engagement and satisfaction. 

Key Features:

  1. AI-Chatbot: It has an AI-bot that helps out with common questions, gives the human agents some leisure & makes sure your clients get what they need in time. 
  2. Agent live-chat: Then, it has an Agent Live Chat feature for more complex situations when it requires a real human to talk to the client.
  3. Training Knowledge base: Now it’s time to talk about the Training Knowledge Base feature it has. It’s like a big book of knowledge to help both your bots and agents learn and improve their knowledge about your products or services you offer. 
  4. Public knowledge base: And also, it has a Public Knowledge Base too, so that your customers can find answers on their own whenever they want.
  5. Custom AI-Chatbot Profiles: Its Custom AI-Bot Profiles feature is really cool – it will let you make your bots sound just like a human bot and help you in the best way possible. You can customize the replies and answers as your business needs.
  6. Analytics: And last but not least, it gives you a very detailed Analytics report to look into how customers are interacting, and what is the conversion rate.

2. Zendesk



Pricing: $19/Month

Zendesk provides a very good Facebook Messenger chatbot solution designed to enhance customer interactions.

AI-powered bots can automate responses and resolve common questions raised by customers.

Key Features

  1. Unified Agent Workspace: Agents can manage all customer interactions from a single interface, improving efficiency and response time.
  2. Ai-powered bots: These bots handle common inquiries, reducing the workload on human agents.
  3. Omnichannel Support: Zendesk supports various communication channels including email, social media, and live chat, ensuring seamless customer service across platforms.
  4. Advanced Analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools help businesses track performance and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Customizable Workflows: Businesses can tailor their workflows with triggers and automations to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

3. HubSpot



Pricing: Free, $15/Month

Hubspot facilitates businesses to talk to their customers with personalized (tone that is suitable for their industry) messages, making customer service and lead generation better, faster and flawless.

Key Features

  1. AI-Powered Conversations: Automates customer interactions with intelligent responses, enhancing user engagement and support efficiency.
  2. Omni-Channel Support: Integrates across multiple platforms, providing consistent and unified customer support experience.
  3. Personalized Customer Interactions: Utilizes customer data to deliver tailored responses, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Lead Generation and Qualification: Capture and qualify leads through automated conversations, streamlining the sales funnel.

4. Bitrix24



Pricing: Free

Bitrix24 works well with Facebook Messenger, so businesses can chat or answer automatically, and follow up customer concerns and queries from the Bitrix24 CRM only. It’s a favorite for many businesses around the world.

Key Features

  1. CRM Integration: The chatbot links with Bitrix24’s CRM, so you can see all customer interactions in one place. 
  2. Task Automation: You can automate your routine tasks, like sending follow-up messages, setting up meetings, & updating customer records. 
  3. Workflow Customization: Making custom workflows can improve the quality and speed of your customer service team. 
  4. Multi-channel Integration: Deal with customers from any source or communication that your customer likes let it be Facebook Messenger, emails, or live chat. 
  5. Automatic AI Powered Response: AI can help you with automated responses which will make work easier for your support team and give customers quick answers.

5. Zobot

Zoho sales IQ


Pricing: Free

Zobot, part of Zoho SalesIQ, is built to make chatbots that can talk on Facebook Messenger and other places without any human involvement. It helps keep customers chatting even when people aren’t there.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Bot Building Platform: Zobot is a platform that can build many different types of bots, it also offers no-code bot building features for easy adaptation.
  2. 24/7 Customer Engagement: You can count on Zobot to engage with customers 24/7, making sure their questions get answered right away and within no time.
  3. Automation of Repetitive Tasks: It can take care of repetitive tasks automatically, like setting up appointments and collecting payments.
  4. Seamless Handoffs: Whenever a problem is too tricky for Zobot to solve, it smoothly hands it over to human operators. They get all the info from past chats (done by the bot) to keep helping the customer without any hiccups.

6. Pandorabots



Pricing: Free

Pandorabots provides technologies to build chatbots using AIML, which is something being liked by lots of business owners around the world. With over 275,000 developers community around, it helps make bots for Facebook Messengers and also for any other platforms as well.

Key Features

  1. AIML based Development: You can create detailed and customized chatbots using AIML scripting language.
  2. Huge Developer Community: With a massive community of over 275,000 developers worldwide, you get constant support and new ideas.
  3. Complete Ownership: You get complete ownership and control over your bot’s code and data with open standard flexibility.
  4. Integration options: Deploy your chatbot on different platforms like Facebook Messenger and customize it for your business requirements easily.
  5. Interaction Handling: Easily handle a large number of interactions with quick responses and flexible management of multiple requests.

7. Snatchbot


Ratings: 4.7/5

Pricing: Free

Snatchbot allows its users to build Facebook Messenger Chatbots as suitable for their business requirements without any coding language. Also it works flawlessly on all messaging platforms.

Key Features

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Snatchbot’s NLP tech is super neat because it helps these chatbots understand and learn from users, making conversations feel more human-like.
  2. Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text: These features bring great experience for the customer. It lets you chat with your voice, adding a fun twist to the whole chatbot experience.
  3. Robotic Process Automation(RPA): It automates business tasks in the background, making things run smoother and faster.
  4. Omni-channel Support: Bots can hang out on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and many more (You name it, they have it)- all to keep you available for the customer from all angles!
  5. Advanced Analytics: This tool tracks how well the bots are doing and how users are interacting with them. It’s all for making improvements and keeping things top-notch for your business.

8. Intercom



Pricing: $39/Month

Intercom is an intelligent messenger chatbot. It has a unique feature called Fin AI Agent which is able to resolve concerns raised by customers really fast. It doesn’t only work smart, it is also easy to integrate to all platforms. But you know, premium features ask for extra expense. It costs an extra $0.99 per issue fixed.

Key Features

  1. Easy workflow customization: You can easily customize and manage the chatbot’s responses and actions through Intercom’s dashboard. 
  2. Multilingual ability: The chatbot can talk in many languages, making it easy for you to expand businesses worldwide. 
  3. Real time monitoring: Detailed reports and insights are provided in real-time to keep you informed about how your chatbot is doing. This info is crucial to understand its impact on deflection and resolution rates. 
  4. The Fin AI Agent: It uses fancy AI models that offer accurate, conversational answers on various channels – like Facebook Messenger. 
  5. Omnichannel Support: The chatbot supports a bunch of platforms – web, iOS, Android, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and everything. That means your customers get the same great experience no matter from which platform they are reaching out to you.


Facebook Messenger chatbot is growing its importance in all kinds of business domains nowadays. There are tons of tools with AI-powered solutions available in the market today. They help companies automate responses, make interactions personal, and boost overall customer happiness.

All the tools we talked about in this article have unique features designed to meet different business needs. At the end of the day it is the business owner who has to make sure to pick the one that works best for his/her business and fits the organizational needs just right.

For a suggestion, is an all rounder with all required features and easy to use user interface.To get started with, sign up for by clicking the below button and begin transforming your customer interactions today!



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