Top 10 Shopify Testimonials Apps in 2023 [Tried and Tested]

Did you know that 90% of consumers read online testimonials before making a purchase? No matter what niche you’re in, establishing credibility is an essential part of running a business. 

The Shopify app store is flooded with different testimonial apps, each of which is designed for different business requirements. However, choosing the best one for your Shopify store can be a difficult task. Well, we’ve done the legwork and explored the best Shopify testimonial apps for you.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best Shopify testimonial apps in-depth, examining key features, pricing, benefits, and more. 

Best Shopify Testimonial Apps Pricing Comparison


Pricing Starts At

Pricing Limitations

Helplama Helpdesk

$99 /month/3 users

-Includes up to 3 Users

Credens Testimonials Showcase-  Expert Village Media 

$7.99 /month

-The Pro plan only allows you to add up to 100 testimonials

-You cannot offer coupon codes under this plan

Reputon Testimonials Slider 

Free, $4.99/month

-The number of testimonials is limited to 4 in the free plan

-With this plan, you can only display one testimonial widget

Customer Testimonial

Free, $5.49/month

-The free plan comes with POWR branding

-The plan is also limited to 3 testimonial slides

Rivyo Product Reviews 

Free, $5.99/month

-Only 500 monthly review emails

-Only 500 review imports from Amazon/Aliexpress

Testimonials Master

Free, $3.99/month

-The free plan only allows you to add up to 5 testimonials

-This plan offers only the grid view

Social Testimonial Slider- LJ Apps

Free, $2.99/month

-Manually uploading testimonials is only available if you buy the Pro plan



-Review requests only up to 75 orders

Vidjet ‑ Popup Videos

Free, Custom pricing

-Free plan limited to 1,000 video views per month

Elfsight’s Testimonials Slider

Free, $5/month 

-The number of times a widget loads on a webpage is limited to 200 on the free plan. 

Top 10 Shopify Testimonial Apps

If you’ve ever wondered how to add testimonials to Shopify, here’s a list of apps you should look into:

Helplama Helpdesk

Helplama’s Helpdesk is the only platform on this list that offers a wide range of features in a single platform, including managing customer communication, collecting customer reviews, automating agent training, and more.

Helplama’s Helpdesk saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to sift through large databases for finding customer reviews that can be displayed as testimonials. It helps your marketing team by automating the collection of UGC and reviews from your loyal customers

A standout feature is that it even automates the collection of Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and user-generated videos for testimonials on your website or social media. Helplama’s helpdesk is the way to go if you’re looking for a quickstart tool to collect testimonials


  • Helplama integrates email support and provides AI-drafted emails.
  • The helpdesk is cost-effective and easy to set up, and your team can use it with little to no training.
  • Integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magneto, and Woo-commerce, among others, are available with a single click.


  • Some workflow issues were discovered by users, which have since been resolved.
  • There aren’t many options for visual customization.


Helplama’s Helpdesk offers a free 15-day trial, and the plans begin at $99/month. (This plan includes 3 users)

Credens Testimonials Showcase-  Expert Village Media

The next app on our list is Credens Testimonials Showcase, which displays product reviews and testimonials on your store to increase social proof.

The app comes with various features for collecting post-purchase testimonials along with photos and videos from customers. It even allows you to send automated and manual emails requesting testimonials from your customers, as well as allow them to include testimonials in the emails directly.

Credens includes a testimonials management system that allows you to moderate collected testimonials directly from the app dashboard. You can even display verified buyer tags on your store to make your testimonials more trustworthy.


  • You can personalize product testimonials to reflect your company’s brand, content, and tone.
  • Encourage your customers by offering a loyalty program in which you can offer discount codes to your customers on writing reviews.
  • Another advantage is that no coding is required for installation, and you can install the app on any theme you want.


  • There is no free plan available on the platform.
  • Users have complained that the app’s developers have abruptly upgraded their subscription plans.


Credens Testimonials Showcase offers a free 14-day trial and the plans start at $7.99/month.

Reputon Testimonials Slider 

Reputon’s Testimonials Slider is a Shopify app that collects and displays testimonials, product reviews with photos, and videos in your store.

The platform is simple to use and allows you to quickly add testimonials along with the customer’s picture, company name, social links, etc. The best part is that the app also provides a variety of testimonial widget styles to choose from. Some of these include testimonial sliders, cards, lists, rotators, testimonials carousel, etc. 

Reputon’s Testimonials Slider is even compatible with other third-party review platforms such as Loox review app, Yotpo,, AliReviews, TrustPilot,etc.


  • Customers have reported that their customer service is very prompt and helpful.
  • They provide a dedicated link for collecting testimonials. It can be used in an email, a website, a YouTube video link, a QR code, and so on.
  • The app is best suited for medium-to-large businesses that require an unlimited number of testimonials, widgets, and integration options.


  • The free plan can be limited. For example, it only allows you to configure and set up one widget.
  • The app has a constant pop-up asking for reviews that won’t go away unless you add the review. 


Reputon’s Testimonials Slider offers a free 7-day trial. They offer a limited free plan and a paid plan that costs $4.99/month.

Customer Testimonial’s Customer Testimonial Slideshow is another excellent platform for displaying custom banner sliders and slideshows to showcase reviews and testimonials of your products, offers, and events. If you’re looking for an app that simplifies the process of creating a testimonial slider and adding it to any page on your Shopify site, this should be on your list.’s Customer Testimonial Slideshow is one of the most comprehensive Shopify testimonial apps available, with customizable display options to choose your slide layout, custom colors and fonts, and more. You can set up auto-play video testimonials with features like control looping, transitions between slides, transition speed, etc.


  • It’s easy to reach out to their support team & get immediate technical support. 
  • The app supports text in any language and is even optimized for mobile devices.
  • Choosing the Business pricing plan gives you a free upgrade for all 50 other POWR apps.


  • Some users have reported that the app leaves extra white space after removing the slider completely.
  • There is no way to edit a slider after it has been set up.

Pricing’s Customer Testimonial Slideshow offers a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans begin at $5.49/month.

Rivyo Product Reviews

Rivyo is a popular product review app that includes a widget for displaying customer testimonials alongside imagesYou can not only create a review channel for your customers, but you can also import reviews from third-party websites like Amazon and AliExpress.

Rivyo is an easy-to-use app since it includes modernized grid layouts for displaying testimonials that match your store’s homepage.

Another notable feature for us was their dashboard, which displays daily real-time reports and clearly displays how many reviews are added per day. You can even view all published and unpublished reviews and questions. Rivyo might be a good fit if you want a plan with an unlimited number of review requests and import options.


  • The platform lets you monitor email request statuses such as sent, delivered, opened, and clicked.
  • You have the option to export an unlimited number of reviews in CSV format.
  • Rivyo includes a wide range of customization options. It offers customizable grid layouts for displaying reviews as needed.


  • The free plan is severely limited and may not meet the needs of the majority of businesses.
  • Editing product reviews can be time-consuming because the app lacks a customer view.


Rivyo offers a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans begin at $5.99/month.

Testimonials Master – Cloud1galaxy

Another popular Shopify app is Testimonials Master, which includes features for easily collecting testimonials from existing customers, importing them, and displaying them in customizable layouts. The app’s best feature is its simple and streamlined interface, which allows you to set up the app in no time without any coding required.

Testimonials Master includes a number of pre-designed layouts. It has five customizable layouts for displaying testimonials. The testimonial layout, color, and font style can then be customized to match your brand’s theme. Another noteworthy feature is the option to display a verified badge for the testimonials. 


  • If you need advanced customization to make sure your testimonials suit your store, custom CSS options are available.
  • Users have reported that the customer support is amazing. They are responsive and looking to help in any way they can.
  • Users have found it easy to set up the app and customize testimonials. 


  • The free plan includes their branding.
  • The app only supports 5 different testimonial styles.


Testimonials Master offers a free 7-day trial. They also offer a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans begin at $3.99/month.

Social Testimonial Slider- LJ Apps

The LJ apps Social Testimonial Slider is a platform that allows you to sync reviews from platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google Places and display them as testimonials on your site

The app allows you to convert your reviews into fully functional testimonials with display options like sliders, grids, or lists. You can even include images and videos in your testimonials that your users can access by clicking on them. 

The best part is that you can choose which reviews to display based on length, rating, and type, or you can manually pick and choose which ones you want.


  • The templates provided are optimized for various devices. They’ll resize with the window and look great on any size screen.
  • The free plan includes enough functionality to test out the app’s features before committing to the paid plan.
  • You can collect feedback from various sources, including Facebook, Yelp, and Google, and you can even download all of your reviews in CSV format.


  • Some users have complained that the customization options for testimonial templates are limited.
  • The manual testimonial feature is only available if you opt for the Pro plan.


The LJ apps Social Testimonial Slider offers a free 7-day trial. They also offer a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans begin at $2.99/month.


Growave is an  all-in-one marketing platform that comes fully equipped with different features for collecting customer testimonials and displaying them on your Shopify store.

The fact that you can send personalized testimonial request emails to your customers based on their purchase history is what we like best about Growave.

You can also use the app to increase customer engagement by making it simple for customers to ask questions and receive quick and accurate responses from verified shoppers and your team.The app is also a popular choice among big brands such as  Forever 21, Mustela, Unilever, Decathlon, etc.


  • Their loyalty feature allows you to reward customers with loyalty points in exchange for leaving testimonials and ratings.
  • The Shoppable Instagram feature and UGC galleries can help increase product discovery.
  • It is fully customizable, with various designs and layouts to match the look and feel of your brand.


  • There aren’t enough robust social media integration options.
  • Users reported that it was difficult to get everything set up correctly and without issues.


Growave offers a free 14-day trial. The paid plans begin at $9/month.

Vidjet ‑ Popup Videos

Vidjet is more than just a pop-up app; it is a video testimonials app that can be a valuable addition to your Shopify website. Although it has a wide variety of features, we’ll be concentrating solely on the tools available for customer testimonials. Vidjet allows you to display product testimonials or social proof videos to give your brand the credibility it needs.

The app also includes customization options to match the layout and design of your store. It allows you to add custom colors, buttons that redirect to another URL or coupon codes, an email collector, etc.

What is our favorite feature? Vidjet lets you add smart triggers for videos like exit intent, time delay, page scroll, instant display, and on-click


  • Vidjet requires no technical knowledge to set up. They offer a simple interface for configuring and managing the app.
  • The app includes built-in analytics for analyzing and adjusting strategies.
  • The majority of users appear to be very pleased with Vidjet’s customer service team.


  • The free plan has a monthly quota. Vidjet limits video views to 1,000 per month.
  • There are no clear pricing plans available. The pricing is custom and you’ll have to reach out to them to get a quote.


Vidjet ‑ Popup Videos offers a free plan with limited features. To get a quote on a custom plan, you’ll need to contact them.

Elfsight’s Testimonials Slider

Last but not least, Elfsight’s Testimonials Slider is another great option for businesses looking for a platform to collect and display customer testimonials. The app allows you to display testimonials with detailed information about the customer, such as name, position, company name, logo, website URL, and add a photo for increased trust.

The editor is simple to use, and the intuitive user interface makes it simple for any user, regardless of experience or skills. It also includes 6 customizable sliders and grid layouts for a variety of use-cases. The app comes with a trial period of 7 days, so give it a shot. 


  • We discovered that the app includes a variety of personalization options that are fairly simple to use.
  • Users have stated that they provide excellent customer service and respond quickly.
  • You can use Facebook or Twitter profile URLs to verify the authenticity of the testimonials.


  • The lite plan does not come with a free installation service.
  • Each pricing plan has a limit on the number of times a widget loads on a website/app.


Elfsight’s Testimonials Slider offers a free 14-day trial. They also offer a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans begin at $5/month.


Obviously, there are numerous Shopify testimonials apps available in the app store; however, each of these tools has its own set of features that can be tailored to your specific needs. We hope this guide helps you in selecting the platform that best meets your marketing requirements.

If you want a more affordable testimonial management/ automation solution with a wide range of features, the Helplama helpdesk is the way to go. If you’re starting from scratch, you can opt for managed services tailored for your business starting at $399 per month.

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