Top 7 Geolocation Apps For Shopify in 2024

Top 7 Geological apps

Last Updated: February 2024

If you are a small business owner who wants to expand your business internationally,  we recommend you use a Shopify geolocation app

A geolocator app allows you to deliver personalized experiences to customers in different countries. Moreover, it enables you to understand customer behavior in a particular country. 

As a result, you can provide a better shopping experience and boost your sales. Therefore, we are reviewing the seven best geolocation apps to help you pick the right app for your business.


Top 7 Shopify Geolocation Apps

  1. GeoIP Country Redirect(Rating: 4.8/5, 105 Reviews)
  2. Selector-Geo Market Switchers(Rating: 5/5, 55 Reviews)
  3. Adria Translate(Rating: 5/5,1 Review)
  4. GeoLocation: Product Blocker(Rating: 4.9/5,12 Reviews)
  5. MOD: GeoLocation Redirect(Rating: 4.3/5, 68 Reviews)
  6. Geolocation-ORBE(Rating 5/5, 26 Reviews)
  7. Cozy Country Redirect( Rating 4.9/5,372 Reviews)



1) GeoIP Country Redirect(Rating: 4.8/5, 105 Review)

GeoIP Country Redirect allows customers to read your website in their native language. Consequently, it improves your sales by improving customer experience.


Features of the app

  • Automated Redirection: Shopify geo-location feature of this app redirects buyers to regional stores automatically based on their internet protocol(IP) address.
  • Permission: GeoIP asks your customers for permission before redirecting them to their native stores.
  • Quick indexing:  Additionally, Google indexes all store versions reducing reload time



  • Basic: $7.50/Month
  • Advanced: $19.99/Month
  • Plus: $49.99/Month


2) Selector-Geo Market Switchers(Rating: 5/5, 55 Reviews)


This geolocator app allows you to view your store in a particular language. You can switch to the correct international market with the in-app country selector. Selector-Geo Market Switcher enables language personalization and Shopify-geolocation integration using recommendation banners.


Features of the app

  • Geolocation switcher: This feature allows buyers to switch to their preferred store.
  • Template designer: The store modification feature helps you to modify your online stores in different countries.
  • Color schemes: Customize your online store with different color schemes.
  • Automated detection: Selector’s Global Positioning System facility automatically detects a buyer’s geographic location. The app then redirects the buyer to your organization’s online store in that region.





3)  Adria Translate(Rating: 5/5, 1 Review)

Adria Translate

Adria utilizes the core Shopify API to manage store transactions in different countries.  Additionally, it allows seamless transitions between currencies for your users. 


Features of the app

  • Centralized storage: The app stores customers’ data in different countries using a centralized database. As a result, your website loading time improves in any country.
  • DeepL Integration: You can automate translations for your store using the DeepL integration feature.



  • Basic Plan: $9/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $19/month
  • Professional Plan: $29/month
  • Expert Plan: $59/month


4) GeoLocation: Product Blocker(Rating: 4.9/5, 12 Reviews)


As a  business owner, if you are not authorized to sell in a particular country, you can use this app to block store access to that country. Consequently, this geolocator app allows you to develop rules to ban unauthorized products for a country. Likewise, the Geolocation Product Blocker provides customers to select their local store.


Features of the app

  • AI chatbot: A multilingual AI chatbot assists customers while purchasing products.
  • Product warnings: This app gives a product warning if your customers try to purchase a product from an unauthorized store.



  • Premium Plan:  $6.99/month.
  • Trial version: This app provides a 10-day free trial.


5) MOD: GeoLocation Redirect(Rating: 4.3/5, 68 Reviews)


MOD: Geolocation Redirect automatically locates a customer’s home country and adjusts your store based on the geographics of that particular customer. You can redirect buyers to the correct local store to purchase. 


Features of the app

  • Geolocation correction: Utilises GPS correction to locate buyers’ geographical location and redirects them to the correct native stores.
  • URL prediction: Allows you to provide a correct URL for customers according to their geo-location.
  • Notification bar: Additionally, you can use the app’s notification feature to send notifications to customers of different regions.



Basic plan: $8/month.


6) Geolocation-ORBE(Rating 5/5, 26 Reviews)


This geolocator app recommends your customers the product catalog based on their native country. Online shoppers can use Shopify geo location integration and set country using ORBE’s country selector. 


Features of the app

  • Automatic setup: An AI assistant automatically redirects customers to stores in their native country.
  • CCPA and GDPR compliance: The app takes user consent before redirecting them.GDPR and CCPA are international regulations ensuring customers’ online rights protection. So, this app enables compliance to both by asking users before collecting information related to purchases.
  •  Search Engine Organisation Friendly: ORBE uses Search Engine Optimisation features to gain customers by directing them to the correct stores.
  • Simplicity: Provides a fluid and intuitive interface guide for a better shopping experience.



  • Basic: Free
  • Advanced: $29/month 
  • Plus:$49/month 


7) Cozy Country Redirect( Rating 4.9/5, 72 Reviews)

Cozy Country Redirect

Cozy Country Redirect is a geolocator app that helps expand your business internationally by allowing your customers to visit their native stores. You can block malicious visitors who try to buy from incorrect locations by GPS spoofing.


Features of the app

  • Live Preview: Customize pop-up designs with Live Preview. A design feature that enables you to design templates for store redirection for different countries.
  • Integration: The live preview integrates Google Analytics and Urchin Tracking Module to analyze online traffic for e-commerce purchases. Therefore the integration feature increases your product sales in other countries by bringing buyers to your online stores through SEO optimization.
  • Country selector: Furthermore, product announcements can be provided to customers of a specific country using the country selector feature.
  • User filtering: Authenticate users using Uniform Resource Locator(URL) or Internet Protocol address(IP) and prevent IP spoofing.



  • Standard: $7.99/Month
  • Professional: $9/Month
  • Advanced: $19/Month
  • Plus: $49/Month


Final Thoughts

The article analyzes the seven best geolocation apps that can help you to provide a better customer experience across different geolocations. You can select any one app based on your business requirements. 

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