7 Best Salesforce Competitors & Alternatives You Need To Know!

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Salesforce competitors

Last Updated: July 2024

Salesforce, as one of the market’s top CRM software solutions, offers extensive customization and integration options for different business models.

However, Salesforce is not really a good fit for every business. If you are a business owner looking for top Salesforce CRM competitors, this is the guide for you.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best Salesforce competitors in detail, examining key features, pricing, benefits, and more. 

Pricing Table


Pricing Starts At

Pricing Limitations

Saufter.ioCustom pricingCustom pricing

-3,000 Open Deal Limit

-30 Custom Field Limit

Zoho CRMFree, $14/user/month

-Free Only For 3 Users

-Only 100 Emails/User License

Sugar Sell$49/user/month

3 User Minimum

-No Advanced Forecasting

Agile CRMFree, $8.99/user/month

-Free Only Up to 10 Users

Only 1,000 Contacts

HubSpot CRMFree

-Only 2000 Emails Allowed

-1 Deal Pipeline Per Account

Microsoft Dynamics 365$49/user/month

-No Contextual Insights

-No Conversation Intelligence

Best Salesforce Competitors & Alternatives

  1. Saufter.io
  2. Pipedrive
  3. Zoho CRM
  4. Sugar Sell
  5. Agile CRM
  6. HubSpot CRM
  7. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Here are some of the best Salesforce competitors/alternatives you might want to take into consideration:


Saufter is a multi-channel customer service help desk designed for small businesses and enterprise teams. Saufter provides a powerful set of service and marketing features, combined with a recruitment marketplace and automation features to increase productivity.

The Saufter enables businesses to provide customer support, automate new agent training, and proactively resolve customer issues, among other things. You can also integrate this platform with other marketing tools/e-commerce platforms that you already use for your company.

The helpdesk improves response time and productivity by providing AI-suggested responses based on previous tickets handled, which is a key feature. The Saufter is cost-effective and quick to implement, and most agents can get started with Saufter with little to no training.


  • The option for one-click integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magneto, and Woo-commerce, among others, is extremely convenient.
  • Saufter integrates email support as well as AI-drafted emails. This can significantly reduce your email traffic as well as your workload.
  • You can identify satisfied customers and collect Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and user-generated videos automatically.


  • Users discovered some workflow issues, which have since been resolved.
  • Visual customization options are limited.

Pipedrive (Overall ratings: 4.2/5⭐, 1,558 reviews)

Pipedrive-software, Salesforce competitors
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/pipedrive/reviews

Pipedrive is a small-team-friendly sales CRM and pipeline management tool.

This CRM tool includes over 250+ integrations, such as Zapier, Google Meet, Zoom Meet, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. We discovered that Pipedrive’s automation features can help you improve your flow, and save time and money. Another great feature is that because it is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any location using any web browser or dedicated mobile apps.  Pipedrive’s quick and simple interface will have your team up and running in no time. 


  • The sales pipeline dashboard is customizable, easy to use, and provides sufficient information.
  • You get to integrate Pipedrive with tons of third-party applications.
  • Pipedrive’s user interface is simple and straightforward. Users find it easy to navigate and very user-friendly.


  • The setup can be a little challenging. Some users have had particular difficulty with specific types of automation, such as email.
  • The dashboard lacks sufficient customization options. The default dashboard might contain information you don’t need and leave out data you want to include.
  • Multiple users under one account can be difficult due to the pricing plans.

Zoho CRM (Overall ratings: 4/5⭐, 2,202 reviews)

Zoho-crm, Salesforce competitors
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/zoho-crm/reviews

Zoho CRM might be the tool for you if you want to consolidate sales data into a single platform, automate routine business workflows, and engage clients across multiple platforms. We discovered that it has a clean interface design with a variety of unique features that help lead conversion rates.

Zoho also collects customer information from a variety of sources, such as e-mail, live chat, phone calls, and social media. Zoho is one of the best competitors to Salesforce, particularly if you are looking for free CRM software, to begin with.


  • Zoho comes with the option to customize various modules in user profiles, allowing you to tailor CRM data fields to your specific business needs.
  • Zoho support is very responsive and can quickly identify and resolve issues. 
  • When it comes to importing contacts and customers from various sources, Zoho CRM is very user-friendly.


  • There are a few bugs that can be fixed but require technical assistance.
  • The tools for creating and editing templates are limited; more drag-and-drop functionality is required.
  • Zoho should create more training materials. Although Zoho CRM is user-friendly, there is insufficient support for new users.

Sugar Sell (Overall ratings: 3.8/5⭐, 645 reviews)

Sugar sell
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/sugar-sell-formerly-sugarcrm/reviews

Sugar Sell is another Salesforce competitor that can help your sales team by providing accurate customer information. Lead management, sales automation and forecasting, campaigns, and quote configuration are some of the platform’s key features. We found that the CRM’s APIs and developer-centric focus makes it easily customizable for personalization and new opportunities. Another noteworthy feature is that it automatically gathers information about contacts, saving time that would otherwise be spent on manual research and data entry.


  • The sales console is simple to use and informative, allowing the sales team to quickly fill out the details of each prospect.
  • Sugar CRM’s reporting and analytics capabilities are extensive.
  • The CRM includes the ability to mass upload a large amount of information and leads.


  • There isn’t enough reference material to help newcomers navigate the system.
  • The learning curve for SugarCRM is steep. Sugar CRM is, at its core, a complex database that isn’t always user-friendly.
  • The minimum user count of ten is a disadvantage for smaller businesses.

Agile CRM (Overall ratings: 4/5⭐, 316 reviews)

Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/agile-crm/reviews

Agile CRM is customer relationship management software that assists businesses in developing an optimal sales cycle. We found the 360 Degree Contact View feature, which displays all relevant information about a contact on a single page, to be extremely useful. Agile CRM also offers a free plan for 10 users and 1,000 contacts, as well as a variety of features such as a landing page builder and email campaigns.


  • Offers integrations with multiple other software platforms to provide a flexible CRM tool.
  • The tool makes it simple to keep track of all of your clients, prospects, and sales pipeline.
  • Custom fields are simple to create and can be displayed on the profile.


  • There are not enough knowledge base articles on their website to learn about various features.
  • The email builder does not include an open HTML section where you can easily embed code.
  • You cannot view all reports on the screen easily and must upgrade to view Activity Reports.

HubSpot CRM (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 9,453 reviews)

Hubspot Crm
Image source- https://www.hubspot.com/products/crm

HubSpot CRM is a completely free CRM solution, part of the Sales force competition list for small businesses to organize, track, and nurture leads and customers. While they have many paid options with far more features, the free plan includes many of the core functions that most businesses require. This CRM tool is simple to use, reduces repetitive tasks, and can help you increase business productivity. HubSpot’s mobile app for iPhone and Android also includes a comprehensive set of features.


  • Hubspot’s CRM layout is simple to use, making it easier to train new users to get the most out of it.
  • The pipeline view allows you to track your team’s progress toward goals.
  • HubSpot’s Support team is excellent, and they are always available via chat to solve real-time issues.


  • It does not include the ability to review and edit emails in a sequence before sending them.
  • Small businesses may find the paid/premium plans expensive.
  • There have been reports of bugs that cause the system to glitch at times.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Overall ratings: 3.6/5⭐, 471 reviews)

Dynamics 365
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/dynamics-365-sales/reviews

No list of Salesforce biggest competitors is complete without Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform for generating leads, managing customers, and closing more deals. Being a part of Microsoft is a huge benefit, especially as it becomes more integrated with other MS Office programs.

The platform also enables employees to be much more productive by providing more in-depth insights into performance and client history. Dynamics 365 also includes all of the necessary business apps in one place.


  • You can create custom account forms with all of the information you need for your accounts.
  • The interface of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fairly simple to use.
  • Dynamics 365 lets you create custom alerts, automated workflows, and forms to collect additional data points.


  • Microsoft Dynamics has been reported to be slow at times due to the amount of data it handles.
  • Integrating LinkedIn contacts can be difficult.
  • When it comes to filling out emails, it can be time-consuming.


Salesforce is a popular customer management software, but small businesses cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on this marketing software each month. Salesforce pricing is not bundled into a single package, so it may appear affordable at first glance. 

However, if you want to use all of the features for scaling your business operations, the costs will most likely be too much. We hope that this blog has given you a better understanding of the Salesforce competition.

If you want a more affordable customer engagement solution with a wide range of features, the Saufter is the way to go. If you’re starting from scratch, you can opt for managed customer support services tailored for your business starting at $399 per month.



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